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So Called Angel

Novel By: Oakwood

(This is my entry for VintageBubblegumClub's Spark of Imagination Contest)

When an angel falls from Heaven, he discovers that what he believed all his life was not true. Forced to take on his new identity, will the ones he loves be affected badly enough to turn against him? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 11, 2013    Reads: 15    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Through a veil of cloud, Chase could be seen with a young girl at his side. Sighing, Iris ran a delicate hand over the image, blurring it. She looked over her clipboard. "Oh Chase, what did you do?" Ever since he had fallen Iris had watched him, it was her job after all. She was a Guardian Angel, the best around; Chase had been her student. Now it was her job to figure out what happened. She hummed a happy tune as she filled out papers.

"Makes you wish we had gone electronic like them." An angel with large grey wings, one crooked, landed beside her with another stack of papers. Samuel was Iris' go to angel when it came to human behaviour, he was also her partner.

"Sam would it kill you to 'lose' the applications?"

"Me, lose important documents? Never!" He replied in mock anger. "Besides you knew that this position came with a lot of work." He was a couple hundred years younger then her, but Iris respected him.

"I know, it's just that I can't figure out why Chase was suddenly taken to Earth. He has a clean record and everything."

"Maybe he was needed."

"Maybe." Iris fluttered her pink tinged wings. "Anything happening down there that would result in this?" Samuel pondered what she had asked.

"Where exactly was he sent?" Iris swirled the images in what looked like a small pool.

"Here." Samuel looked into the twisting cloud until it cleared to show Chase and the girl. The image struck a memory.

"I know that girl, not personally but I've heard about her. Her name is Angelique, lives in a small shack. Her Papa was recently sent to the mental ward two towns over. He was found wandering in the desert muttering something about angels." Iris took all this in.

"Thank you Sam. Keep me updated."

"Will do." He called to her as he flew back to his office. Iris studied the image again. Being an angel, she could see others wings even if they were tucked away. Chase's were beginning to darken which surprised her. He had always had the most beautiful snow white wings that sparkled in the sunlight. Iris took a crystal key from where it hung and unlocked the large filing cabinet. Inside there were hundreds, thousands of files with different angel's names on them. Each time an angel became a Guardian or a Guardian in training, a feather was taken and stored here. Becoming a Guardian was a permanent thing, for the only way to get out of it was to have the feather destroyed. These feathers had a special spell on them that once destroyed, the angel to whom it belonged was no longer an angel, but a human. This only happened if a Guardian took advantage of their abilities or did something unforgivable, such as to make a deal with a demon. Iris searched the files until she found the one with Chase's name on it. Opening it, she took out a perfect white feather. She put it back and returned to her work.

Samuel was digging through another stack of paper looking for a note he had written in 1818. He had written about the ways of communication back then and he wanted to compare it to communication in 2012. He finally found it and settled in his puffy armchair. "Let's see. Handwritten notes versus cell phones." Samuel was writing down the pros and cons of both when he felt the need to check up on his own person he was to watch over. He had been assigned to a middle aged man who owned a tavern in the town Chase and Angelique were heading to. His name was Santino, owner of The Dusty Dune. He never let anything involving money slide, and if you didn't pay you were looking for a fight. Santino would fight with tooth and nail until he got what he was looking for. This for Samuel meant that he always had to keep a close eye on him, as one false move could end in a wrestling match. Samuel fluttered his wings before heading over to see Iris before he left.

Iris was buried in a pile of work when her partner came in. "What's the news?" She asked from her desk which she sat behind, a mug of coffee in her hand.

"Just stopping by to see if you needed anything before I headed down to check on Santino."

"You're heading to Earth? You just got back last week." Samuel laughed.

"We all can't have desk jobs, some of us have to work in the field." She smiled.

"Well since you're going, can you maybe check on Chase? Don't let him see you though."

"Righty-o your majesty." Both angels laughed as Samuel bowed and backed out the door. He flew to a portal in the far eastern side of his heavenly home. H made sure the address was correct before jumping through and teleporting to Earth once again.


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