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Atlantic Apocalypse

Novel By: PageTurner

[On Hiatus. Sorry! D:]
*Won Second Place in Unknown girl's contest. YAY!*

Atlantis. Plato's hypothetical island.
A fascinating point in the history of myths and legends.

No one knows what really happened. Oh yes, there are theories. There are presumptions and suppositions. There are rumours and fantasies.

But as mentioned, there is no one who knows what really happened.

Or is there?

As I promised, here's a list with the Greek gods and goddesses that might appear in the novel:
Eros - Goddess of love, desire and pleasure. In the real Greek myths, she was male, but I made her female :)
Erebus - God of darkness and shadow.
Ananke - Godess of inevitability, compulsion and necessity
Gaea - Goddess of the earth.
Hemera - Goddess of daylight and sun.
Chronos - God of time.
Aether - God of air and light.
Chaos - God of the Nothingness.
Pontus - God of the sea and its creatures.
Thalassa - Spirit of the sea.
Zeus - Olympic God of weather, sky, thunder, law, order and fate. He rules the Olympic mountain, the home of the Olympic gods and goddesses.
Poseidon - God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, earthquakes and horses.

I hope it helped :D View table of contents...


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Atlantis. Plato's hypothetical island.

A fascinating point in the history of myths and legends.

The land was supposedly created by the god of the sea, also known as Poseidon, when he fell in love with the human female Cleito. Their children - there were ten of them, five twins - were each given a part of the island to reign.

The legend states that there was prosperity and peace, that the harvest was good and the people were honest and friendly. But inevitably, the sins of corruption, greediness, show of force and abuse of power started to drip through the streets of Atlantis.

When Zeus and Poseidon witnessed how the people misused their gifts and trust, they and the other gods decided to seek an adequate punishment.

And so they did: one day and one night later, the stained island ceased to be - along with its population. How that happened, is a point of discussion.

Some say it was a major tsunami, but others are convinced the eruption of a volcano destroyed Atlantis. Perhaps the island was just removed from the earth, as if by a stroke of Zeus' eraser?

It is plausible that we will never know the real events of that dreadful black day in the mythical history - or will we?

Maybe someday, somewhere, an unknown survivor - a human with the grace of the gods - told stories about the most horrible of his experiences, one of the most awful catastrophes of time?

Maybe. But most presumably not.

A/N: Hey lovely readers! Thank you all so so so so much for reading this new story of mine! It's for a contest, and I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts! Please give me some feedback? You know it'd make me INSANELY happy! Thank you again :D You're all so incredibly gorgeous & totally amazing! xx Paige


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