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The Night Walkers; In the search for who im not

Novel By: MssJenn

The Night Walkers.
Nicole is a vampire. isn't she? She lives in a small colony of vampires, all made by one, who they call the "Lord". But she is not like the others. Ohh, yes she drinks blood. Tons of it.But She doesn't have the fangs that the others have in the colony have, and that she so feel attracted to.
she doesn't have the skin that sprinkle in the moonlight.
nor her eye glow green when feeds or is lusting.

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Submitted:Mar 14, 2009    Reads: 625    Comments: 20    Likes: 4   

The Night Walkers; In the search for who I'm not


I sank my fangs into her juicy neck, the bloodlust over taking whatever humanity I had left after all these years. The liquid life of this girl was running through my body. I swallowed my last mouthful, took my long fangs out of her neck, and slowly pulled her off me. I wanted to see her face. I saw my eyes reflecting in hers, glowing green, and looked down at my arm with pure excitement. My skin was glowing under the moonlight along with every other vampire in the world.

"Mmm, Nicole..." she said throwing her head back as if she was having the best sex in her life."Don't stop...kill me..." Her whisper was almost inaudible.

An evil smile was on my face. "My pleasure," I whispered in her ear as I made my way back to her neck. Stupid humans, I thought while sinking my fangs into her neck once more. I felt the life leave her body, and shocks of electricity ran through my body. We moaned in pleasure at the same time: she while dying, with me feeling more alive.

When she was completely drained, I dropped her to the floor of the forest and stared at her. I couldn't see her face anymore, the vampire sight having left me. I kneeled next to her so I could see the beauty of her face, her face full of the ecstasies that took over her just before dying. She was no longer the same girl I seduced at the human bar earlier that night.

She was me: my black hair and my blue eyes, wide open, without a hint of the vampiric glow. My pale skin was flat as if I was a regular human. It was me lying on the floor empty of life.

In that moment I woke.


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