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The Adventures of the Black Rose

Novel By: Night And Day

Have you ever heard of a flaming rock from outer space falling on some poor guy; and gives him some awesome super powers, and he saves the world?! Sadly, this is not that story. This is the legend of the Black Rose. In other words, the story of how I became the Black Rose. It starts in a small town called Hell’s Gate. The town gets its name from the little problem of the demon infestation, but we can get back to that later, let’s start the story. It starts at a little orphanage named New Hope; I was one years old when this happened. View table of contents...


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"Jane we have to do this," Tony said as he turned to his now crying wife. "I know we have to Tony, but I…" Tony cuts Jane off with a look of sadness pressed deeply in to his sapphire eyes "it's for the best Jane he will be safe there I promise!" Jane sadly agrees and locks her heavenly golden eyes on her husband sapphire orbs "Ok my love" she replies as she looks and her sleeping one year old "Mommy and daddy will always love you I promise" Jane says softly and raps her son in a blanket.

As they left their hiding place in a dark watery cave an explosion came from the woods as flames consumed the trees. "They're coming we must hurry" Tony yells as he takes hold of his weeping wife's hand and run towards a old destroyed town. "There they are, kill them!" crys a ugly demon with pitch black skin with an bluish glow. "Jane! Take Sebastian and run! I'll hold him back for as long as I can." Tony say as he push His wife and son behind him. "No we won't leave you!" Jane yell with tears running off her now pale cheeks like a river.

"Go Jane! Please, we are Sebastian's only hope of surviving." Tony says to his wife as he draws his sword "You must go now please!" Jane almost fall at his words but do as she is told. "O-okay I'll go." Tony smiles as he try to hold back the tears as they're clouding his eyes. "Thank you...Take care my son, grow to become strong and powerful so you can protect the ones you love. No matter what!" Jane turns and run leaving her husband. Tony run towards the demon as his hands glow a reddish black. The demon launch at Tony sword at hand papering to kill the Human in one blow. As the demon swanged his sword at Tony's neck Tony vanished and reappeared behind the demon. Tony sword makes contact with the demon's flesh cutting it in half as if it was piece of paper.

As Tony kills the first demon he is shot in the back with an arrow. "Augh!" Tony falls to the now cold bloody ground and turns his head to see who shot him. To his dismay Tony see Hundreds of demons, but Tony smiles "This is truly be a wonderful day to die!" A tall demon with a crown that has taken the form of a human comes towards Tony smiling crazily "Ah Tony Knight The King of This once lush and beautiful country. You stand in the face of death to protect your stupid family." The demon King Sirue looks down on the wounded human with eyes as black as Cole "Tell me Tony. Where is the boy?"

Tony trys to stand, but his body won't will to his command "It'll be a cold day in Hell before I tell you where my son is!" Sirue laughs evilly "So be it then. I'll see you in Hell! With your wife and son's head at my feet!" Tony'S heart shakes at Sirue's words as Tony Forced himself to his feet in a fit of rage he grasped his sword and ran towards Sirue. The Demon King and Tony becomes in locked in a bloody battle. When Tony knocks Sirue off his feet and on to the cold and wet ground. Tony stood above Sirue papering the finishing blow when a demon stabs Tony in the back and Tony falls to his knees as he look at the blade that is rammed though his body turning his short a warm bright red. "Death it is then live well my son." Tony smiles as he draws his last breath and dies. Sirue gets up and stands over Tony's Bloody body "Find the women and the child! Go!"

Jane looks at her son with tears in her eyes "Don't worry Sebastian we're almost there." A small demon comes around a corner "I found them!" Jane takes off running hugging her son close to her heart "They're here already, what do I do?" Jane spots a hole in the wall as she turns a corner "What a hole?" Jane runs to the hole a place a now awake Sebastian in the hole "Sebastian sweetheart stay in here and be quite baby." Jane looks behind her to make sure no demon is looking "Don't worry mommy will be okay sweetie." Jane takes a small wooden box that was on her left side and puts it in front of the hole so one one will see her son "There's the woman!" Jane looks at her son light sapphire eyes one last time "Stay here honey don't move okay? I love you!"

Jane picks up a small log and raps it in Sebastian's blanket then runs west to lead the demons away from her son "She is trying to get away with the boy, after her!" Jane runs as fast as she can while her tears fell to the ground "They will never have our son Tony, I promise you that!" Jane runs around a corner "No! A dead-end!?" The Demons traps Jane as Sirue comes towards her with a hellish smile painted on his hideous face "Jane my dear give me the boy and I might let you live!" Sirue starts laughing evilly "You will never have my son! You blood thirsty bastard!" Jane yells "Then I'll take him from you by force! Sirue walks away from Jane to his demons "Kill her and bring me the child!" Jane falls to her knees "Daddy and mommy will always love you Sebastian. Always!!" A demons slashes his blade across Jane's small neck making her dress go from purple to bloody red in a matter of seconds.

The demon smiles and takes the baby out off her hands as her body lay lump on the now bloody ground "Master I have the child." Sirue smiles at the demon "What are you waiting for?! Bring him to me now You fool!" The demon runs towards his master in fear of his own life and bowed and gave Sirue the child not knowing that it's a fake "Here my master!" Sirue smile and take the fake baby from the smaller demon "Finally there is nothing that can stop me now!!" Sirue starts laughing hysterically as he removed the blanket "What in the hell is this you fool?? This is not the boy!" Sirue looks at the other demons with fire in his eyes "Find him are you all will die!!" "Yes master!" The demons runs into the woods and a few when back into the town to look for the boy.


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