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The Dragon Wars

Novel By: Mr Dragon

In this story, an ancient dragon shifter is recounting how he became a dragon shifter and the many conspiring events that took place afterwards. View table of contents...



Submitted:Jul 18, 2011    Reads: 37    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Before I dive into this record of unusual and unlikely events that are completely true and as accurate as possible, I must tell you a little bit of how things were before I was changed.

You see, I was the outsider. I was the person that few could relate to and who was completely abnormal in manner. You see, I always was quite formal, polite, but in a cold tone, and I always fantasized about being part of something more. I especially liked dragons and sometimes wished I were one, just because they seemed to be so free and amazing and powerful. We all wish something like that at some point in time, I believe, but I could be wrong. Most people don't have a wish like that come true. But I did. And that changed everything, except my relationship with my girlfriend, Jasmine, who was at the time, a foreign exchange student from Germany. We were of equal age at the time, both of us turning 17 that year, but she was by far more epically awesome than me. She always was and still is, 100 years later. And just for a point of reference for you little tykes readin' this 'ere history, the year were 2010 and it was just barely turning from fall to winter in ole Hannibal, New York. She had already been changed into a dragon shifter-a human who can change into an extremely powerful dragon-but I had not been changed just yet. Now, usually it takes a bit for us to change into dragons, but if we get upset, then 'BANG!' we change into dragons. Please note: Jasmine stayed in the United States after the entire mess that we had to clean up, but that's another story to tell. Ask her to tell that one, because I WON'T! Hardy har har! Yes, I know I be soundin' a bit loik a pirate, laddy, but I be tryin' ter make this 'ere story interestin' loik. What's that, lassie? You don't like it?! Fine, then, I'll stick to me regular accent. Spoilsports. Anyway, I became a dragon shifter, the US government learned about it the next day after I reappeared, and the entire tale goes downhill from thereā€¦up until the part where I become the President of the United States with Jasmine as the First Lady. That part was interesting, to be sure.


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