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His Beta Mate (Boyxboy)

Novel By: motionlessninja

Book 1

Description: On the night of Mason's birthday. Ivan confess to being his mate. Mason rejects him because he doesn't wanna be seen any differently then he was before. But what happens win Ivan has to meet the five kings of the supernatural world? What if Ivan left without a warning to anyone but Celestial and Shane? What if a evil force appears and wants Ivan for him self? What happens win Ivan no longer cares for his beloved mate? Will Mason see the errors of the lifestyle he is living or will he end up with no mate at all? What if they end up meeting by inconceivable? Will fate push the two together one last time to test their love for each other? Tune in to find out!

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Ivan sighed as he watched Mason walked toward Joey and Shane. He had a bright smile on his face as they greeted him with happy birthday, while opening their arms for hugs.

Mason merely complied with a nod of his head. His brownish/reddish hair looked a mess on the top of his head as he peeked out of his bangs. Mason hugged Joey as Shane wrapped his arms around the two siblings. They all hugged with Mason in the middle of them.

Ivan felt possessive of the smallest of the three.

He walked toward them with a present wrapped all prettily in his grip. Mason soon pulled away as he felt the familiar presence. He turned toward Ivan.

Ivan merely thrusted the present in his hands , as his face soon flushed a bright red. Mason took the present that was put into his hands with a look of confusion.

Why did he get embarrassed about giving me a present? It's my 18 birthday. Today is the day, I will find my mate. Mason thought as felt waves of happiness wash over him.

Ivan glanced at Mason with a pecuilar look on his face as he fidgeted for a second. Should I tell him? Or what till the end of the part to tell him? Ivan thought as he watched as Joey turned toward Shane.

They spoke in a quietly to each other.

Just soon none of the oblivious mates would know of their plan. The plan to leave Mason and Ivan so they could talk.

Joey soon waved a goodbye at Mason before saying. "They were going to mingle with the guests."

Shane and Joey soon left the couple.

Poor Ivan was standing there all alone without even his clueless mate to keep him company.

Mason merely smiled before he turned toward the table that held his overflowing gifts from the other wolves. He stopped as he caught sight of his mom and Celestial.

They were talking very fast. He glanced around once more before sighing all over again. His gaze soon stopped on his oldest brothers mate Landon was staring at a boy with fear in his eyes.

Landon soon snapped out of it, as he turned toward Mason. His eyes went from scared to happy. The once pale face soon melted with a huge bright smile on his face.

Mason returned to gesture with a smile of his own.

The boy merely continued his journey toward the table, in hopes of not being distracted. But of course, there was Ivan.

,The now appointed beta of Shane s pack was to busy trying to speak to the boy. But lots of wolves were either getting in the way or where distracting him.

He was rather frustrated and horny as the party soon started to get to the closing point.

I know its Mason' 18 birthday but that doesn't mean,I can't tell him and spend some time with him for once. Ivan thought as he now sat a now deserted table in the dance hall. Where the party was being held.

Everyone was smiling and mingling, with each other. Ivan rolled his eyes as he huffed before tapping a sip of his dr.pepper.

It seems no one wants me near Mason. But I wanna tell him before he figures it out on his own. the browned haired boy thought as he just picked up his hand and put his chin in his palm.

"Ivan!" the sound of Mason's voice sent shivers down his spine.He turned toward the now legal adult with a fake smile on his face. Mason furrowed his eyebrows as he caught sight of the fake smile.

Mason hated it when Ivan faked a smile at the him. He wanted to see a real smile on the handsome's man face.

Ivan frowned as he caught the pitiful look on Mason's face. He may of gotten older but he was still as cute as button. Though Ivan was having a hard time not pouncing on the boy and having his way with the innocent angelic looking boy.

He sighed as he tried to calm down his hormones from ravish in this boy in front of him.

Mason was to innocent or probably to native to not notice Ivan's predator gaze on him. Sadly, he was a little of both. He was naive and innocent as he stood there in front of Ivan.


Joey was not far behind them. He looked up to see Mason and Ivan chatting with smiles present on their faces.

"Do you think he will ever tell Mason?" the concern in Joey voice was oblivious. Joey turned toward shane with a worried look on his face.

Shane merely shrugged as he wrapped his arm around his finance.Shane had popped the question right after Ivan's confession about Mason.

"Let them work it out on their own. They are grown ass adults. They will be able to mate. It's not rocket science." Shane voice out as Joey huffed before he ducked his head into Shane's chest.

Shane shook his head Joey.

It was just like Joey to meddle into other peoples problem. But he does not need to play cupid cause Mason and Ivan will get too together.

Fate must of planned on it.


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