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Diary of His Midnight Snack

Novel By: PeaceLoveLingleton

A girl is kidnapped and locked in a cell in the room of a newly created vampire. He is dangerous and has no restraints. What will she do to survive? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 15, 2010    Reads: 249    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Dear Diary,
Today is the first day that I am writing anything about me down on paper. It's kind of scary. If he was to find out that I had a book with all of my deepest feelings and fears in it, he would no doubt use it against me. Scary thought.

Maybe I should tell you about myself. If nothing else I may need to read over this again someday to see who I was. My name is Ily Forever and I was kidnapped from my bedroom two weeks ago. I have spent the entire two weeks in the same room. But, I'm not alone, don't think that.

I am stuck in some sort of small cage in the corner of the most beautiful bedroom I have ever seen. His bedroom. Though, when I was first brought here, I was blindfolded for a few days. I wasn't given food or water for a few days and I felt completely isolated from everything and everyone. All I had was feeling and hearing, and they were not forgiving.

From what I heard, the man who's room I am stuck in is a vampire. A statement that I didn't even remotely believe until the blindfold was removed and I saw it for myself. His name is Caine. He, according to the others I have heard talking, is a new vampire and is extremely dangerous. More than once I have been thankful for the steel bars of the cage I am stuck in.

Although, I guess I am exaggerating a little bit. About the size of the cage I am stuck in, not about the dangerous vampire I am stuck rooming with. It is really more of a cell you would see in a jail house, only smaller. There is a small bed and a small bathroom is attached to the room, thank heavens. There is a door to the bathroom as well, but it has no lock. The cell has just enough room for me to pace up and down beside the bed.

But, enough about me. I really need to share my situation more elaborately. I am scared that I may not be here for a long time. I can only imagine that I am here as a snack, not a guest. The only thing I can guess would be worse than me being a meal would be if I was to become numerous snacks.

I've seen the long fangs that project downward when he eats. All I've seen him eat so far have been small animals, but I know that I am sure to be next. The animals act as if it is the most painful thing they have ever experienced so I am trying to prolong the time that I have to wait before I experience that.

He sees me watching sometimes and he knows that I am scared. He has told me numerous times that he can smell my fear and that the adrenaline would only make my blood taste better to him. I am so scared. I don't understand why I am just sitting here for so long. But the longer I am here the more frightful I become.


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