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The Vampire's Kiss

Novel By: MurderousSweetTart

Lathila is a girl who grew up abused and loved the Vampiric ways. She lays outside when her parents and older sister are fighting. A vampire out of no where shows up and tells her of the killing of her family just then. After that, she is the first lady vampire known to anyone. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 2, 2006    Reads: 974    Comments: 14    Likes: 3   

The Vampires Kiss

Past Lives

�� I lay on the wet, cool grass outside my home. The stars are bright against the pitch black sky. The screaming from my fighting parents and older sister echo's mindlessly in the night. My left arm lies across my stomach and my right arm lies carelessly on the ground beside me. My black skirt ruffles at the bottom and my top is lightly layered with a mist. It went quiet and nomore screaming was heard. I close my eyes and let the warm air rush over my body. Suddenly, a strong wind arose and raced across the lawn I was lazing on. I opened my eyes in a hurry only to see a mysterious man looking down at me. I crossed my arms across my chest feeling a tad bit uncomfortable.

��� "Pardon me sir, but why are you staring at me?" I asked in my usual solemn tone of voice.

��� He smiled down at me a bit than I heard two screams from my home.

��� "I came to tell you of an unfortunate event. Your father just killed your mother and your sister. I know that sounds unreasonable and naive but I speak the truth." The man said in a dark and dreamy tone.

��� I quickly got up and ran towards my home. A hand grabbed my arm and pulled me back, stopping me.

��� "Madam, if I may just warn you, he is a mad man now. He most likely will kill you like he did with your mother and sister." The man said to me with a slight smile still on his face.

��� I saw a dagger in his trench coat and I grabbed it.

��� "Well, here is to death and I bid you a fond farewell sir." I said bowing then walking up the stairs and into my house.

��� The white walls and the pictures of the family were still hanging. I walking through the living room and into the hallway. My parent's room was closed and the carpet that was once white was now a crimson red. I reached towards the door handle and twisted it. The door swung open and I saw my mother on the ground with a pool of blood around her. I saw rope marks around her ankles, wrists and neck along with many cut marks. I looked at her with tears forming in my eyes. I heard a door open and when I looked up I saw my father with a bloody rope and a now clean knife.

��� "Lathilia, what a surprise. I was waiting for you to come up here." My father said in a demented tone of voice.

� �My father started to creep up on me holding the rope up. I raised the dagger in my hand and smiled.

��� "Mother is lonely in death. I think you should join her." I said with the smile still on my face.

��� "Milady I think it is wise not to find him. Oh, you already did. I would run if I were you." The mysterious man said.

��� I kept my eyes on my father making sure he did not try to kill me when I was not looking. I saw my father rush towards me and he tryed to put the rope around my neck. I grabbed the rope and pulled my father close then stabbed him twice in the stomach.

��� "Now join her in death." I said staring at the wall and not at my dying father. My father grunted then fell to the ground. There was soon another pool of blood around him.

��� "His blood is bad, must contained something of evil decent or something tapped into his soul." The mysterious man said again.

��� I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

��� "If his blood is bad, so mine must be also." The man looked at me then just tilted his head to the side.

��� "I can tell if your blood is bad." The man said to�me getting a bit closer.

�� I slowly inched away, not trusting the man.

��� "By the way, my name is Latheir. I am your loyal servent until death milady." The man known as Latheir said to me with a bow.

��� "Latheir, I think you should leave now." I said inching toward the door slowly.

��� Latheir grabbed my arm and smiled warmly.

��� "I find vampires very intresting. Have you taken a liking to vampire's milady?" Lathier asked backing me into a wall.

��� "Yes, I have always been fond of them." I said looking innocent.

�� Latheir smiled and showed a pair of ivory fangs.

��� "Oh my, you are a vampire!" I said, feeling shocked.

��� "Just relax. This will not hurt a bit milady." Latheir said tilting my neck to the side.

��� "Latheir, please do not. I am not ready to be a creature of the dark. I do not think..." I was stopped short when Latheir bit my neck.

��� I gasped in pain as I felt his fangs sink deeper into my soft, pale flesh.

��� "Milady, hold still and extend your neck a bit." Latheir said to me holding my waist.

��� I did as wanted and the pain started to slowly subside. Latheir then bit his wrist and put some of his blood into my neck wound.

��� "There we go. Now let me heal you a bit." Latheir said licking my neck wound.

��� "I said no but you did not listen to me. I feel like a puppet on your string now." I said with a scowl.

��� "I had to, you are in great danger still. Deep inside your soul rests a demon. A demon with unheard of powers. We know who you were in your past life. You were the demon lord. In all your lives you were a woman. A woman with great power and with every life, you seem to keep certain traits." Lathier said to me looking into my bright green eyes.

��� "A demon 'eh? Well, tell me about these past lives then Latheir. I would love to be clued in about my lives." I said placing my hands on my hip.

��� "You had two other lives besides this one. The first life you were an elf, the second you were a demon. Right now, you are going to be an vampire. That combines the demon, vampiric, and elven ways together. Your first life you were an excellent weapons master who never lost a battle and was a fearless leader. That puts the couragous, bravery, accuracy, and deadly into your personality. The second life you were the most powerful demon mistress and lord. You ruled over a whole kindom that stills exists today. That puts the dominance, cold hearted, controlling, and evilness into your personality. Now with this life..." Latheir took a breath and closed his eyes.

��� "You are most likely going to end the whole world. Not to be blunt but I was sent here to try and kill you or turn you into a vampire who knows better. Right now I just want you to go back to your bloody kindom so you can reign those damn demons again. It was peaceful then... Well for the vampiric clan that is." Lathier said again opening his eyes.

��� "Then take me to my kingdom." I said in a dark and eerie tone of voice.

��� "True words of the lady Lathilia. You never change." Lathier said to me with a smile.

��� "First you must meet the clan." Latheir said in a dark and mysterious tone with a creepy smile.

��� I walked backwards a bit then ran into the wall once again.

��� "Hey, it is ok... Just calm down and let me take you away." Lathier said touching the back of my neck.

��� He then pressed down on the middle of my neck and it made me faint.


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