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Wild Eyes (On Hold)

Novel By: Natsfreewill

Tags: Wild, Eyes

(Copyright © 2012 Natsfreewill)
A strange card had arrived to the Fairchild house, The Private Boarding School requested the foster child, Eve, to take. Part in this wonderful and comfy place, what she didn't expected is yet to come... Please leave a comment' View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 26, 2012    Reads: 31    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Wild Eyes

Chapter 1

Being in a Boarding School Environment is out of Eve's league although it was her idea to hold herself backfrom the catholic schools;She's a free soul and a wild heart. Eve's foster father had some bad encounter with the principal of her old school.

"Touché, today I'm about to have my own room." Eve said tousling her dark nightfall black hair with turquoise and orange frickles, The headmaster had her in probation for a week with two roommates, two girls to be precise, one was utterly nice while the other had her eyes set on Eve as to rip her skin off.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Claire looks at Eve disgusted, someone like her should be kicked out of the room as quick as lightning; having the pesters smell of

an outsider cringe her stomach upside down. A mundane as insignificant as her is to be squashed. Claire glance at Yanet, who was grinning happily like a fool,

thank God she was soon to be back to her own bedroom she was tired of hearing Yanet blabber, Claire heard a shift knowing

Eve has stood up from her bed, all dressed up and ready to go. "Then your about to face our world for real...?,

You won't last a day or so." She touches her chin expectingly, knowing it would piss Eve off, she liked the way the girl had keep her control in all her stay,

she needed to brake it.

• • • • • • •

Eve shift herself and looks at Claire. Claire just stood there expecting, for some reason it was too early to have a little fun.

The world the mundane is wasn't fresh and dandy as the headmaster seemed to recreate in fact;

it was the mixing of high breeds of Dark Loaders, Moon Kissers, Blood Seekers and Azriels (Chosen of the fallen, mundanes),

specified to create a balance between the breeds and to socialize with the real world plagued by the humans

To not kill each other out, there were the Alphas who controlled the Laws of the Society and there were the Segregades,

divided by the specific breeds to fight the desiqulibrium of those who do not follow the laws. Eve sighs and smiles a little to Claire, who went dumbfounded, yes.

Claire almost flipped around, she couldn't believe how a girl like her could keep so much cool as Claire

has hit all of a mundane possible buttons. "You know it's so good to have meet both of you, 'cause I've learned a lot from you girls, specially you Claire, I like you attitude."

Said Eve with narrow eyes toward Claire and a small smile toward Yanet, knocking was heard from the bedroom door,

Claire smirks not interested of course, Yanet leap up from the window couch. Shirpping excited.

"I'll get it, oh giddy I can't believe it your lucky...!" The Coetegé who has arrived was one of the Moon Zon, Zchar.

• • • • • • • • • •

Eve glares at the Cotegé and looks away a little astonish by his handsome features.

Reddish brown skin black short hair and green jade eyes looked her way expecting, maybe 6'1. To be precise,

as she walks to greet the male she pull a uneven feeling, wildness? "I have come to escort our new maiden in training, Eve Fairchild."

As his voice surrounded the room, Eve felt a deadly stare of Claire toward the Coetegé, she wanted to defend him, but it seems the boy ignored the hint, good because things weren't going to look cute today. "Excuse me but to whom I may give my greetings?" As Eve asked Yanet twirled beside Eve and beamed like a doggy.

Zchar just smiles side way and reply honestly. "One of six moon child in training and one of your escorts during the coming events of the school, is nice to have the honor to serve you, Eve, the name's Zchar, descendant of the warrior Finar."

• • • • • • • •

As Eve smiled back at Zchar, Yanet felt like a tingle in her skin, it was predictable, well to tell you the truth,

Yanet has the gift to see into the upcoming future, yes she is one of the Dark Loaders, but she made friends with almost everyone from her side,

it was weird for her to be friend a future Azriel, as Yanet beamed at both of them, she knew that Claire was jealous as heck,

Zchar was one of the boys she wanted to conquer, yes she had a list of different guys to put at her feet but it seems that Zcharin isn't slightly moved by the goddess of beauty

, Claire. Infact he was curious about the new mundane, as well as me.

"Eve, it was nice meeting you, I hope we get to share good times althought it's almost the middle of first year."

Yanet said as Eve looks at her and smiles, doubt and confusion on her eyes, she knew to well something wasn't right in the school. And she'll see why.

• • • • • • • • • •

As Claire glances at Yanet she just couldn't believe what she said, to a mundane such as her and a future Azriel

even though the human was still clueless to what they were.

It has never happened before, to bring a human who didn't knew of they're own power and strength,

this girl hasn't even so I do not trace a single drop of blood of an Azriel, it's the first time the.council makes a mistake. Fantastic.

"Then what are we waiting for?, let's get going, you should be happy this was your last day stuck here..."

Claire smiled while saying this and toss her strawberry blond hair behind her left shoulder

Striking a pose directed at atta boy, but her move didn't reach, damn,

this girl was going to pay not one but all of the one she'll get by the time she really gets inside school.


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