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That Stupid Human!

Novel By: Natsfreewill

Tags: That, Stupid, Human

(Copyright © 2012 Natsfreewill)
The story of a vampire boy, two worlds, Ehtereal and earth, a wrong accusation, a punishment but his living hell has been yet to come, no its not another vampire... is a human girl... View table of contents...


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Chptr.1 New Human
Ugh I hate the sun it hurts my eyes so badly…., it's a miracle I can see correctly with this horrible *glasses*
I looked at the teacher who I basically knew from before the she was going to trow me her gigantic book of 1,200 pages of history that I already knew of.
"Namida-san, it's disrespectful when your superior calls out your name and you do not answer…."
I bowed my head lightly
"Gome-ne, Sensei…."
I look again and me senses, all of them, got focused in the girl who was besides sensei.
"As you can see this is the new transferred student…"
And as she bows, her scent went flying all over the place; I move my face lightly to the left side but her smell shocked me, a gentle perfume of roses and white lilies her fluttering black soft wavy hair dangle in front of her; I realized and jumped in shock.
"Her name is Akatsuki- Rubi san, please everybody be gentle to her, Namida- san… can you help Akatsuki-san around school?"
Oh!!!, I'm doomed!, I relax my jaw and open a lil my mouth and imitate a small smile…
"Hai, sensei…"
Was all my response and as she passed by I concentrate on a girl's neck it looks so delicious; scarlet running trough blue and then-
"Hey Namida-san, Arogatogosai-masuta"
And I didn't look at her neither respond.
"Oh, what a rude boy!, because he is all smart and mean, doesn't have to do with a new student, unbelievable…"
Oh, those girls, I'll show them who to talk badly of…look in the mirror first, bitches…
"Hey Akatsuki- san, it rumors that you we're a vampire actress, is that true?!"
Haha!, now this is intresting; I turn my head lightly to see the girl around her, but not her.
" Those rumors are false, the real thing is a secret!"
And she smiles side way revealing a bit of a fang just a bit.
"Oh, your so cool!, does it mean that we can be friends…?"
She stands up and as she was going to hit someone; she looks at me and smile, I felt myself so remorse and hungry right now, when she open her eyes I saw the most deepest red eyes ever, was she really what I thought she was?, she's just normal like any other human in this classroom…, maybe not…. And I heard her in her mind.
="I want to disappear from here, is this a joke, I'm sorry Namida- san, but is no use for a guy like you to be bothering with me…"=
And I open my eyes big in surprise…, but compose myself in a blink of an eye.
"I'm sorry my head hurts, it rained yesterday and since it was my first day of school today I couldn't miss it but I think I'm catching a cold…"
Everybody surrounded her and I was left alone of course they would left off the weird lonely big glasses boy… I mean vampire.
"Oh no!, Akatsuki - san fainted…!)
And she did fainted and I felt dizzy myself; I can't believe this, is she even human or she's just plain stupid?, one of the boys grabbed her in his arms and took her to the infirmary.
"Namida - san, can you please be with Takatsuki - san until she awakes and well, so you can show her around school?, I know maybe I should choose-"
I cut her words there and smile a little shaking my head.
"Nai, sensei, I will go and do the duty…"
Ok I'm so screwed I can drink ten gallons of raw milk and puke right away, ugh…
And as I went by, I remembered those glazy eyes and those thigh legs and cheeky butt…, yep maybe, I'm a pervert as well…, maybe…
I went into the infirmary and she was in the bed, sleeping lightly, I went beside her and sat on the chair.
"It didn't happened to her before, you sensed it, Suou-chan!…"
" Oh damn doctor, don't call me that, you ass…"
He smiled side way and did a no with his index finger.
"Nah, ah, ah, remember the last time I had fun with you…"
I shudder, nasty.
"Ohohoho, I had to much fun that ni-"
"You perverted gay prick!"
I couldn't stand it anymore and hit the damn doctor, yep, He's a vampire as well but
sometimes I think why is he here with the mundane shouldn't he be in Ehtereal; Ehtereal is my birth place, the high council sended me here for a crime I committed; but I have done non…; anyway I'm stuck with worthless humans who's vanity is incredible, knowing this place for 1 month there's nothing I can do just budge into the appearance of a low life one and support their creepiness.
"Oh, well Suou- chan!, I'll be going for a moment and fetch a cup of tea…, take care of Akatsuki- chan!, don't you dare do something to her."
Said Tokimo sensei and left the infirmary, closing it with lock.


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