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West Kingdom Chronicles

Novel By: PageTurner

The two countries of one continent are in war. The one fights for survival, the other for a chance to survive.

When the East Empire only sees one way to exist, it is at the expense of its neighbour, the West Kingdom. That decisive battle has been carrying on for several generations.

In the time of war, but also the time of changes and wonders, the apparent unimportant girl Zephira is born.

While struggling through life, she is oblivious to her importance. As is the rest of the world.

Will she, after all the misery and pain that have accrued to her, discover her destiny and her true place in the world? And will she be able to let love into her heart again? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 9, 2011    Reads: 484    Comments: 52    Likes: 20   

A/N: So, as promised, here is the first chapter - or actually rather a prologue - of my new novel. The protagonist is based on my entry of kkolivia's Character Profile Challenge. It's in my Writing Portfolio under the name 'Zephira', in case you wanted to check it out :D Thank you all so much for reading and you deserve my eternal gratitude if you comment :) Enjoy reading! xx Paige
P.S. Thanks to UnderXYourXSpell, for the necessary corrections :D
Once upon a time, in an era that was similar to our Middle Ages, there was a world. That world was mostly sea and oceans, and the land that existed was, for the greater part made up of islands and archipelagoes. However, there was one larger main land. On the main land there were two grand countries.
One of them was called the West Kingdom. As its name tells us, it was located on the west side of the continent, surrounded by water and mountains. The weather was kind, and even though the harsh winters claimed many deaths, the other seasons brought rain and sun, cold and heat, perfectly balanced. The West Kingdom was a prosperous country, with a well-faring economy. The largest part of the population were farmers or merchants, no one completely independent.
The ground was fertile and the connections were stable. Everything was peaceful.
But, of course, in history it is often proven that peace doesn't last long.
The neighbor of the West Kingdom was less lucky. The East Empire, as it was called, didn't have the same advantageous climate as his complementary twin brother had. It was capricious and precarious.
The winters were even deadlier than those in the west, and three quarters of the newborns froze to death.
In the summer, the snow peaks of the Sky Mountains - that stretched over the northern frontiers of the two countries - melted because of the burning heat that washed over the areas. Because of that, countless villages and towns becamethe prey of floods. The other part,which wasn't overflowed, cracked under the weight of thirst. The population became so thinned out one could walk for hundreds of miles and not pass another human being.
Because of the changeable weather, the ground became infertile. Food was precious and expensive, and if the people didn't die of hunger and thirst, robbers would kill them. They became so desperate that human lives degraded on the ladder of precedence.
The East Empire was hopeless.
The borders that separated the lands became an almost visible line that crossed fields, forests, deserts and plains.
It didn't take long for the East Emperor to realize that there was only one way to end the condition of his Empire. Because his ground was not good enough anymore, he should relocate it, and the only other 'available' land was his neighbor's. The West Kingdom.
And thus started a war between the two countries of the main land. Generations later, when the East Emperor and the West King were replaced by their sons and they by theirs, the war was still raging.
Only this time was a time of changes and wonders. This was a time for miracles to come true.


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