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So Called Angel

Novel By: Oakwood

(This is my entry for VintageBubblegumClub's Spark of Imagination Contest)

When an angel falls from Heaven, he discovers that what he believed all his life was not true. Forced to take on his new identity, will the ones he loves be affected badly enough to turn against him? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 30, 2013    Reads: 12    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Angelique could feel the heat from the flames licking her face, and burning her skin. Opening her eyes she saw Santino slumped over the steering wheel, a deep gash in his head. She tried to move but couldn't; a piece of the truck was pinning her in her seat. Nothing worked, she was trapped. Angelique was about to give up all hope of freedom when her door was ripped open. Samuel was rescuing her!

"It's going to be all right, I've got you." He slid her out from her place and gently carried her to a safe distance from the burning truck.

"Chase, where is he?" She needed to see him to make sure he was safe.

"You should be worrying about yourself first. You got hurt back there, you could have gotten seriously wounded." Samuel was checking her injuries when she caught sight of a swirling mass of what looked like black cloud. Being pushed into it was Chase!

"Chase!" Angelique jumped from where she had been placed and ran as fast as she could towards him.

Chase was fighting with all his strength against his father. "The sooner you leave the easier this will be. For everyone." As he said this he turned to face the oncoming Angelique. "Well, well, have have we got here? A small child unaware of the certain doom she is facing?" An evil smirk was on his face.

"Don't touch her!" Chase now free of his grasp sprinted to meet Angelique. He hugged her before whispering in her ear. "You have to leave, it's not safe here. I'm not safe." She was confused.

"What do you mean?"

"I can't explain." He felt an icy chill run up his spine.

"How touching. Too bad I'll have to split it up!" Chase's father was a few feet from them. He cast a wall of shadow between the two, trapping Chase in a circle from which screams of pain could be heard.

"What are you doing to him?! Let him out!" Angelique pounded on the wall.

"Do you think you can beat me little girl? Ha!" He grabbed her arm, his nails puncturing the skin, leaving drops of blood behind. She squirmed to free herself, but his grip only tightened.

"Foolish girl! You are but a mere speck in my eyes." His eyes glowed like two hot coals, his free hand conjured a ball of flame. "Let me add a few more burns to that pretty face!" An evil cackle escaped his lips while Angelique cried out.

"Let her go." A cool, commanding voice pierced the night air. Both glanced in the direction it had come from.

Where once a wall of shadow had trapped Chase, now stood a figure dressed in black with flames sewn into the material. His hair was living flame, dancing around his face. His eyes were bright blue, his wings pitch black.

"Chase. You have finally released your inner demon." His father grinned, clearly pleased.

"I have father, now let her go." A column of white flame burst around his father, burning him but not harming Angelique. She ran to this new Chase.

"Is that really you?" She reached out a hesitant hand.

"It is Angel, but in this form my name is Nascitur Ignis." Chase smiled and wrapped his arms around her. A thunderous screech could be heard within the fire, a flash of black light signalled the dismiss of this dark creature.

Letting the flames die, Chase slowly morphed back into his regular form. Samuel and Iris flew over to them.

"Chase you're a Veytalic?"

"Yep, explains a lot actually." He ran a hand through his now white hair. Angelique looked at the two angels beside her.

"Are you guys angels?" Iris, Samuel, and Chase all exchanged looks. Iris appeared to be having a silent argument with Samuel that involved a lot of foot stamping, nostril flaring, and eye rolls. Angelique looked at Chase for help. He laughed and picked her up, setting her on his shoulders where she rested her chin on the top of his head.

"Chase, I was really worried 'bout you back there. I thought you were a goner!" He chuckled.

"So did I Angel, so did I." He then turned back to the argument which had gained some volume.

"We can not just go blurting stuff out to everyone who asks!" Iris was nearly shouting at Samuel who only stood about a foot away.

"I think we can trust her." Samuel glanced over at Chase and Angelique before bringing his gaze back to his partner. "Besides, she seems different." Sighing, Iris threw her hands up.

"Fine, but if we get punished I'm not filling out all the paperwork." Samuel turned to face Angelique who was still riding Chase's shoulders.

"Angelique, in order to answer your question of Iris and I being angels, we will need to start at the beginning. The very beginning."


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