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Ultra Face

Novel By: Nixie

Kate has a strange experiance that leaves her lost in a different place and time! Will she manage to figure out the mystery before it's too late? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 12, 2007    Reads: 222    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   


By Nicola Brooks

The cool air crept through the open window and forced the curtains to part, giving the humid air it's chance to escape and releasing the woman from her clinging white sheets. She stirred finding difficulty in breathing, the air being hot and sticky in the summer heat even though it was still only morning.
���������� Tresses of blonde covered Kate's naked skin as the light brought colour into the room. Walls of white, curtains of blue and a pair of black shoes which lay carelessly beside a red dress on the polished wood floor.
�����������Eyes of blue opened capturing a reflection in the full size mirror opposite the bed. She blew the lingering hair away from her face with one sharp exhale in a sarcastic attempt to humour the heat and the image it had helped portray.
���������� She wriggled trying to locate her legs that had become tangled during her sleep. Kicking for the last time the sheets slipped away leaving her in her entirety.
���������� Now sitting on the bed Kate took in the familiar surroundings; the smell of her sweet scented perfume that her mother also wore was still lingering in the air and led her to look at the blue bottle which sat alongside a silver bracelet and an empty glass on her bed side.
���������� Standing she was reminded of the night before and how she'd casually kicked her high heels off by the bed. Her foot was now throbbing from stumbling upon them leaving her to limp with a screwed up face as she moved away from the bed.
���������� She stood on one leg and lifted her foot, there was a dark bead of red tracing down toward her toes… panicking quickly she hopped.. One … two, toward the bathroom which was only a few meters away. She was thankful now for opting for the smaller apartment, against her sisters better opinion! Taking a tissue she blotted her foot and smiled, pleading ignorance to the pain she felt only now for seeing blood!
���������� The lies always lie, she mused to herself, and of course after a night like last night she had every right to think that as she now began to recall the people she'd met…
A young man with unusual dark curly hair past his ears, charming eyes and�wearing a black suit stood opposite her "So after my last relationship ended I decided to focus on myself, so I brought a black 911 Coupe Porsche which I found attracted some new attention…" and so he continued.
Kate yawned plainly, so far�he'd mentioned his ex- wife, his golfing sessions every Wednesday with his pals and his job, which earned him a grand sum of �80,000 a year! He'd not asked her one question yet, not even her name!
Kate was fuelled by his arrogance and decided it was time to play her own game. Body limp her eye's rolled back with an exaggerated cry as she pretended to faint right there in front of him.
����������� Mr Crawford, who was still talking about himself managed to grab Kate's arm before she hit the floor "Sweet mercy!" he said holding her up "Are you ok?"
����������� Kate shook her head weekly "No, I need water…" she breathed desperately "A chair maybe?" Mr Crawford nodded and called out to the other men about to fetch a chair.
Kate sat down and let her head fall back "Water?" she asked, her hands sliding from her lap and dangling toward the ground like a dieing scarecrow! He nodded and went off in a hurry get her water.
She smiled and sat up as soon as he was out of sight. Everyone watched as she stood, brushed off her dress, fixed her hair and snuck away before he returned. �
����������� Laughing uncontrollably she walked the posh corridors of red velvet and white marble, taking a glass from a floating tray and then discarding the drink after just one sip. Her laughter died as she moved away from the crowds and found herself alone, wondering toward a single room at the end of another. The fear, only forced her to step closer as she noticed how dark the room was compared to the others, glad to be able to hear the dance taking place in the ballroom.
�She stopped and looked back nervously just before reaching the door which was made of marble with engraved flowers above the arch. This put her at ease until she looked inside. The room was black! Black with candles laced along the walls at heads height creating an eerie atmosphere. �
����������� Enjoying the adrenalin rush she took a step inside, eyes wondering toward the shadows where she could not make out where the room ended… but still she decided she wanted to find out and took a more steps into the darkness… SLAM!!! The door behind her was shut with an almighty force!
����������� "WAIT!" Kate shouted "I'M IN HERE!" her voice echoed continuously until fading into nothing. Panicking she searched the room from the spot she was standing; her head moving from side to side, back to front. Her face pale with fear!
����������� Straight ahead she saw a black mist emerging from the shapes the light created… Kate focused and took one step back, the black mist began to swirl rhythmically… she moved two steps back …three…four!
� Closer it came till swallowing the ground below her feet… four steps, five, she turned and ran for the door which was now so much closer than she'd realised. Her fists hit hard into the wood "BANG!" which hurt with every thumb as she pounded it again and again "BANG, BANG…"
����������� "…BANG, BANG!" the door to Kate's apartment rattled as she was brought back to the present day… her body felt sticky with sweat. Her hands were shaking! Still in the bathroom she looked into the small standing mirror and took a few deep breaths to gather herself before she moved to answer it.


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