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An Assassin's Destiny

Novel By: Natsfreewill

(Copyright © 2012 Natsfreewill)
Her eyes held a secret she is yet to uncover, her hands held in place her choices of life..., what is there to appear in her way..?, discover...
Some credits go to Within The Heart for making this character, come to life, my character appears in the novel of hers called Six Orbs: Snow and Ice, hope u visit her :D View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 14, 2012    Reads: 94    Comments: 16    Likes: 9   

Prologue: Lacrymosa

-Out on your own, cold and alone again, Can this be what you really wanted, baby?

Choir: Blame it on me, Set your guilt free, nothing can't hold you back now...- Evanescence

The night gleam with the color of white and the light of the moon,

snow was falling thick in the woman's eyes who was holding a baby prospectively from the cold,

with not much of a result, as she covers her eyes to look where she was going, a soft warm light appeared,

covering both of them, it was her lover.

"My dear, this decision is out of our hands, we can go back and raise our child -"

The male was cut with a glance of the baby who was looking at him sweetly, and with the mother's tears, as she whispers.

"There is nothing we can do Michael, our child should do your Lord's binding, we should do his binding as well, your an angel to protect and I'm just a mere human, he gave us a chance to do things right..."

He turns to her lover and hold her chin up, his warm soft lips kisses her cheek gently.

"I know my dear Juliet, He knows what he does and we should do what he says..."

Pain, pain and loss is heard from Michael's words as they arrived in front of an orphanage in the out skirts of Omen Thorn kingdom,

the wind starts to quicken the snow starts to fall harder.

"I will miss you my dear love, and my dearest darling..."

He says while caressing her daughter forehead, his white cascading wings flutter as he flies up to the sky,

Juliet looks up while seeing her first love fly away, she glances back at her resting baby and knocks on the door, the Head Mistress answers the door.

"How may I help you dear?..." As she saw Juliet starting to tear up she pats Juliet's shoulder gently.

"Please..., OH, please take care of my daughter, I beg of you, she's a really special child..., her name, please name her Elizabeth..."

she felt like half of her heart was being ripped off.She kisses Elizabeth's forehead and hands her baby to the head mistress,

she turns around and fades away as the snow storm wraps around her.

"Your special indeed..." The Head Mistress laughs softly while entering the orphanage and closing behind her the door

* * * * * * *

8 years later


The head mistress screamed her lunges out at me, sighs she just couldn't get a grip in her mouth.

Yes I kicked Tania's stomach, so what she was getting in my nerves all week; I tell you living in an orphanage is like living in a cell!

"What, Susanna?" I ask the Head Mistress by her first name, it always got her mad as I said this so indifferent.

"Do not call me by my name!, haven't I shown you manners! " She spat at me, I felt like giggling and I hold it back..., I clear my throat and stood up as calm and serious as possible. Faking shame.

"I'm so sorry Head Mistress, what is wrong?" I look at her and smile my innocent smile, she knew this smile said she was right, or not...

"Did you hit Tania's stomach?" As that name was mentioned The owner of it pooped out of nowhere doing a funny mad face at my direction,

well, I was teaching her a lesson, not to mess with me!

"Mistress you know she always like trouble, look at her smirking face..." Tania whine, tugging the Head Mistress black long dress and pointing a finger at me,

Ups I look away as Susanna Turns to see me.

"Mistress what if she is lying, I mean, you know I don't do things without an explanation..."

I knew I wasn't going to get away from this one as I heard Tania starting to sob hard an had a runny nose almost covered her face, that I had to laugh at.

"Pfft,... Ha, hahahahaa" I start to laugh badly, I crunch in my knees and continue to laugh,

the Head Mistress cleared her throat several times and stare daggers at my direction.

"Elizabeth, this is a serious matter, no time to be laughing at someone..." As I stay there in my knees I start to think my facts,

I should tell half of the truth and get grounded, tell the whole truth and get adopted Or Lie get grounded and get adopted,

I decide to tell the real truth. I look into the woman eyes searching her soul, she didn't wanted me to go away since she became attached to me since that day I came freezing in the hands of my mother, even if her memory was vague I could tell.

She stir her eyes away but look at me again.

"Ok, Mistress I'll tell you the whole truth..." While I said this I glared at Tania who now was smiling, like she won some trophy,

yes I knew I was going to get in trouble...

"Tania was bothering me the whole week, by calling me stupid, freak and saying I'm the devil's daughter because my eyes change a lot from different colors, and yes I kicked her because she was insulting me, can't I defend myself?" I said as calm as possible crossing my arms on my chest...,

the Head Mistress put her hand in her temple something she did when she was controlling her anger,

Tania starts to cry knowing Susanna gets annoyed when she hears crying as she is mad.

"Please!, she's lying!" She whine and bats her arms like a chicken, the Head Mistress looks at me and pushes gently Tania away from her and away from the room,

Alone in the room with the Head Mistress might get a big lecture like before and the last warning of getting adopted..., yes I'm really big to get adopted so what...,

little kids had their luck, not me...

"Do you remember the stories I use to tell you when you were a child?..." She asks I nod, I remembered very well when she used to tell me the stories of the Dragons of the kingdom and beautiful places as well as the place called Nightmare Mountain, we're the dragon of that place feed out of your nightmares and your fears..., but I don't believe, and will never believe.

"Yes I do, and I know what your about to say..., there's no need to say it again..." I say looking away and sitting in the couch window near the book case,

she sits in the couch and looks at me with concern.

"I always thought you were a special child, but I guess I was wrong..., Elizabeth there's no going back, I'll search for a house so you can settle in,

we can't have you here anymore..."

Her voice so cold and full of regret shivered in the room, I felt her worn out and tired really tired,

it's my fault, always my fault I look outside the window, again the snow was falling hard, she might forget tommorow is my birthday, but it's ok,

I think to myself a tear sliding down my cheek, out of the Head Mistress eyes.


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