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Firefly's Light

Novel By: Paylynn

Prologue for my new novel Firefly's Light Enjoy!

A dangerous forest that is covered in fireflies trying to cleanse and save the beautiful forest that had fallen so deep into the pain and suffering many have caused but as they try to save what they can more and more people are in danger as they build their homes filled with children and families closer and closer to this sorrow filled land. View table of contents...



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The small lights of yellow flickered around the forest are weaving around trees, there had to be over a hundred of the small insects that glowed their lights turning off and on almost like in a rhythm to music that the human ears couldn't pick up on. The small lights suddenly stopped all at one like someone turned off the lights, the three teenagers slowly walked out from behind the bushes further into the area they are all around them now and they couldn't even see their hand in front of their face "What happened" A soft feminine voice whispered into the night the two other figures stumbling in the dark slowly trying to find their way around, they didn't even know why they were walking around in the dark maybe to see if they can scare the fireflies back to life for light but as they walked one of them slowly noticed something "Wasn't this place swarming with fireflies?" A stupid question for the other two that if they could see be looking at him like he was an idiot "No I'm serious if they were wouldn't we be walking through bugs.... they'd be hitting our faces but I feel nothing meaning they aren't here anymore" He trailed off as he slowly stopped now confused "Yea right Mark they vanished" The sarcasm in the male voice was insulting "They can fly so they flew away not that hard" He growled clearly the 3 hour drive just to see this was testing his patience. The girl on the other hand was ignoring the two male teens behind her and was venturing farther into the area her hands out in front of her like she was trying to feel around for where she was going, she too had noticed how all the fireflies seemed to vanish but unlike the guys she kept her mouth shut and was following her feeling, a feeling that she felt leading her forward almost calling to her softly even though there was no voice to hear.

The sudden screams behind her made her stop and turned quickly guessing where from her hearing where they were coming from "Guys" She called but no answer, she even though couldn't see ran forward tripping over something, her hands feeling around the ground before she found what she tripped over but as she felt over she found a hand which she froze by then the solid body was pulled from her touch "Guys!" She screamed, her body screaming for her to get up and run but she couldn't move feeling a hand on her shoulder making the tears suddenly start streaming down her eyes before she was pulled back.
The screams rang out as loud as the tallest tree but no one heard them all hope was lost at that point and for anyone else who ever dared to enter that terrifying forest where the fireflies floated trying to cleanse the blood soiled ground below them but the pain and hate there was stronger than any power and was a lost cause, not even the animals stayed around there, the birds flew off years ago and all was left was the fireflies that made the place known as firefly forest.


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