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A Magic Life

Novel By: MyStorys

This is just a story I've been working on for a while, I hope you think it's originall but If anything reminds you of a book or film I promish you there was no fraud or whatever inteneded :D View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 6, 2013    Reads: 22    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   


Slowly the young witch made her way through the decaying area of the forest of which the biotáille were leading her, avoiding the rabbit holes and making tracks around the stinging plants that the biotáille just floated through. As she walked in her own world but being careful not to lose her way she began to wonder what the magical elders would want with her. When the biotáille turned up at her druid camp everyone expected that the elders had sent them but, surely to collect someone older, a young strong man to do their bidding or a swift teenager to send a message to another camp. However the biotáille had pointed at her, the eight year old girl who could not control her magic, the eight year old girl who had no mother or farther, the eight year old girl who did not belong anywhere. At first people protested said there must have been a mistake and it was not her, but the biotáille have a habit of not listening to anyone other than the elders, it was set in stone and everyone knew it, I had been selected. I went into the tent I shared with my mother's best friend Jeskin who promised my mother just after my birth that she would do anything to protect me, but she could not protect me from this, my cinniúint.

I did not look back as I was leaving, I walked straight and true and did not dare show how scared I was feeling, I did not even give Jeskin a kiss on a check, or even a hug, the women who was like a mother to me did not get a proper good bye from me. Its moments like that when I don't feel eight, it's like someone else takes over my body, my mind so people see I am strong and can do things they would not expect, apparently, well according to Jeskin that's the biggest likeness between me and my mother along with the fact…

"OUCH!" I screamed out in pain, I had been so busy avoiding the stinging plants on the floor I had forgotten that tree's had branches, which hurt a lot if you walk into them. I rubbed my head with the palm of my hand as single tears started to fall from my eyes, I looked at my now red covered hand and a sudden sickness came over me. I grabbed a plant leaf and started to wipe my hand, just the sight or even smell of blood makes me want to be sick, as I was wiping I looked up to see which branch I had hit, but that's when I realised, the Biotáille don't stop for anything or anyone, they had kept going, and I was lost. Scaoll ran through my body so viciously it was like lighting was hitting me over and over again, and that was when I first heard it, roaring through the forest.

Around four times I heard the roar of whatever this monster was before I got to see it; but when I saw it, it was like the world had slowed down and only this creature kept normal speed as it ran at me. I was flung against a tree at such speed I began to see double, but for sure there was a figure of a women approaching with fire in her hand. I fell into a pile of stinging plants, and the rest I am unable to remember.

  • Biotáille = spirits
  • cinniúint = fate
  • scaoll = panic


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