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Nervial (Part 1 Earth and Heaven)

Novel By: NAR

Nervial was once a peaceful nation of 27 million people and with its neighbouring allies, Lanoisal, Terkia and Ulanstar built a powerful alliance.
That is until one day a man several decades ago, named Olin, changed it all.
With his dark magic he overthrew and killed the King of Terkia with the aid of an army of Demons known as The Horde.
Using the horde, he also took the next alliance member, Ulanstar, by complete surprise and within a week had done the same as they had in Terkia in a swift and quick battle.
The Demons then looked to attack Nervial and Lanoisal, but together they proved too strong to attack individually, as they were too powerful with their armies and wizards in one location.
So instead Olin changed tactics and attacked both countries in different locations at once, and even to this day the armies of Lanoisal, Nervial and The Horde fight on, with no victory in sight for either side.
But one battle could change the flow of the battle and that is what The Horde and Nervial now try to do to break the stalemate, but so far no weakness had been found.
That is until The Horde found a flaw in Nervial’s impenetrable defences, the fortress town/port of Mana was key to the defence of the nation, as it was a major supply route and also a reinforcement location, and now are plotting to lay siege to it, and win the city, before King Leonardo Seeker of Nervial catches scent of their evil plot. And with just a small contingent of the Royal Army, Navy and a local wizard guild, which has a team of powerful wizards, mainly one man, as their only hope to stop this wave, their cause seems lost unless a miracle happens….
(Note: It is based on fairy tail which is an anime/manga)
Cahpters published 18/60. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7


The smoke clears from the training grounds, as Jessica slowly moved her arms away from her face; to find a crystal blue shield around them.

"So we meet again young lady." Jessica turned sharply to see that the source of the shield was the little balding man from the guild.

Now that she had a closer look, he was still short and bald.

But he had his bald spot in a sort of circle or oval shape right in the middle of his head, and his white-grey hair seemed to be on the side of his head.

He seemed to just be taller than Oran and wore a suit that made him look like an accountant, it consisted of a white shirt, a black tie, black slacks and a black waist coat and dinning jacket.

He disabled the shield and walked over to where there was a massive chunk of rock and tapped it.

It broke away and revealed Cody and Jane, the latter who was still in shock from the spells, inside of it.

The little bits of stone fell like pixie dust over Cody, coating him in it.

Cody didn't move when it broke, nor did he move when it fell on him. Jane checked his pulse and to her relief he had one, even if it was weak sounding.

Her hands glowed as she started to heal Cody's injuries; as she never had time to do so during the fight.

Jessica followed the balding man where they came across Kalin, who surprisingly was still in one piece.

The balding man poked the giant, who just groaned in reply.

"Damn, he is still alive." The old man said, sounding disappointed and left Jessica to deal with him.

The man walked over to Grimoires body, or what remained of it.

The body had been completely twisted beyond belief, his head during a 180 and his legs clearly broken.

His arms were in similar condition, and it looked like his torso was hit by a steamroller.

The man checked his pulse, and to his amazement there was one.

He backed away, as the head snapped back around.

He watched in horror, and he was disgusted at the same time, as Grimoires arms and legs snapped back into place and his torso went back to normal.

He snapped his spinal cord back into place and grinned at them.

"I must admit, defeating me is tough and you have done so. Don't think I will forget this Dragon Slayer." He snarled and disappears in a flash of smoke, much to everyone's relief.

"I guess he used the last of his magic power to regenerate." Jessica commented, trying to keep her dinner down.

The sun begun to rise in the distance and Jane and Jessica look at it.

"Sunrises are so pretty." Jane nods in agreement, and balding man felt the urge to facepalm.

"They're a sign of hope and goodwill. It signifies we survived another day as well." Jessica nods in agreement this time, as balding man does facepalm.

"Women….Even at my age, I still don't get them." He shakes his head in disbelief, as Masons voice was heard in their heads.

"GUYS! Massive trouble we're……" As Mason's voice was cut off, and Jessica and Jane look at each other.

They both came to the same conclusion.

"Maxie." They said at the same time, as they were about to run towards them but remembered Cody and Kalin.

"Damn we can't help them…we need to help these guys…" Jessica and Jane looked frustrated as the little man walked over.

"I will watch over them, now go. The others are in danger." Jane nods at the old man, grabs Jessica's hand, and then runs off into the remnants of the forest, hoping they will get there in time.

Tyson is thrown like a ragdoll at a nearby tree, grunting in pain when he hits due to him still not fully recovered.

"What are these things?" Pepper asks from behind a tree, as she attempted to hide from these monsters.

These monsters were freakishly huge, so huge they made Tyson and Kalin look like average height in comparison.

They had thick purple black skin, and vicious sharp teeth.

They had these dark evil eyes, and wore thick body armour complete with torso plates, leg plates, boots, arm guards and gloves.

They had Viking like helmets, but these horns curved sideways instead of up.

Tyler and Tyson glared at them, as they knew exactly what they were.

"They're." Tyler started, as Tyson got back up clutching his painful chest.

"Demons." Tyson finishes, as he takes a step forward only to be punched by one of the Demons.

Ares and Oran were faring no better, as 3 of them had Ares on the ground and were repetitively kicking the weather user, while one of them just had Oran in a headlock and was giving him a nougie.

Kate and Missy were fighting back to back, literally, as they were blasting the Demons away using their magic, making sure they couldn't touch the injured Maxie.

Jessie was leaping from of their heads to another, setting the odd one on fire and then kicking a few in the face.

Oran and Ares are thrown at Missy and Kate, who catch them and place them next to Maxie using their magic, and continue attacking the Demons.

Tyler and Tyson join in the circle, as they turned their backs so their backs faced each other and they continued to blast the Demons.

Mason was lying unconscious in a ditch over near one of the trees, completely forgotten.

Pepper was hiding behind the same tree as the ditch funnily enough and dragged Mason out of view.

Jessie leaps off one of the Demons and joins the circle of mages, and starts to blast the Demons.

The Demons completely surround the 5 wizards, and the 3 injured ones that makes 8, the situation looking grim.

"Damnit, there is too many!" Missy yells in frustration, blasting another one only for another one to charge at them.

That's when Demons started flying all over the place, much to the confusion of both sides.

When they look over they see Ox, in all his cowboy hat glory, slashing at the Demons.

Ares gets up, beaten and bruised but ready to fight, and helps in the attack.

Pepper appears from behind the tree and puts her hand up and magic circle appears.

"I will support you guys! O strength of arm to cleave the heavens! Arms!" Magic circles appear around everyone as their power guys up.

"O swift wind that dashes through the heavens! Vernier!" They flash with magic circles again, as they feel lighter.

Ox swipes his broadsword, which takes out a chunk of the Demons, as the Demons scattered away from him.

Jessie ran and started blasting them with a range of fire spells, shooting fireballs and arrows made of fire at the Demons.

All of a sudden all their magic power disappears and they all collapse on the ground, defenceless.

Ox disappears in a flash as Jessica's magic power goes to zero, and the others all collapse onto the ground from a similar effect.

"Our….our...Magic power….." Tyson mutters, trying to get the strength to get back up.

"It's…..gone…." Ares manages to lift his head, as the remaining Demons grinned.

A green skinned Demon dressed in a black cloak with purple and gold stripes comes out of the forest, a horrible grin on his face.

"Bah you foolish human wizards, my Drain magic is far stronger then you!" The Demon spat at them, ordering the rest of the demons to finish them off.

But before they can, a huge spike in magic power is felt by both the demons and the young wizards.

The Demons turn to see someone getting up and the Demons arrogant smirk was replaced by a look of horror.

The figure that got up was covered in a blood red aura that made his red hair flutter around, a cold unforgiving glare on his face.

He pulled out a ring from his pocket and placed it on his right index finger and his power spiked up even more, if you would believe it, much to the Demons dismay.

This ring was golden and had a massive S imprinted on it.

He then clenched his right fist and brought it up to reveal his red on scarlet guild mark.

"I promised that the next time I versed a Demon, I would punch them using this ring." Maxie's voice sounded like it was a mixture between cracking up from tears and a I am going to kill you for hurting my friend's sort of voice.

"And I don't break my promises! With a fire in my right hand and a tempest in my left!" Maxie yells, fire appearing in his right hand and a powerful wind appearing around his left.

The Demons realised there was no way to escape, so they all charged as Maxie smashed his hands together.

"Secret Element Arts: Flaming Gusts!" as he yells this, the fire goes into the powerful winds and turns the Demons it touches to ashes until there was just one left.

"Hah, I will just drain you as well!" The Demon yells trying to drain Maxie, but to no avail as Maxie jumps up and pulls his right fist back.

When he gets close enough he punches the Demons head clear off and through a few trees, and collapses.

"…Now I have no magic power…." Maxie admitted, panting heavily and leaving the others confused.

"But he has had enough rest to regain more than that surely!" Tyson thought, completely and utterly confused by Maxies statement.

Maxie grins meekly and mutters something under his breath, before he shuts his eyes.

For a moment there Jessica swore that he looked like Cody when he grinned, and crawls over to make sure he was still breathing.

After making sure of that, she leaned up against a tree and looked around.

Tyson was on one knee, still trying to get the strength to get up.

Everyone else was either lying down trying to catch their breath and magic power back, or were too weak to attempt to get up.

Either way Jessica realised if they were attacked again, they were in massive trouble.

That was when Jane came in dragging an unconscious Mason.

"Oh are you kidding me? Seriously? All of you are down?" Jane shook her head in disbelief, looking around and seeing demon bodies and ashes all over the place.

"I am assuming Grimoire had these guys with him." Tyson looked at Jane in confusion, as Jessica nodded in agreement.

"It seems logical. I got here when Ares, Oran and Mason were already down so I don't know much about the fight." Jessica admitted shrugging her shoulders and glancing at Maxie.

"What was with Maxie and that whole speech about him promising to punch a demon with that ring next time he faced one? And what is that ring?" Jessica asked, pointing to the ring on Maxies finger.

Jane looked down on it in surprise, as if she hadn't seen it in a while.

"I didn't think Maxie still had his ring…." Jane pulled out a similar ring to Maxies, but this one was silver instead of gold, and rubbed it between her fingers.

"So what exactly are they?" Tyson had got back up at this stage, and had enough magic power to walk over to Jane and ask the question.

"These are the S Class rings; you have to become an S Rank Wizard to earn one. Maxie has a similar ring for his Saint Title." Jane explained, clenching her fist around the ring in her hand.

"So is that yours then?" Jessica asked, pointing to the ring in her hand.

Jane just shook her head as if to say no, and pulled out a third ring which was similar to both, but like the other two being different colours this one was grey.

"This is my ring." Tyson looked at her with a face expression that was in such disbelief that it made her want to punch him in the face.

"Wait, so you're an S Class?" Tyson's voice was filled with as much disbelief as his facial expression, as Jane just restrains herself from punching him and instead smiles sweetly.

"Don't I look S Class?" She turned her head to the side and continued to smile, which gave Tyson the creeps.

"Umm….Yes?" It sounded more like a question then a statement, but Jane had proved her point.

"Excuse me Jane, but who does the silver ring belong to then?" Jessica asks, as Jane looks away sadly.

"I am sorry to say that the owner of this ring is…..no longer with us…….." Jane's bottom lip quivered, before she walked off so if she did cry; she didn't do it in front of them.

Jessica looked shocked, and suddenly put two and two together and looked at Maxie.

"Then the member of your team which was lost due to Maxie…." Jane looked at her with a face that said how did you know that, as Tyson just looked more confused.

"How…" Jane looked at her as Jessica explained how she had overheard some of Cody's and Grimoire's fight.

"How did he know that?" Jessica shrugged at Janes question and gave her a look that said how should I know.

Mason woke up, rubbing his head.

"Ow….What happened?" Mason looked around for a moment, and then dropped his jaw at the state Maxie was in.

"He hadn't fully recovered from the fight with the recruits." Jane explains as Mason nods in head, completely and utterly understanding for once in his life.

"Why hasn't he? He fought us several hours ago! We were fully recovered before that Demon drained us, so why isn't he?" Tyson rubbed his forehead in confusion, as Jane looked at Jessica and Tyson.

"I guess you have a right to know….You think Maxie will mind?" Mason looked at Jane like she was mad, before he just nodded in agreement.

"You think he would tell them? No it's either you or Cody, and Cody isn't here at the moment. So you should tell them when we pick him up and go back to the guild." Mason gathers the recruits in the clearing, not knowing how badly he was going to faint when he saw Cody's condition.


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