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Novel By: Olive3

Um.. this is another story I am working on. It's not the story I was planning on doing about the little boy. IT's another story about a farmer and his sheep.
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Chapter 1
On a nice sunny day at the country side of Sheepland, there was a man name Pete who owns a farm and a flock of sheep. Sheepland is a little village that's located on the West side of Old Province. Pete owns 20 acres of land and he's the only farmer around Sheepland that has a tall barn that is red and brown. Around the farm, there is fresh green grass, and near by were tall mountains and brown gates that surrounded the farm and what calculate the 20 acres.
This farm that Pete owns was not just your typical farm, Pete himself is a vegetarian.He only eats what grows on the farm like carrots, corn etc. He was working in the farming industry for over 30 years. Yes like most farmers, he had problems throughout the years like drought, diseases etc, but he managed to survive and continuing his farming business and to make sure that his sheep and himself have the best possible care that they can get. He does sell there meat if a lamb dies. He will not sell meat of older sheep when they die. Instead he cremates their body and preserves them in a small closet full of ashes of sheep that past within his farming career.
"Oh! What another beautiful day. I should check to see how are my sheep are doing. Today is the day that another lamb is about to be born." Pete walks outside with his little swag. He had his favorite brown suit and pants and his winter boots. He also had his bi-focal glasses on that sort of made him look like a college professor.
Pete pauses as he spot one of his sheep running towards him. It was one of his rams.
"Michael!" said Pete in a surprising look. "What's wrong buddy?"
"Pete! Kate just gave birth and we need your help." Michael was jumping up and down as if something exciting happen.
"Okay buddy." said Pete. "I'll be there right away."
Pete and his large ram Michael ran to the small hut where one of his ewes, Kate was.
Pete looked down and it was a small lamb just lying on the ground of hay crying. He tries to help the helpless lamb to stand up, but nothing was working. So he took put his blackberry cell phone and called 911. Yes it was a little odd to have cell phones when are you raising a farm, but in Sheepland, it was required.
"Help! Help!" yelled out Pete. "I have a lamb here that won't respond and cannot stand up. Please come to Horns road and try to see why this lamb is not responding." Pete hangs up the phone and gave the helpless hug as he was spreading down tears.
Few hours later, the paramedics came and did some medical procedures on the helpless lamb Behind them were the rest of the flock of sheep. And a small Ram who is also a lamb. Another couple of hours later the doctor who was also a vet (don't that sound suspicious to you?) turns around and gives Pete a sad look.
"So…what's wrong with the lamb? Pete asked.
"Well Pete." said the Doctor. "Your female Ewe has CP. (Yes Sheep can't get this disease like people can in occasions, but let just say she's disabled.). I don't know if you notice but your sheep are part human and part sheep, meaning they can transform from sheep into human. Maybe that could be a reason why your sheep could talk.
"What? Sheep can't get CP." said Pete. "My sheep can talk yes, but I didn't know they have…powers that can change to people. This is crazy!"
"Well, this is Sheepland after all." said the Doctor. "Oh! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Oz and I will be the vet of all of your sheep including your newborn lamb."
They both shook hands and give each other a smile.
"So, what is the lamb's name?" asked Dr. Oz.
"Hmm..." said Pete while scratching his chin. "I name this Lamb, Lami. She is white and peach just like her mother."
"I think it's a wonderful name." said Kate while resting in the hay. "Michael and I also have a son name Bull. I think he'll be very excited to see his little sister. Even though us sheep never heard such thing as CP. I guess it's a human thing."
Dr. Oz pats on the Sheep's heads and says, "Well like Pete said, Sheep do not get this. But since you guys are half human, it's a possibility. Plus it's a rare condition. I'm afraid I have to tell you this, but Lami condition is borderline severe. I would watch her if I would you in case if she's acting suspiciously as in having unknown seizures and stuff."
"Well I sure hope that Lami will be okay. She has a very terrible disease and I'll try as hard as I can to make sure that she and others who are suffering like her fight it off." said Pete.
Dr. Oz writes a prescription in a small piece of paper that is the size of tissue paper. He gave a copy to Pete. Then, he gave a vaccine to Lami and to all of the other sheep since they were out to date for there rabies shots.
"Thanks for coming buy and help out with my sheep doc." said Pete. "I sure hope she will be able to eat the foods I'll give her like I give to the rest of the flock."
Dr. Oz gets into his little SUV and the paramedics go inside of there little ambulance trucks and drove away.The next day, tragedy comes..


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