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Alternate Realms

Novel By: Oakwood

Two realms. Two lifestyles. One war.

When one realm is attacked, the other will be affected. What happens when you shake the lifestyle of one realm with another
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Submitted:Jan 1, 2013    Reads: 39    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

(Sorry for a short first chapter, hope you enjoy reading


Two Realms:

Hidden among the trees of a deep forest in a far off mystical realm, there was a village. It was a small village, one where everyone knew each other by name and greeted new neighbours with gift baskets filled with freshly baked goods. The houses were little more then then cottages nestled between the trees. It was the sort of place one would live if one wanted peace and a friendly community; that is exactly what one would get if you were a normal family, take the Smiths for example. John Smith has a wife and two kids, Scott and Thomas. John is a blacksmith, working in the shop all day before returning to his home with food to feed the family for the next day. The people in this village must work to survive. Work means food and food means living another day. The Carpenters are another family that follows this unwritten rule. Ben Carpenter was widowed after his wife passed last winter due to a food shortage. He is a carpenter and takes his job very seriously. The inhabitants of this village are what one would call 'average citizens' but that title won't fit everyone for long.

In another realm, similar to the first, there was another village. This one also had wooden homes, but these were built into the trees rather then around. This village was also in a forest, a forest that had stood for thousands of years. Flowers of all kinds bloomed everywhere, some were species never heard of before. For all it's beauty, this realm was in the middle of a battle. The two races that occupied this terrain were at war with one another over a long forgotten reason. The ancient ones started the battle thousands of years ago, fighting for their lives when the forest was young. Now their descendents are involved with the bloodshed. This village contained the families of the original ancient ones from those first days.

From the east, a group of warriors was advancing on the village; their armour gleaming in the rising sun, striking their blades, shields, spears, and maces with streaks of golden rays. Most of the inhabitants of the village were just waking, while others had been up with the sun.


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