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The Centurion

Novel By: Mr Dragon

This story involves interstellar travel and a few surprises in a civilization. Don't worry-they're completely harmless. And they look like us, too, just taller and stronger in most cases. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 27, 2011    Reads: 80    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

June 9th, 2222 Planet: Centauri VII
When the people from Earth came, we thought nothing of it. We knew of their planet and people. We even had a few agents among them. We were completely unprepared for when they found us.
The war began with a massive fleet of ships coming from Earth. Our agents had fallen silent just before the ships' arrival. We had no knowledge of their coming. We were caught off guard, but we still fought back. We sent in our war cruisers first, hoping to break the blockade quickly. That was our first mistake. The people of Earth were quite used to the same kind of defensive maneuver during their own wars with each other. Our cruisers were decimated. We, however, had a backup plan-the 3 Goliaths and the 4 Leviathans. They were ships designed from the ships of other attacking races and had won many a battle before. These 7 ships also had far better force fields to defend them than the war cruisers had had. We sent the Goliaths, the Leviathans, and two swarms of buzz fighters. All were obliterated, but not without inflicting heavy damage on the Earth vessels. We were saddened by the loss of the Goliaths and Leviathans, but we had other things to worry about. The Earth armada was still in the skies above our planet, which we called Alpha Centauri, but really was the seventh planet in the Centauri quadrant. The previous six were too close to the twin suns of the Centauri sector and were therefore uninhabitable. Anywho, we were being pounded by the Earth Navy, aerial combat wise anyway. We sent up a last, desperate defense of every swarm of buzz fighters we had. All were destroyed, but so was the Earth Navy. You see, their massive war cruisers were extraordinary in fighting larger targets, like the Goliaths. But buzz fighters were small and could therefore get past their barrage. Well, mostly, anyway. The Earth Navy had smaller defensive systems to fight smaller ships, but they hadn't counted on swarms of 500 buzz fighters. And as they had no fighters of their own, we had an advantage. But now we were in trouble. Undoubtedly, the Earth people were building bigger and better warships right now and all of our shipyards were destroyed. We only had 3 transport ships and they could only take so many people. We had to send away as many as we could to safety, or at least, a semblance of safety. And this is where my story begins...


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