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By Grand Design

Novel By: peacemaker06

this is the first chapter in my story which is a mixture of fantasy, thriller,horror, intrigue, comedy and action with spiritual overtones. written by me and edited very kindly and professionally by my beautiful wife View table of contents...


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Chapter 3

Jasmin Penny..."a penny for your thoughts"

"Why, do you have a better idea than dodging these rocks out in the open?!! I shout back with urgency.

"I had a vision Steve. You and me standing here on this spot after the dust settles." She says almost in tears.

"I'm telling you the truth!"

"What the same truth you tell the teenage girls that come crying from your Carnie tent?" I say sarcastically.

"Sometimes the truth hurts, please Steve I'm begging you. I couldn't bear seeing you dead knowing i could have saved you."

The hot rocks are getting closer every second i waste here. In fact, i probably won't even make it outside now I've been interrupted. I give in to Jasmine's request out of shear urgency and for no other reason. "If your truth hurts me i want my money back.o.k." I shout trying to look grumpy. She replies with a smile that makes me feel warm inside. She then pushes me gently on the chest and into the doorway.

We end up front to front.

"Take a deep breath and try and relax Steve!" jasmine shouts.

She starts to say something else but the noise is unbearable and i can't lip read. So i just take a deep breath, close my eyes and place my hands firmly over my ears, heightening my sense of taste and smell. Jasmine's perfume drifts into my nose and then my mind. It's the same that Sarah uses. My thoughts take me by the hand and lead me to somewhere safe. Back to the night i proposed to Sarah.

The smell of Italian food in the air. My hands cupped around her waist as i look deep into her eyes. Swaying to the music provided by the violinist i hired especially for the occasion.i remember how beautiful she looked on that night and every other night. I thought how i was at peace in her arms. I could have died right there and then. A single tear wells up in the corner of my eye. Makes its way down my face, findings its home between my lips.Thats salty, i think. At that precise moment the meteors rip through the roof and walls of the building like a bullet cutting its way through skin and muscle.

Fast, precise and with no mercy.

They touch down simultaneously. The impact shakes the earth beneath our feet. I'm already holding onto Jasmine's waist. She grabs my shoulders to steady herself. The blast waves from the imbedded rocks converge where we stand at the exact same time, keeping us upright. A single blast from one direction would have sent us both flying into all sorts of trouble. I can't help but think that Jasmine was right. I really had no hope accept for her divine intervention.

The dust and debris swirl all around us as the rocks smoulder and burn. I quickly cover my mouth before the hot dusty air chokes my lungs. Jasmine does the same as we both make our way to the entrance, coughing as we go. We navigate our way round the stationary rocks that are the size of Swiss balls before finally making our way out into the fresh air. Well fresher than inside anyway. We hunch over and spit out disintegrated pieces of wall from our mouths. My ears are ringing. I mustn't have had them over my ears the whole time, i think to myself.

"You had them round my waist part of the time" jasmine interrupts taking a drink of water to clear out her mouth.

I must of been holding Jasmine when i was day dreaming about Sarah, oh how embarrassing.

"loving someone isn't embarrassing Steve" Jasmine says wiping the excess water running down her chin then lifting her head to make eye contact with me

. A cheeky smile on her face.

"O.k. Miss Penny, that's enough reading my mind, my private thoughts are exactly that, private" i say firmly.

" Oh, and sorry about touching you i say sheepishly.

"That's alright were even then, you stop touching me and i'll stop reading your thoughts" she says still smirking.

"Sounds good to me" i say smiling to myself.

I head to the fountain after Jasmine is finished and wash out my dusty and dry mouth. I can feel the cool water making its way down my parched throat.

All sorts of questions invade my mind. The main one being. Who did this and why? Maybe Jasmine has the answers i am looking for. I feel a lot better now i've cleaned up and my hearing has come back. I walk over to Jasmine who is surveying the destruction.

"Any idea who did this, better still why they would do this?" i ask looking at the once proud school buildings and grounds.

"I don't know his name or his reasons for doing all this but i do feel him present in the very air. I feel his rage. It's twisted to the point of insanity" jasmine says looking a little sick. Her face contorting as if she is trying to hold back what he is feeling.

"You say him? so it's a single man where dealing with here then?" i ask probingly.

"No, not man Steve, child."

"How do you work that out " i say puzzled."

" I'm picking up all the emotions of an abused child. Resentment, anger, sadness, loneliness, aloneness, revenge. All wrapped up in one densely packed ball of tangled knots. A dense ball ready to explode. That is what we have seen here today. Pure rage."

" o.k. thats just down right absurd, how can a child be possibly causing all this, i mean jets that fire plastic missiles and meteors raining from the sky. Don't they have a space programme thats supposed too warn us of impending dangers from outer space and a defence system that warns us when we are being invaded by enemy planes?" i say getting louder the more this confuses me.

"Steve" Jasmine interrupts.

" the jets didn't come from land or sea and the meteors didn't fall from outer space. The jets had no pilots and the meteors hit the earth at the same time. Meteors don't do that. Now i can't explain how this child is doing this but he is. So don't try and rationalise this because it can't be rationalised" Jasmine explains calmly like this sort of thing is an very day occurrence.

My mind is going round in circles like on a merry go round. Round and round without stopping. This whole thing is giving me one big headache.

" o.k. you win" unable to get my head around what i have just been told.

"you have amazed me once today already miss penny. i've decided to go along with what you are saying and save myself anymore confusion" i say giving in to the unexplainable.

"wise decision, Mr Harper" jasmine says giving me some space to think.

Although i've allowed jasmine's ideas first place at present i'm still sceptical. I still intend on explaining this with a plausible explanation. For instance, the planes may of been under remote control. The rocks may of been bathed in oil and dropped from several bombers at the same time. Whoever or whatever it is, means business. My attentions turn to Sarah now. I was able to survive the latest attack so it's time to play hero now. I try phoning Sarah one more time. If i didn't try i might regret it later. Now there is a "no" signal response. There is no way to contact her now. Wait a minute.

"Jasmine!" i shout excitedly.

"Steve" she replies heading towards me after surveying the area once again.

"You can contact my wife through teleporting right? " i say hope eternal.

"It's called telepathy, and yes i can certainly try. I'll need a photo and a full name" jasmine replies holding out a hand.

I pull a photo of Sarah from my wallet and hand it over.

"Her full name is Sarah Louise Harper." Isay proudly.

Jasmine carefully takes the photo and looks at it with a smile on her face.

"a beautiful name for a beautiful lady" Jasmine says closing her eyes.

" thanks" i say eager to get on with the telepathy

I start to get nervous, what is Jasmine going to find? Sarah alive and kicking, Sarah alive and not kicking or Sarah deceased. I pray not the later. I squeeze my hands together tightly, rubbing them together back and forth. My attention zeroed in on Jasmines facial expressions waiting for a smile and dreading her face dropping. It seems like an age has past. Then without warning Jasmines eye lids flash open at an unearthly speed. It startles me out of my fixated trance. Her pupils widen, it looks like there's nobody home, eyes staring blankly. Her eyes change from brown to complete black.

Another face materializes superimposing itself over Jasmines. A ghostly image. Muddy grey skin, top lip curled up showing gritting teeth, bridge of the nose wrinkled, penetrating black eyes that could stop the bravest man in his tracks. A face of pure rage. Can't move due to sheer terror invoked by this dark thing presenting itself before me. The insanely angry voice of a young boy comes bellowing out at me. "Leave her alone you witch, she's all mine now!!" The image and message chill me to the bone.


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