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Alternate Realms

Novel By: Oakwood

Two realms. Two lifestyles. One war.

When one realm is attacked, the other will be affected. What happens when you shake the lifestyle of one realm with another
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Submitted:Jan 1, 2013    Reads: 20    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

(Hope this chapter is better, it's a little longer. Thank you to anyone who reads this.


Battle Arms:

Seated on a high branch of an old oak, Turin was stroking the wood of his bow while watching the sunrise. This was one of his daily duties, to watch the eastern side of the village for enemy lines. Doing so, he spotted on the horizon the group of warriors advancing. Strapping his bow to his back, Turin slid gracefully down the branch, leaping from one to another on his way around the village to warn the other morning lookouts.

"Onix spotted on the eastern border!" He called as he sprinted past the three others watching the other directions.

"I shall notify Rincavornon immediately." The northern lookout called to Turin.

As Turin ran to get his warriors prepared for battle, Vanafindon jumped from his hidden spot in a willow tree's branches, landing in a crouch before sprinting off to one of the tree homes. This home was part of a great oak, it had ivy vines running down the sides, twisting around anything in it's path. Vanafindon rapped on the wooden door. When he was granted access to the home, he was greeted by a tall being with long white-blonde hair held back in a braid, bright blue eyes and a mighty sword at his hip. Rincavornon was the leader of this village, being the descendent of the leader of the ancient ones. He was the only one of his race known to carry a sword like his; it had a blade of three feet made from a special light weight metal only found in this realm. The handle was another foot, made from the same metal as the blade. It was strengthened with spells cast by the strongest spell-casters. Emeralds were set in the handle with melted gold, and the pommel was a large rounded emerald with a pure white stone as the core. Rincavornon himself was a tall being, standing at just over six feet, seven inches. He was dressed in a deep green tunic with a birch bark belt, and a darker green cloak with a golden leaf clasp. His boots were made from a leather-like material that was flexible; this allowed him to walk both silently and quickly.

"Sir, a group of Onix have been seen on the eastern horizon. Turin and the other Generals have already began preparations for battle." Vanafindon informed Rincavornon of the current situation.

"Thank you Vanafindon, you are dismissed."

Vanafindon bowed and left the building, leaving Rincavornon alone.

Checking his belt for his twin daggers, he exited the home and started seeing to the battle preparations himself. He called orders to his man.

"Archers to the trees, ready your bows! Front lines east! Lookouts to the south, north and west! The rest of you, battle positions!" These was the sound of clothing swishing and equipment banging as everyone hurried to their places.


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