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The Lightning's Spark

Novel By: Neko1897

Valhein travels the land of Falryn, a mystical country entwined with secrets that have become legends to the people, in search of the legendary city of Darkshire. He searches for this city of sorcerers to find ways to control the grand power that his parents bestowed upon him and along the way he runs into the great wizard Raziel, otherwise known as The Lightning Blaze. Upon meeting Valhein, Raziel begins to develop feelings for him and this sparks his desire for Valhein's intimacy. But does Valhein feel the same for Raziel? View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 15, 2014    Reads: 30    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Flames. Screams. Terror. All of these things ravaged the small town of Reath. The blood curdling screams of the innocent villagers echoed off of the crimson stained walls of the collapsing buildings. The foul stench of burning flesh caressed the air in sequence with the charcoal clouds of smoke.

Tears fell upon the small boy's cheeks as his mother lead him into the small closet in an effort to conceal him from the bandits.

"My little one... Stay here and cover your mouth...", His mother whispered as she wrapped her shaking arms around him. "Do not cry... For I will always be with you. I love you, my little Valhein...". After placing a farewell kiss upon his small forehead, she closed the doors to the tiny closet and left him alone in the dark space.

Valhein knew he had to keep his promise to his mother, so he held back the tears welling up his emerald green eyes. He needed to be strong. Just like his parents had taught him to. He then sat there in the dark and secluded space of the closet. Fear overwhelmed his little body, for he feared what might become of his parents. He knew, but would not believe, that the chances of him seeing his sweet mother and father again would be next to nothing... So staying true to the vow to his mother he held back the urge to go run and scream their names, in hopes of seeing them again. No matter what, he would not move out of that closet. With sitting on the floor for such an extended time, Valhein felt his eyes begin to droop. It wasn't long before he succumbed to the drowsiness and he fell upon the dark mahogany wooden floor into a deep slumber.

"Valhein!", a deep husky voice called, making Valhein wake suddenly. "Valhein! Are you here!?".

After coming to a sudden realization, the small boy jumped to his feet, and began to shake furiously from the terror of the stranger calling.

Could it be the bandits? If that was true, then why do they know my name? Valhein thought, too scared to really want to find out.

"Valhein! Please! If you are here, please say something!" The voice called again, now becoming louder.

Valhein did not recognize the deep voice calling him, but curiosity over turned the fear that he had and made him start to open the closet door. Then, suddenly, he remembered the promise he made his mother, to stay in this space.

The voice then called again and again, each time becoming substantially louder. Fear encumbered Valhein once again as he knew that the stranger was getting closer towards the closet that Valhein was hiding in.

"No... No.. Go away...", Valhein pleaded in panicked whispers.

"Valhein! You in here!?", The voice way too close now. He knew that the stranger was now in the same room that contained the closet Valhein was in. "Valhein... We are never going to find that Crozz kid are we?". The voice let out a clearly exhausted sigh as Valhein's trembling legs betrayed him, making him fall with a dull thump onto the hardwood floor.

"Huh?," The voice questioned. Then Valhein's heart stopped as he heard heavy footsteps came closer to the closet that he lay shivering from terror in. Suddenly, the door knob to the closet turned and before Valhein could even see the face of this mysterious stranger a wave of blackness engulfed him as he fainted from the pure shock of terror in his body.


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