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Novel By: mum55


GERABLE(Jerry) AIR(Katie)ABIGAIL (Mum)SNOWBELL(Main Fairy) D.A.(Pixie)BROWN SKIN (Pixie)ITSUWARI(Pixie)LILYPAD(Queen Fairy) BONEMAN(Wicked Wizard) HORRAMASTER(Black Eagle) DODY(The Witch) SIR BRADLEY(Wise Wizard)BRIAN(Gremlin) NIXIE - TWILIGHT - AMY SPLASH - MYERANDA (All Fairies) JOKA(Frog) LIONHEART(Prince Lionheart)BEYONDER(The Star Princess) IRWIN(The Hermit) HAPPY ANGEL(Pixie)RICKY(Magician) MINESIGHT(Deer) POEWHIT(Brown Bear) SWEET SUGAR(Rabbit) TINKERBELLA(Elf) SCRIBBLING MAN(Devil) CHEWED PEN(Dragon) NOVEMBER(Queen Bee) PEASLEE(Unicorn) KENDRA(Butterfly) LOL123(Leprechaun) SARATOPIA(Badger) JAMES(Hare) CLASSY PEACH (Lioness) JULIET(Rat)

Jerry and Katie Stumble Upon a Golden Path which leads them into the Skies above to the MAGICAL LAND OF WISHINGLAND.

Katie has been kidnapped and flowen off to DOOMLAND by BONEMAN the WICKED WIZARD...Jerry is the only one that can save her but to do this he has to conquer DODE'S CABIN, SNAKES SWAMP. DEVIL'S POINT, and DRAGON'S MOUNTAIN to reach LIONHEART only having 4 wishing days to get there before ALL in Doomland Perish.......CAN HE DO IT?



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Jerry and Katie stumble upon a golden path which leads them into the skies above to the Magical land of Wishing land
On their Journey they meet,
Pixies, elves, wizards,
Along with all
The woodland creatures
Lots of magical fairies
Katie has been kidnapped and flown off to Doomland by Boneman the Wicked Wizard
Jerry is the only one who can save her but to do that he has to conquer Dode's Cabin, Snakes Swamp, Devils Point and Dragons Mountain to reach LIONHEART, Only having 4 wishing days to get there before all Doomland Perishes

Chapter 1
The Golden Path
"Jerry did you see it" asked Katie,
"No, what was I meant to be looking at" Jerry replied,
"The path in the sky, the clouds parted I could see what looked like a long winding path" Katie said.
Jerry looked up and there was nothing there but lots of white clouds drifting in the blue sky, so he just laughed at her carrying on flying his great big blue and red kite dad had made him earlier that week.
Katie was still glued to the sky then decided that her imagination was running away with her, so she picked up her bright pink piglet kite running as fast as she could launching it high into the sky.
Jerry was only just ten, yet was very intelligent for his age, always first in class at school, he had a heart of gold, that's why Katie liked her brother so much, they spent lots of time together flying their kites, making up stories, building camps in the near by wood, everyday they would talk and giggle about something or another.
Katie had just turned eleven and was just developing her boobies.
Jerry kept taking the mickey out of her, but all she would do was laugh at him, which made him mad, he would torment her even more. Katie having long brown hair is quite petit for her age; however she had the most perfect smile, her eyes sparkled like diamonds.
The wind now calm had brought there kites to the ground with a big thud, so they decided to return home,
As they arrived home to there small thatched cottage, mum had made scones and tea, the aroma that drifted from the kitchen made them both feel very hungry.
Abigail their mum was an average looking lady of 42 years, she always sung as she busied herself around the house, their dad was a short stocky man with large chubby cheeks he worked at the local toy shop, as the manager and was liked by most of the town folk.
After Katie and Jerry had there tea and scones, they decided to play in the garden as it was mid afternoon the sun was still shining down, which mad everything gleam and shine, deep at the bottom of the garden was a little stream where Katie and Jerry had many an adventure with there made up stories.
Jerry ran along the winding path towards the stream, Katie finding it hard to keep up fell over and caught her knee, then as she pulled herself up and started dusting herself down, her eyes stared up to the sky..
"Jerry, come quick, hurry" she shouted at the top of her voice, Jerry wondering what was wrong ran as fast as he could up the path to where Katie was.
"Look Jerry" as she pointed to the sky, there in front of his eyes was the path that Katie had seen earlier. Both of them stood ridged to the spot just staring up into the sky as they watched the golden path descend down to the ground stopping right in front of Jerry's feet.
Jerry looked at Katie who by now had turned a white colour; he took hold of Katie's hand saying.
�"Shall we go and see where the path takes us".
"I am a little frightened"
"Don't worry Katie I won't let anything happen to you and just think this will be a real adventure, not one we have made up".
"But I wonder where it goes".
"There is only one way to find out " Jerry replied excitedly pulling Katie to wards the path, then slowly up they walked wards to Blue sky up above them, Jerry making sure they kept close together on the golden path.
As they walked upwards they had a great view of Sweet pea Valley and the surrounding area. It all looked liked a picture in a book, they could see the streams all connecting into the small river, then there were the woods where they played, all the winding roads, they even spotted the �small line of shops in the local village.
Higher and higher they walked wondering what they would find at the end of the path.
Slowly the view of sweet pea disappeared as they walked through the fluffy clouds mixed in with the bright blue sky; they seemed to be walking for ages, then around the next bend they approached two large white gates, with yellow roses trailing down the side of them.
They stopped and looked at each other not really knowing what to do now.
Then in the distance they could see the outline of something approaching them, as it came nearer they could see the most beautiful Fairy she had a long green velvet dress, dark brown hair tied neatly in a bun, up her arms were twines with small matching flowers, her wings looked like they were made of copper and green silk, her face was the most beautiful either of them had ever seen. Katie and Jerry just stared as by now she had reached the gates and opened them.
"Hello Jerry, Hello Katie" the fairy said in a soft gentle voice "welcome to Wishing Land my name is Snowbell" Jerry with a sort of gulp and stutter replied.
�"Hello" Katie could not say anything she just stood with her mouth open pinching her arm to make sure she was not dreaming this, but to her amazement she knew she wasn't.
Snowbell smiled, then inviting them to accompany her to Wishing Land, to see the fairy garden, meet the Queen and everyone else who lived there, so with out any hesitation, Jerry said looking at Katie.
"We would love too" so both Jerry and Katie smiled to each other following Snowbell who flew slightly ahead of them.
As they walked along the bright golden path Katie said smiling.
"Look Jerry all the trees have faces and are smiling", Jerry laughed then thought to himself what a wonderful place, they saw little rabbits smiling talking to each other, they nearly tripped over a bright red squirrel that ran in front of them, quickly waving then scurried up a bright orange tree which was smiling at both Jerry and Katie.
It all seemed so strange and magical. Every thing was alive the grass whispered in the breeze, flowers swayed as if they were dancing, Jerry said excitedly.
"Katie look at the pretty colured birds and butterflies" pointing to a small group of trees just ahead of them.
"Oh! Jerry isn't this marvellous"," know one is ever going to believe us, still I don't really care" Katie said,
"Well we know it's true" replied Jerry.
Snowbell turned around saying softly.
"Please be careful as we cross Pixies Bridge as its a little wobberly"
"Okay Snowbell" said Jerry.
As they carried on down the path they saw sow many animals, skipping and running around, there was a small tortoise that just plodded along he looked so funny with a bright yellow back. Jerry read a sign that said Pixies Bridge Snowbell Flew straight over it, Jerry carefully took Katie's hand and led her over the bridge which swayed and creaked with each step, they understood now why Snowbell had told them to be careful, and finally they reached the other side Jerry saying.
�"Snowbell why is the bridge called Pixie" Snowbell replied.
"If you look over there in the small thicket you might just see the bunch of toad stalls there, that's were D.A., Brown Skin, and Itsuwari live, they are all pixies" �����
"What strange names they have" replied Katie.
"There are lots of strange and wonderful things here in Wishing Land" said Snowbell.
As Katie and Jerry carried on walking they started to walk up a great big hill as they approached the top, Jerry and Katie stood and looked around, the view was breathtaking.
Down in the small valley below they saw a huge white castle, which glittered and sparkled reflecting a bright light into the blue calm sky, there were fields of different coloured flowers, a bright blue stream with giant toad stalls, it was just like the pictures in Katie's picture book she kept on the shelf in her bedroom.
�Jerry smiled from ear to ear in the distance they could see fairies flying around dancing in and out of the flowers down by the stream; they could see Elves, big green and yellow speckled Frogs even large Snails.
"We must hurry now for you need to meet Lilypad the Queen" Snowbell said so Jerry and Katie's pace quickened yet they did not mind because with every step they took all the wonder us things they had seen came closer.�
They kept there eyes glued at the fairy village, they saw a couple of fairies smiling and weaving as they flew, the tall white castle had flowered windows, there were bluebells, forget-me-nots, sweet peas, daffodils, roses, lilies, carnations, violets so many flowers it lit the castle up with so much colour.
Then just as they had reached the bottom of the hill, there was an almighty thunder in the sky and just as quick as Jerry and Katie looked up, the sky turned grey and thunderous then a large Black Eagle appeared with the most awful looking Wizard perched on his back, then with one swoop grabbed hold of Katie and flew off. There was nothing Jerry could do but watch as his sister flew out of site, with the sky turning light blue
�"Oh! Jerry we must hurry now to the queen she will know what to do" cried Snowbell.
�"What was that and where have they taken Katie" Jerry said panicking.
Snowbell stood in front of Jerry just twittering her wings telling him that on the other side of the Valley was Doom land where all the Trolls, Goblins, Gremlins and eagles live. There master is an evil Wizard called Boneman.
She explained once he was so kind and gentle always helping the fairies but then Dode the witch cast a spell on him and banished him to Doomland.
"Don't worry Jerry the Queen will know what to do and we will soon get Katie back".
Jerry by now was feeling very frightened so worried about Katie, wishing he had never suggested walking up the path, but he knew it was too late now he just to get Katie back.
Snowbell led Jerry through one of the large field of flowers the air smelled just like an array of perfumes, beyond that over the small bride there was a unusual Huge green tree with a door�
"Snowbell who lives in the tree"
"Wizard Bradley in fact his a Sir because the Queen knighted him for bravery, his very wise and intelligent, when we have a really difficult problem we go and see him other wise he does not like to be disturbed" replied Snowbell"
"Do you think he would be able to help us get Katie back" Jerry babbled
"I don't know we must tell the Queen first and she will decide what to do"
"Ok" replied Jerry, they both then carried on walking towards the Big White Gates of the castle,�


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