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Blood Brothers

Novel By: PassionWretch

They are dangerous, unjust, and malevolent. Their bond is stronger than even a mother and child. Since childhood, they have been safe but in the modern world, they hunt demon, vampires, all sorts of creatures. They'll be nothing without one another. They drown themselves in burgers, beer, and blood.
They know the world is trapped in a cage that no one sees, not even God. They don't know what it is or what made it. It's all around them and it's at full strength. It strains them, spreading greif, deppression, and betrayal. They walk the surface facing creatures knowing they might loose their lives, and even so they let confidence, brotherly love, and intelligence over ride.
Kaname Dren and Kendell Knight were born about a few hundred years apart with different mothers. They've been with one another for as long as time itself. They were happy and at peace until one night their mothers burned. They are now teenagers. What will God have in store for them now?
Warning: This novel contains: Sexual themes, sexual references, blood and gore View table of contents...


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They ran through the fields and forest together, like they did everyday. The night was beautiful, Kendell nor Kaname feared the dark. Kaname was a creature of dark and Kendell...well, he wasn't sure what he was but he knew he wasn't human. Kendell wore a pair of black shorts, a botton-up shirt, and moccasins. Kaname twirled around in a silk white kimono. Kendell's hair was short and shaggy but snow white. Kaname's traveled down his neck, jet black.

"Boys, calm before you hurt yourselves". A woman in a white dress said, Kendell's beautiful mother, Lilith.

"She's right". A woman in black kimono commented, Kaname's malevolent but beautiful mother, Maerinan.

Kendell laughed falling to the ground, pulling Kaname down with him. Kaname laughed along with him, their small bodies wiggling. Kendell's father left and Kaname's was killed so all the boys had were the only women in their lives, their mothers.

"Mommy, you're silly!" Said Kendell in a playful tone.

Kaname stood and began jumping around. "We're all silly!" He shouted.

Kendell's mother winced back, as if she were scared. Kaname's turned to her, her eyes enlarging. They ran to the two boys, both mothers lifting their child. They sprinted the manor the boys played in front of.

Kaname held on to his mother tightly. "M-Mommy?"

Maerinan shook her head. "It's alright, baby".

Kendell looked at his mother, his eyes filling with fear and confusion. He held on to his mother.

The two women carried the boys through the woods and to a shack. They opened the barren, wooden door and sat them inside. "You two are to saty here and whatever you hear, you do not leave". Maerinan said sternly.

"We....might not return.." Lilith cooed but interupted.

"But.." Kendell blurted.

"but nothing, if we don't, we want you to take care of each other, until death do you part". The two mothers kissed their child and the other. "We love you". The mothers closed the door and were off. Kendell curled, his knees to his chest. Kaname's eyes lowered. He ran over to Kendell and hugged him. "It's going to be alright, Kenny". Kendell shook his softly hoping Kaname was right.

A roaring sound echoed throughout the area, screams of horror vibrated through the air. Kendell covered his ears begining to...cry. Kaname covered his face shaking his head. The sounds dimed when the door crept open. Kaname and Kendell's eyes widened,the boys winced back and their screams blasted through the air. Kaname and Kendell were thrown to the ground with no concent. They both looked straight up. They were surounded by large men, demon. But in time their eyes caught their..mother, tied to both sides of a stake.

"Mommy!", shouted Kendell.

Kaname begin to shead tears. "M...M...M-Mommy!"

Lilith shook her head even blood dropped from it. "Don't worry boys, we love you with all our hearts".

"Torch 'em" A man said laughing, as did the others. Kendell and Kaname cried for their mothers and a bright, crimson fire lite beneath them.


Kendell walked down the lite passage, his bag lingering from his shoulder. He wore black skinny jeans, a black shirt hovering over his waist, revealing a tattoo of serpents hugging it. Silver chains jingled from the black boots that concealed his feet. His hair traveled to his shoulders, snow white. Students shouted and roamed. Kendell stayed quiet and slipped over to his locker. He punched in his combination and swung it open. He grabbed his books and shut it. Kendell jumped with a deep gasp. There stood his best friend, more like his brother.

"Hey, hey, hey". Kaname said.

"What the hell!?", Lectured Kendell.

Kaname dangled with a smile. He wore baggy black jeans and a black tank top. His smile was big and bright, his sharpened teeth in sight. Kendell rolled his eyes and strolled pass him. Kaname lauged and jogged up beside him.

"Bitch", Kaname cooed.

"Dick", Responded Kendell.

Kaname laughed tapping Kendell's arm. "See ya' later....oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!". He said pacing off.

Kendell flicked him off with a smile of ammusment even though he hated his birthday. Kendell remotely walked into his classroom. The other students snickered, liked they did any other day but Kendell always ignored it. Kendell was never really normal but even if it was true, Kendell enjoyed being different. He sat through have the endless lecture, his head resting in his palm. He stared out the window into the eyes of the world wishing he could escape it all, the hunting, school, and the endless bullying. The rest of the rant flew by quite quickly, like a jet soaring through the sky. The bell blundered. All the students including Kendell strolled out of the room.

Kendell stepped in the doorway when a female stepped in front of him. It was Cathy, one of Kendell's few friends. She stood there ranting on about a crappy job she had gotten yesterday. Kendell just stood there watching her flap her lips, sometimes he really didn't care. He let his eyes wander, they hit the school doors. There, stood a man within the glass, it stared into Kendell's eyes. He perked with a small gasp. The man disappeared, leaving the lights to flicker.

"Kenny!?" Kaname shouted.

Kendell turned gasping in releif. He really hated when Kaname did that.

Kaname ran up to Kendell, his hands crammed in the pockets of his pants. He laughed a nervous spectrum. "I....may have gotten suspended".

"What the hell Kaname!?". Kendell answered.

Kaname shrugged. "He was talking shit about my mom so I socked him right in the jaw".

Kendell rolled his eyes in a sassing manor before looking at the glass doors. The lights began to flicker. The two teenagers looked around and then at each other. The lights receted and students resumed their confersations. Kaname looked straight forward and then at Kendell.

Kendell ferred his eyebrow. "Before you screamed, I saw something".

"What did you see?" Kaname asked.

Kendell took a deep breath and shrugged. "A man...I don't know".

Kaname tilted his head, he was confused, even more confused than he was on the math test he finish the period before. "Well...where did "this man" go?"

Kendell rolled his eyes hearing the sarcasim in the other's voice. "He was in the glass on the doors and then he just....disappeared".

Kaname shrugged a gestured his hand. "Well let's find this thing".

Kendell nodded. He paced over to his locker, punched in his combination, opened it up and grabbed his school bag. He chucked it over his shoulder and winked. Kaname ran into his homeroom, quickly got his things and paced out. The two sprinted their way through the thundering crowd of students. They ran busting through the front doors of RushGun High. Kendell looked around, this time seeing the man reflecting on a wall then disappearing.

"I saw him!" Kendell blurted.

Kaname perked turing in all ways. "Where!?"

Kendell panted and shook his head. Kendell sprinted over and up to a red car, a red 1990's Cadillac. Kaname ran over, sliding over the hood he crawled in the driver's seat. Kendell pulled himself inside and closed the door.

"Which way?" Kaname asked starting the engine.

"East". Answered Kendell.

Kaname sped off down the dampened road. Kendell sat back in silence. Kaname kept his attention on the road, his hand gliding over the wheel. Kendell peered out the window observing eveything they passed. An hour had passed.

"Kendell, we've been driving forever". Kaname whinned.

"Shut up, I'm looking". Kendell growled. Kendell observed. He sqinted his eyes, there the man was.

"Stop!!" Kendell shouted.

Kaname jumped in surprise slamming the break. They stopped with a high screech. Their car laid dorment in front of a large house, a manor. This house wasn't just any manor owned by rich snobs, it was the Knight Manor, the place the two boys grew up in. Kaname's eyes enlarged, as did Kendell's. Kendell undid his seat belt and jumped out.

"Hey!?" Kaname said removing his seat belt and ejecting himself from the car.

The man appeared on the door and in a split second, vanished. Kendell ran up the the building and busted through the front door. He panted looking around. Kaname caught up to him.

"What the hell!?" Kaname said panting.

Kendell search in distress when he spotted something just laying on the floor. He squinted picking up a book, a bible or journal. Wrapped around it was an amulet. Kendell turned with the objects. Kaname straightened himself. He lifted an eyebrow when he eyed the items.

"What are those". Asked Kaname.

Kendell shrugged. "Don't know".

The boys peered around before trailing their way out the manor. They stood upon a polished, damp ground, letting their eyes wander over the objects.

"What?", Asked Kendell.

"Good, I'm not the only one confused". Kaname commented.

Kendell gripped the amulet. It was crimsion red and in the shape off an egg, with a silver outlining, and connected to a silver chain. He observed the item carefully.

Kaname stared at him. "We'd better go".

Kendell nodded and started for the car. Once they made it to the car they got inside and buckled up. Kaname started the engine and they were off. Kaname drove the vehincle with ease. Kendell kept his attention on the amulet. It glew a beautiful crimson just like the color of his mother's eyes. Kaname gave a devilish grin. He drove into a parking lot, the parking lot of their favorite fast food resturant. Kendell looked up and rolled his eyes.

"Kaname~". Kendell whinned.

Kaname parked the car and crawled out. He paced into the building. Kendell shook his head. He shoved the amulet in his pocket. He took a nice breath and opened the journal. He spued up a confused look, it was a picture, a picture of their deseased mothers in white dresses. Kaname ran out the building with milkshakes and burgers, the boys favorite meal. Kendell closed the book a exited the car. Kaname hopped up onto the hood, as did Kendell. Kendell took his burger, unwrapped and bit out a chunk.

"HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!", shouted Kaname.

Kendell shook his head with a smirk on his face.

Kaname had tooken a sip of his milkshake. "Find out anything yet?"

"That it was probally some low class demon afraid of it's own damn shadow that I was seeing". Kendell answered.

Kaname laughed.

"And I found a pictured of our moms". Kendell said.

Kaname nodded. "So it more likely belonged to them, but why would they leave it in a place like that?"

"Maybe they wanted us to find it, maybe they led us there". Kendell hypothesised.

"How? Their dead".

Kendell nodded taking another bite out of the food. Kendell gagged, there was something inside the food. He pulled away and stuck his finger inside his mouth, a note. Kendell pulled out the object.

"Gross". Kaname said.

Kendell swallowed his food and whiped off the note. He rotated it, his eyes widened. Kendell hit Kaname.

"Listen to this". Kendell said begining to recite the note.

"Dear our darling boys,

If you're reading this, we have passed over ten years ago. Kendell, you will find an amulet, wear it, you poses power that can destroy everything, this is a seal that will surpress you. Kaname, you will find a bible, keep it, protect it, it posesses spells and charms you will be able to use. We love you.

With Love,

Lilith and Maerinan"

Kendell dropped the note and peered at Kaname. Kaname's eyes were a blur.

"Please tell me our moms are dead". Kaname blurted.

Kendell shrugged shaking his head. "Heaven knows". He answered.

"Well, what the hell are we going to do now!?" Kaname asked.

Kendell looked around. "I guess we follow their orders". Kendell said grabbing the amulet from his pocket. He shook his head and slipped it on. Kendell then stood and reached through the passenger window grabbing the journal. He threw it to Kaname and proped himself back up on the hood of the car.

Kaname snatched the book and looked through it. "Great, more god damn stuff to worry about".

Kendell tweatled the amulet through his fingers, thinking. He grabbed the picture from the book, Kaname didn't even care. Kendell looked deeply into the photo. What the hell was going on? Kaname quickly finished his food and drink as did Kendell. They lifted themselves from the hood and slipped into the red car.

Kaname started the car and looked at Kendell. "We need to stop by the school".

Kendell lifted an eyebrow. "Why?"

"I left some stuff", said Kaname.

Kendell rolled his eyes. "UHHH...!"

Kaname played with the gear shift and drove off. "Stop whinning, Oprah".

The car despriely sped down the rode past signs and houses. Passing other cars and stores, the car swerved. Kendell yawned patting his stomach. Kaname peered at him, a smile dancing on his lips. They drove and stopped a block away from the school, they drove any further they'd be going through a construction site. They jumped out of the car and sprinted up to the school area.

Their jaws dropped and their eyes enlarged. They building was burning, to the ground and to ash. Firefighters drenched the build with water.

Kendel looked around laying eyes on Cathy. He sprinted up to her, she held a blanket over her shoulders. "Cathy, what happened?"

Cathy was tearing as she turned to Kendell. "Have you ever heard of a school spontaneously combusting?"

Kaname paced ending up beside Kendell. Kendell and Kaname stared at one another full of complete confusion.


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