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Heaven on Fire

Novel By: onlyinred

After her father is murdered by demons, Eden Rosemund is rescued by a demon hunter named Derek Devlin. To avoid being captured by these demons, Derek must unite with Cedric, Eden's guardian angel to protect her from the demons' uncollected due originating from an earlier pact made by Eden's father. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 4, 2012    Reads: 229    Comments: 19    Likes: 6   

" Dear mom,

Sometimes I think of you and I can't help but to cry.

I need you now more than ever.

I know you look down on me from heaven and I miss you."

Tears poured down my cheeks as I dug under the covers. The mere thought of my mother depressed me straight to the bone. She had died in a car accident when I had been eight. It was devestating to me, but my father had been hit pretty hard too. He had resorted to alcohol to forget his pain. From there I had to raise myself and avoid the reckless monster he had turned into. We were living under poor standards, in a rundown apartment on the outskirts of Corwin, Vermont. We'd moved atleast seven times since my father had spiraled into alcoholism. He couldn't keep a job for more than a few months. With these expectations, I could never establish a stable, or even existant relationship with anyone. I couldn't depend on friends, on other people, I just could not trust anyone. I was better off alone, with my own issues and a drunk father to take care of.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard the door slam open. We lived in a one floor apartment with two bedrooms, a tiny kitchen, one bathroom and a decent living room. It wasn't hard to catch every single noise made as my father slammed the door closed and stumbled in. "EDEN! EDEN! Where thehellareyou?!" He called, his words slurred into a one sentence mashup.

Honestly, I did not want to go out there. One never knew with Dad. His intentions with me were always changing. From apologetic, to violent, to too nice. (If you know what I mean.) I rushed up and put my back to my bedroom door, knowing he would try to break in. I thought better of it and pushed my heavy wooden dresser behind it, topping it with as many heavy objects as I could find. The pounding on my door began, making me jump with surprise and fright.

" EDEN ROSEMUND! Openthisfuckindoorrightnow!" he called pushing himself to it at full force, shaking my dresser and the objects on top of it. I stood silent, my heart thudding in my ears. What if he broke in? What did he want? Was he going to hurt me? " Eden! It's important! They're cominforyou!"

Who was? Social Services? I was almost eighteen years old! He was trying to lure me out...No way was I going to fall for that dumb excuse. " They'll be here anyminute!" He called, trying to talk in a clear voice, even though I could hear the anger and impatience behind his words. After slipping my jeans over my pajama pants, I slipped a zip-up hoodie over my t-shirt. I was at the peak of my tolerance. I was about ready to just go..anywhere. It didn't matter, my dad was never going to be the man he once was ever again. I had no other relatives, no friends, no love, nothing was holding me back. With a heavy heart, I slipped an old photo of my golden haired mother into my back pocket. I was nothing like her. She was beautiful, blonde with a witty, outgoing, humorous personality . I was raven haired with a quiet, shy and observant unintrusive attitude. Well, I guess we did share something, and that was our eyes, we both had a dark brown, chocolate color. I just didn't have the light and spunkiness behind mine. My father was disappointed and so was I.

The continued pounding on my door suddenly stopped as the front door opened. " Nooo..Please God no.." My father moaned as he stumbled along the wall towards the living room. " It's the price you have to pay, Eric." came a deep voice. " Where is she?"

" I'll never tell you." My father responded stubbornly. I heard two laughs erupt. " That's fine. We have our own means." Came another less deep voice. " Get the hell out of myhome!" My father ordered, trying to hide his drunkeness. " We can't. It's been twenty years since you sold your soul to stay with Anna Grant against the higher wishes of your God. It's time we collect our dues."

"Take my soul and be done with it, but leave my daughter alone." My father asked, desperation in his voice. I stood behind the wall that separated my room from the living room and listened to every word in shocked disbelief. " That's not possible, Eric, you see. The pact was that if you stayed a human, you would live twenty years of normal life, then you would go to hell willingly. Your wife did not want you to rest in the land of eternal damnation, and so she tried to undo the pact. Well...that effort wasn't too bad, actually. She traded spots with you, except she had to go a little sooner than you. And as for your daughter, well, it was demon power that made you human, and so it was demon power that gave her life, therefore she will have to become one of us."

" Anna?" Dad cried out in anguish. " NO! Anna? How could you?" He called throatily through tears. The next sound I heard was a bottle smash against the wall and my father's wails of disbelief and agony were no longer audible. " Check every room." The deeper voice commanded. I heard every door open and close as the sound got closer to my room. Finally, someone twisted my door knob. Panicking, I looked around my room for a way out. The only window I had was up high, above my bed, it was narrow and wide. I jumped on my bed and climbed on the metal headboard as the door was pushed open. I glanced back, as I grabbed a lamp and saw a tall, bald, muscular man with empty dark eyes.

" She's here!" he called as I slammed the lamp against the window glass, finally shattering it. I glanced back as he came at me and threw the lamp at him. Scrambling for my life, I jumped, cutting my fingers and hands as I tried to get out through the window. I didn't have much success, and so the man was able to pull me down, without much effort. I was tossed on my back, in front of him.

" Rogan!?' He called, keeping his eyes on me. I lay there, on the shattered glass, my hands and bleeding, my thoughts running. My eyes stared up at him in superiority and anger. Somehow, I knew that this was not the end of me and I had to stand up for that.

" Stand up!" He ordered, glancing back, waiting for the so-called Rogan. " No." I answered defiantly, which was totally out of character for a pushover, like me. The man laughed at my rebelliousness and bent down to pull me up with force. I scrambled back, sitting up, my body running on adrenaline and fear.

" Rogan, where the hell are you!?" He called in frustration as he tried to catch my leg and I automatically kicked him in the face. He stumbled back in shock. Then he growled. Swallowing, I got up, backing against the wall. My hands were bleeding like crazy and my body ached with every movement. I could not think past these frightening moments to find a decent escape. Maybe I was doomed after all.

Shaking, I watched as this guy clambered up to me. His eyes were no longer empty, but filled with rage and vengance. " Nobody hits me. Especially not a halfbreed like you." He raised a hand to strike me. I cringed in fear, waiting for the stinging pain. Instead of that, I heard a gunshot and the man cursed, falling to the floor in front of me.

" Glad I'm not too late." muttered my savior.


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