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Les Purgatories

Novel By: MorningStarofBliss

Aldora Ren, the angel destined to help defeat the demon rebellion and destroy the beast. However, having her soul snatched away before she had a chance of transforming. So the Angel force find themselves allying with the monsters of the seven circles. Can Aldora find the strength to fight her double? Or will she fall within the depths of Darkness as a Beast herself? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 5, 2011    Reads: 32    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

(Just a heads up: I wrote this story awhile ago and posted on Fiction Press as XOCrimsonLotusOX- no one really replied to it so i thought i could try posting it over here! So this story belongs to me MorningStar of Bliss aka XOCrimsonLotusOX. Alright now that i have that out of the way I present to you: Les Purgatories ^^)


Les Purgatories

X1.1X: The Mark of Demons

"Aldora, are you ready?"

Aldora extended out her hand to the translucent spirit who smiled gently. She choked back the soft sobs, desperately clinging for her life.

The spirit had large radiant white wings that were large enough to block the sun radiance, kind yet strange colored silver eyes, a short cut of brown hair and a soft smile to match. Once their hands intertwined with each other, the spirit brought Aldora in his arms; he brushed her bangs from her eyes and smeared the blood from her cheek. After scooping her up from the cold street ground, his wings went to work lifting them up high in the air. Aldora, who had her arms tightly rung around his neck, dug her nails deep into his skin, tensing while her eyes scanned the rubble below. It seemed like seconds when the car crashed into the other car. It seemed like a fleeting moment, when she called out for her sister name seconds before the collision. Her eyes swelled up with tears and those tears streaked down her bloody face. She took another quick glance at the spirit, quivering in his arms. "Where are you taking me," She whispered through soft mutters. "I'm scared."

The spirit only chuckled; he took her fingers and pressed it against his warm cheek. "There's no need for you to be scared," He responded tenderly. "We're going to a good place. A place where you'll never cry...so don't be afraid. We're almost there…"

Passed the clouds, the two seemed to fly up to the heavens. Aldora pressed her head against his chest, as her vision began to blur. There was nothing but a curtain of white space, Aldora could see the kind spirit stand at a safe distance but behind him stood colossal golden gates. The golden gate sparkled, sending out its own dazzling light. He held up his hand beckoning her to approach. Aldora stepped, she sucked in a deep breath and took small careful steps. Her barefoot feeling the smooth marble surface beneath her, she continued to walk towards the waiting hand.

"Aldora…" He spoke her name again before taking a pause. His head snapped to the side, and then his hand snapped back at Aldora, staring in her eyes even before he had the chance to speak, dark shadows shot around Aldora's ankles, more charged wrapping around her neck tightly yanking her off her feet. The shadows swallowed her into a deep blanket of darkness; blaring voices resonated off the white walls.

"Aldora," The spirit cried running after her. Aldora couldn't see a thing within the shadows but there was a painful feeling erupting from her body. Even her screams couldn't equal the pain throbbing in her chest. Aldora gasped, four thick long fingers clawed into her skin. More fingers emerged from the blanket of darkness digging their sharp nails into and breaking her skin. The fingers colder than snow, drugged her deeper into the black blanket. An ear splitting scream shattered from Aldora. The fingers shot through her chest, holding a small white orb that pulse a silver light in the dark. Those fingers pulled out of her chest clasping the orb in its hands.

"Aldora…." Slow distorted voices giggled from the dark. "Aldora…." They begin chanting her name in unison. "Aldora…Aldora…"

Aldora shrieked louder, the voices laughing at her pain chanted louder.


Aldora fixed her eyes and focused on the small hole of light above her. A radiant hand blasted from the darkness, lighting like a vibrant flame, wrapped itself around her wrist.

The voices sent a howl of anguish, the fingers slipping away and the darkness trailing away like a wave of water. The spirit scooped her back in his arms, swallowing uneasy, he brushed his fingers against her cold cheek. Stunned, the spirit grasped her tighter falling on his knees. His head lowered over her forehead, pure silver tears streaking his face. His tears fell on her neck where the number six was burned and tattooed in her skin.


Elijah: POV

How am I going to explain this to the arc angels? How am I going to explain that the angel that was destined to help defeat the son of darkness had her soul taken? I'll be fortunate if they take pity on me. I cradled her in my arms as if she was a precious jewel. She was beautiful, and her face was that of a high ranking angel. Her eyes the color of Oakwood and the grassy green forest floor, and her face completely flawless in utter perfection. Even her cheeks possessed a bright red blush, her eye lashes drawn down brushing her face. Her hair that smelled of old spices were drawn like a curtain on the ground surface, as if there were a river of chocolate raining down. She was weightless in my arms, as it was easy to carry such a child-like figure. I brushed my fingers across her cold lips, and then brushed my finger against the number burned into her skin. I've never felt so frustrated before, never felt so overwhelmed. I looked over my shoulder back at the gates. She wasn't allowed to enter, only angels and pure souls. What am I supposed to do, everything happened so fast. She was walking towards me and I sensed evil. Never did I imagine they come to take her soul, but something bothered me the most about that case. Only humans who made a contract or drowned in sin had their souls taken away.

She wasn't sinful; she had guardians watching over her. Aldora was the purest thing on the face of the earth. She was the one to help destroy the rebellion but now…A contract...No, the arc angels would've known if she committed a contract.

I tried everything to put the pieces together, none of it made much sense. I didn't make a mistake, did i? No, Aldora Ren was the one chosen- today was her day to die and be reborn as an angel. She was still human when her soul was taken so that means….

I clenched my teeth, trying my best to relax.


I slowly laid Aldora on the ground, turning myself in front of the gates direction. I lowered myself on my knees with my head lowered. "Saint Michael…" I whispered trying to keep my composer to the best of my abilities.

"Look at me Elijah," His voice spoke to me sternly. I had no other option but to look up at Saint Michael. On my knees, he looked down on me like a giant. His eyes of ice had traces of confusion; his blond hair of long length blew wildly in his face. He used his hand to brush it away, but kept his regard at me. Until those eyes wondered off to her still moving body.

"Is that…" He froze in mid-sentence. Michael walked past me and lowered himself to her. "Is this…Aldora…she. She…had been marked!"

I stood up ever slowly as the news descended on top of Michael's shoulders.

"Saint Michael," I placed my hand against his shoulders. "They took her before I had a chance to-."

"That's impossible," Michael gasped still staring at her body. "There should be no way that she is owned by…I was one on the ones who made sure."

I swallowed harder, trying my hardest to keep a calm voice. "You do not know why then?"

"It seems like so," Michael voice was now hushed. He scooped her in his arms, and then pressed his lips against her forehead. "Bless this girl from her nightmares even down to her sweet dreams."

"Michael- Uh, Saint Michael..."

"You can call me Michael, Elijah. You're high ranked enough to use formability."

"Yes, Saint…I mean Michael. What are we going to do…?"

Michael gave me a faint smile; he then gave out a sigh. "We must find why she has been taken until then the battle cannot commence."

I paused and chewed my lip nervously. This was devious; every moment we delayed in attack was every moment his forces grew stronger. "How are we supposed to-."

Michael closed his eyes.

"W-We're not going to ask them? You know every chance they get; they'll try to make every single Angel Fall."

"We don't have much of a choice, now do we Saint Elijah." Michael handed Aldora body in my arms. "We'll go in a bit. Until then, protect this girl. As you know, she is no longer allowed inside the gates so stay put out here. I'll be back in a moment."

I only nodded to his request. He turned his back to me and as those gates opened their arms for entry, he walked inside taking one side glance at me.

In my arms, she started to stir. Her eyes lids opened and her lips parted as if to speak. She stared at me, strangely her eyes held mine at attention.


X1.1X: End

Okay, Chapter one is done. Sorry it's not long enought- decided to start off short. Next chapters will be more longer. Anyway, thanks for reading & commenting~


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