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The First Veil Walker

Novel By: mpspenguin

Before Veil Walkers existed, there were only Demons. Oblivious to the mortals in a neighbor universe, the Demons split into two groups- half chose to follow Aluris, a Demon who killed anyone he considered to be worthless, the others went without a leader, doing anything to survive.
But a young Thorn is sick of life by himself, fighting each day to survive, and is desperate to change his situation, no matter what he has to do. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 23, 2011    Reads: 107    Comments: 14    Likes: 8   

Thorn spread his angel-like wings, his hands brushing the clouds. He soared through the air, doing the occaisional nose dive followed by a swoop upwards to keep himself entertained. The wind rushed against his face, his white hair rippling through the air.

Thorn would have enjoyed the flight, but he had to keep looking back to check he wasn't being followed, and his wings were starting to ache from flying for so long.

At 300 years old, Thorn was equivalent to a 12 year old mortal, both in looks and maturity, but his life was very different from that of a human child's.

He'd never met his family- except for his twin sister, Zandria, who had joined Aluris- and had been living alone for the majority of his life. Thorn had been close to Zandria, and he still missed her presence, even if she was with Aluris now.

He dipped under the clouds, water spraying his face, and looked for a new place to stay. Thorn had to keep changing his location, or Aluris' followers could track him. He often thought about joining Aluris, and seeing Zandria again. But there was a test to join- and his history showed that he'd refused to take Aluris' side. Thorn would never be accepted- he knew that- but he longed to, all the same.

Thorn stopped, flapping his wings to keep himself up. A block of flats in the middle of a seemingly deserted town caught his eye. It was the middle of the day, but the roads were empty. Cars were parked on the edges of the pavement, their owners no where to be seen. Shops that would usually have been crawling with people lay empty, some of the doors left open.

Thorn slowed down the beat of his wings, slowly descending. He landed on a flat, rectangular roof, crouching down near the edge. Thorn studied his surroundings. He couldn't be certain that this wasn't an ambush.

He stayed for half an hour to be sure. The only other living thing he saw was a male Demon of about 400 years walking into a shop, and coming back out five minutes later with whatever abandoned food they could find. They took off with dark red wings, a tin of beans falling from his arms and splattering on the ground.

Still nervous, Thorn dropped from the roof, only spreading his wings moments before hitting the ground. He was hungry- he hadn't eaten since the day before, and his limbs ached from lack of rest.

Thorn decided to try the shop. The other Demon had managed to come out with an armful of food, and Thorn was willing to eat just about anything.

He pushed the door open, looked around to check that he was alone, and began to rummage through the shelves. Most of the produce left was uneatable; cheese and milk that had been left unrefrigerated to the mercy of the sun, bread so stale it was rock hard and meats left on display. The whole shop stank, but Thorn barely noticed as he ripped open a chocolate bar and crammed in into his mouth.

He managed to find a few things- boxes of cereal, confectionery and a few tins of beans. What he was most pleased with was a can of sardines. It would be the first decent meal he'd had in weeks, and Thorn missed fish and meat.

He planned to stay nearby the store, in one of the abandoned flats. That way, he'd be able to hide himself, get shelter and a bed, and would have a nearby supply of food, even if it was only for a week or two at the most.

Thorn dumped all the food on the till, reaching over the counter and grabbing a plastic bag. He stuffed the food into it, adding a few luxuries like gum and crisps, and walked outside, not bothering to close the door.

He teleported inside the block of flats, pleased to find himself in one piece when he got there. Thorn's skills- being a child- were still not fully developed, and he could only travel short distances by using teleportation. He looked around the flat. It was relatievly spacious, with a kitchen, living room and a bedroom with an en suite. Thorn shut the door leading to the hallway, only to open it again so as to avoid suspicion in case anyone walked by.

He put all the food into the cabinet under the sink, only taking out a can of beans and a chocolate bar. Thorn took a pack of extra long matches from his pocket, and rummaged for some things to use to light a fire with. A newspaper lay open on the living room table. He took it, glancing at the title: "Aluris orders huge attack- A war to remember".

Thorn sighed, scrunching it up into balls. He found some cardboard in the recycling bin, though he knew it wasn't enough to make a decent fire. He pulled out his knife, and hacked at a wooden chair with thin legs. It broke easily enough. Thorn took the splintered wood back into the kitchen, and layered the newspaper in the sink. He put the pieces of pizza box on top, struck a match and lit it at the bottom.

Once the fire got going, he placed the pieces of chair leg on top as carefully as he could, and poured the can of beans into a saucepan. Thorn let them cook over the fire until the sauce started to bubble.

He opened all the drawers until he came across one with cutlery in. Thorn took a fork, and shovelled beans into his mouth. His throat burned, but he didn't care- he just enjoyed being full.

As he collapsed onto the sofa in the living room, tearing chunks of caramel chocolate off the bar with his teeth, he wondered how long this would go on for.


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