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So Called Angel

Novel By: Oakwood

(This is my entry for VintageBubblegumClub's Spark of Imagination Contest)

When an angel falls from Heaven, he discovers that what he believed all his life was not true. Forced to take on his new identity, will the ones he loves be affected badly enough to turn against him? View table of contents...


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Chase sat down on the rock, not taking his eyes off the Veytalic. "So what about my origin? I was told my parents died in a freak fire outburst, and my aunt adopted me. When I, you know, died, I was accepted into Guardian Angel training." The Veytalic was laughing.

"Of course that's what they want you to believe. Angels will make up any sob story to cover up the real stuff." Still in his human form, he sat cross-legged on the ground before Chase. "Let me tell you what you really are." He paused, looking up at Chase with those cold, black eyes. "Chase, or should I call you by your real name, Nascitur Ignis?" The speaking of the name unlocked hidden memories in Chase's mind. He remembered fire, lava all around. Smoke, thick and black filling his lungs. His eyes. A wall of flame erupted in front of his view, when it faded the Veytalic was smiling it's pointed smile. "Yes Chase, you are a Demonic Veytalic." It washed over Chase like a wave.

"How?" Was the only word he could choke out.

"Your daddy was a demon, a very powerful demon at that. He fell in love with a human. He turned her into a temporary spirit so he could bring her to the Underworld. Then, you were born." Chase was shocked.

Iris was flipping through Chase's file again, trying to find something she may have missed when she came across a piece of paper, yellowed with age. It was stuck to the back cover. Carefully, she peeled it off. It was written in slanted handwriting that she didn't recognize. Iris studied it, deciphering the words one by one. Hours passed, her eyes hurt from the writing, but she finally had the letter figured out. Sitting back she read it, then read it again to be sure she had read it right. Stuffing the paper in her pocket, she flew as fast as she could to the teleportation area.

Samuel had found the shack in the middle of nowhere. He couldn't see anyone, the shadows blocking his view of the area. He fluttered a strange feeling from his wings, it made them feel cold and heavy. Samuel silently came to the side of the building. He could sense Angelique inside, but not Chase. Beginning to worry, he crept to the back of the shack. He could feel something. Something evil, and Chase was back there with it. Not wanting to give himself away, he stayed where he was.

Chase was speechless. "How did I not know this?" The Veytalic was silent. "How did I not know I was one of you?"

"Because you weren't old enough to go through the change, but now you are. Soon your wings will be as black as mine and your eyes will lose their colour." Chase didn't say anything. "My job is to bring you home and train you."

"Why you? Why were you chosen for this job and not some other Veytalic?" Chase wanted to know why he was so special.

Iris appeared behind Samuel, startling him. "Iris? What are you doing here?"

"There's no time to explain. Read this." She thrust the letter in his face. He took it and in the faint light cast from their wings he read it.

"That's not possible, we would have seen it." He was not pleased with what he had read.

"I thought so too but it explains everything. The dark clouds, his disappearance, everything."

"Do you think he knows?"

"I hope not?" The two angels listened to the voices coming from the shadows.

"That feels like a Demonic Veytalic." Samuel had studied these creatures a few years ago. "Someone will have to go after it."

"What about Angelique?" Iris was concerned for the girl.

"I'll get her and bring her to Santino, he's the closest thing she has to a father right now."

Samuel teleported inside where he found Angelique awake and frightened.

"Who are you? Where's Chase?" Samuel didn't want to scare her.

"I'm Samuel, a friend of Chase. We need to get you out of here." She backed up.

"Where is he? And why am I hearing voices?" Samuel took a step closer.

"I'm not going to hurt you. Chase is..." He didn't know how to finish that sentence without giving anything away. "It's complicated." Angelique didn't move. "Please Angelique, he wouldn't want you getting hurt." She hesitated before inching closer.

"What's out there?" She pointed to the window where the voices of Chase and something else could be heard. Samuel sighed.

"When this is over I'll explain everything." The voice she heard truly frightened her, having no other choice but to trust this guy.

"Ok." Samuel took her hand and teleported into town to bring Angelique to Santino.


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