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So Called Angel

Novel By: Oakwood

(This is my entry for VintageBubblegumClub's Spark of Imagination Contest)

When an angel falls from Heaven, he discovers that what he believed all his life was not true. Forced to take on his new identity, will the ones he loves be affected badly enough to turn against him? View table of contents...


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Following the dusty trail, Chase carried Angelique piggy-back style. "..and that's how Papa taught me how to catch a fish bare-handed." Angelique had been telling him stories for most of the trip. "Hey! We're here!" The tin roofs of a cluster of buildings was rising before them. Chase could see a couple of houses, a small grocery store, a stable and a sign hanging from a doorway reading: "The Dusty Dune".

"It sure is a small town." Chase said as he walked towards the centre of it.

"Ya, I guess." Chase let Angelique hop down, stirring up a cloud of dust.

Samuel teleported near the back of The Dusty Dune, shaking a coat of sand from his wings to reveal their stormy colouring. Using a little angel magic, he changed his white sweater and pants into blue jeans and a checkered shirt. Samuel pulled his wings in before coming to the front of the tavern, swinging the door open and walking in.

"Ah, Sam! My good friend! What'll it be?" Santino believed that Samuel was his best friend because he payed well.

"Non-alcoholic water please." Some of the clearly drunk men laughed, Santino shrugged.

"Suit yourself." He found a not so clean glass and worked the rusting tap until is sputtered to life. Taking his drink, Samuel sat in the corner of the bar where he could see both the door and Santino.

Outside, Angelique was showing Chase around. "If you go see Miss Zuza on Fridays she'll read yer palm or tell your future. Papa tool me to see her before for some fun. She said I would have a tragic happening in my near future, but I didn't believe any of that garbage." Chase was only giving her half of his attention, the other half was concentrating on the strange feeling that was climbing up his back and the feeling that he was being watched.

"Angel, want to go get a drink?"

"Oh yes! Ol' Santino makes the best lemonade!" She ran over to the tavern, stopping to wait for Chase to catch up.

They both walked in and found a tabled beside the window.

"I'll go get our drinks." Chase got up and headed towards the bar. "Two lemonades please." The bartender turned around, wiping a glass with an old rag. While he made the drinks, Chase looked over the other people here. There was a small group of men at the back, singing and laughing. The only other customer was a man sitting in the corner. He looked strangely familiar to him, but he couldn't tell how. Shrugging, Chase grabbed the drinks, left some coins on the bar and returned to where Angelique sat.

"Hey Angel, do you know that man at the bar?" He sat down and passed her the drink. She looked over to where Chase had indicated.

"I ain't seeing anyone. You ok?" Chase whipped around in his seat. There, sitting in the corner of the bar, sipping his drink was the man.

"He's right there!" Angelique looked at him with concern.

"Maybe we should head back home." She started to get up. How could she not see him? Was he going crazy?

"You're tight, let's head back."

Samuel watched Chase and Angelique leave. Sighing, he released the energy he had been using to appear invisible to Angelique. "That was close."

"What?" Santino turned towards him.

"Nothing, just talking to myself. Santino, do you think you could take care of yourself for the time being? I've got some business to attend to."

"Ya I can handle myself. Stay out of trouble ya hear?" Samuel waved to the man before exiting the tavern the same way the other two had.


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