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Stoker High

Novel By: NikiFM

Stoker High is unlike any other high school; why? It’s a school for vampires and fallen angels. Sure they teach you all the boring crap like math and English but they also teach you to fight werewolves and demons. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 29, 2008    Reads: 666    Comments: 8    Likes: 4   

Stoker High


Aiden, 17, long dark brown hair, brown eyes, 5'6", vampire, boyfriend at the beginning is Payton (vampire), bad ass, smart alec, pretty intelligent and basically runs the school.

Payton, 18, sort of like Zack Efron hair, black eyes, 5'10", vampire, basically the popular jock of the school but is sort of smart.

Morgan (Aiden's BFF), 17, long brown hair, blue eyes, 5'5", vampire, Aiden's follower.

Caleb, 18, black hair (a joe jonas style), blue eyes which are really noticeable, 6'0", fallen angel, smart kid but hot and sarcastic.

Similarities and Differences Between similar creatures:

Vampires vs. Fallen Angel:

Sim: super strength

Diff: Vampires have fangs and super speed where as fallen angels have wings and telekinesis

FYI: Fallen Angels are sort of at the bottom of the food chain at stoker high because the school was originally just for vampires but then the vampires saw the benefit in having an alliance with the fallen angels.

Werewolves vs. Demons

The only real difference is that werewolves turn into huge wolves where as demons can turn into any animal like an animagus in the Harry Potter books.

Chapter 1: Junior Year

Aiden's POV

"Aiden wake up!" My mom yelled at me for the third time. She finally got smart and barged into my room.

"Five more minutes." I held up five fingers, with my head still in my pillow. "Just five more minutes."

"Fine I'm going to get the ice bucket in five…four…three…two…"

I shot up in bed, "I'm up. No need to get the bucket." I looked at my clock; it was six AM. "Why'd you wake me up so early?" I laid back down.

"Because." She pulled my curtains open and the blood red moon's light shown through my window. "It's the first day of your junior year of high school."

Okay so this chapter is just a trial to see if you guys like it. The idea just came to me while I was supposed to be taking notes, I've must have dazed off because all of a sudden I see my friends hand waving in front of my face and she was asking if I was alright. Lol.


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