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World War Three

Novel By: Mr Dragon

This war is not a matter of countries or continents. It is a matter of people. There are three parties of nonhuman humanoids coexisting with humans. There are the Vampires, who incidientally are not as bad as the legends say, nor as easy to kill. There are the Immortals, beings that appear almost Elven and are quite cunning and strong. And then there's the immortal enemies of the two aforementioned parties-the Slayers. The Slayers are a group of extremely good assassins who are out to eradicate mankind. However, the Vampires and the Immortals are trying to prevent that. And to a certain extent, they are successful. But they cannot win this war on their own. Wilt thou, faithful reader, fight alongside them to rid the world of the foul Slayers? View table of contents...


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I was no ordinary person. I knew that. What I didn't know was exactly how different I was.

June 6th, 2013

When the stranger started following me, I knew it. I knew that he was following me in particular rather than someone else along this busy street. How I knew was no secret to me. I already knew that my senses were far keener than most people's senses. I only didn't know why.

After I grew bored with leading the stranger on a wild goose chase that seemed completely ordinary, I decided to lead the guy into a back alley near one of my favorite haunts-the nearby bowling alley. Now, as he still had no idea who I was or what I knew, he wouldn't have seen the trap I set. But a trap it was, and a very hard one to get out of. Unless you can climb walls, that is. After he had taken the bait and fallen into my little trap, I decided to find out exactly who he was and why he was following me.

"You can come out now," I said. "There's no way to escape now anyway."

A very strange person came out of the shadows in front of me, having run around me in the shadows as silently as he could. He was about 6' 2" tall, had pale skin, and hair the color of honey on top of his head. He also had a beard and moustache that were a pale, almost transparent white. He had well defined muscles, like a body builder or a guy on steroids. I was inclined to think the former over the latter based on how fast he was able to circle around me. He also had eyes the color of the shadows he tried to cling to like a young child to a favorite blanket. He was very boring to look at and even more unintimidating a person I haven't met. He looked to be a strong scholar. He introduced himself as one "Mr. E", though I doubt that it was his full name.

As I had some Native American heritage and even my own tribal name, I gave that in place of my common name. The name I gave was Running Bull. It was given to me because I, too, was very fast a runner, and I could easily outpace a charging bull. I had actually tried that during the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. It was very amusing, especially the part when I did a back flip onto a bull's back and rode the bull a portion of the way. The Spaniards thought I was mad at first, but then found the bull's attempts to throw me off quite hilarious. I thought it was funny, too, because I could easily adjust my positioning such that the least of the bull's force actually affected me. But I digress. We were talking about the Vampire I captured.

Yes, this strange looking gentleman with the pale hair and skin was a Vampire. But unlike the legends, he doesn't fear garlic, holy water, wood, or the sun. You try to scare the guy off with a clove of garlic; he eats it, no problem. You throw holy water at him; he drinks it like it's no big deal. You try to ram a stake through his heart, it breaks against his rock-hard skin and the sun only burns him like an ordinary human. He is also, like the rest of his kind, partially immortal in that he cannot be killed by old age and it is very difficult to kill him or his kind otherwise. However, one legend was true-Vampires do drink blood. But they prefer the blood of animals and specifically predators. In fact, after a time, they will begin to resemble the chief predator they hunt in comparison to the basic mold of a Vampire.

The Vampires arein collusion with the Immortals, people with pointed ears that have extremely good senses, are really strong, and cannot die of old age either, but are easier to kill apparently. Theyare trying to protect humans from a race called the Slayers. From what I've gathered, the Slayers are basically partially immortal gladiators from Roman times who have a massive grudge against humans in general because they would be sent into the arena to die. They were usually criminals at that point and the Romans figured that it would be most economical to give the citizens of the empire a bit of entertainment while executing the criminals. That plan backfired, however, in that the original fifteen Slayers didn't die in the arena. Rather, they survived against impossible odds. So they were sent into the arena again and again. Still, they didn't die, but their victories immensely amused the citizens of the Roman Empire. Until, that is, the Slayers broke out of prison, killed all the Roman soldiers in the area, and fled deep into the Alps.

This was all just before the Punic Wars, so most people had forgotten it. However, General Hannibal was none too pleased when quite a few of his soldiers and war elephants got ambushed by Slayers and killed. He had planned to kill the Slayers just as soon as he conquered Rome. Fortunately for him, he lost the war with Rome. It was fortunate because it would have looked very bad on his record to beat Rome, only to be utterly destroyed by now 31 unarmed savages in the mountains. The Slayers grew in numbers over time and became one of the "barbarian" tribes that brought about the fall of Rome. However, without the help of the then 121 Slayers, Rome would have stood; with quite a bit of bruising, sure, but still standing. Immortals and Slayers, like Vampires, reproduce like humans. No biting or scratching or full moonrequired. And all of this information was gathered from chatting with Mr. E, who is about 18 centuries old, give or take a few decades.

After chatting with Mr. E for a few hours and learning all the above information, I decided to let the guy go and go bowling just to pass the time. After all, I was a legal adult also, though not nearly as old, so I had no curfew, just college to worry about in the morning. Little did I know, college was to be the least of my worries in the coming months.


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