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By Grand Design

By: peacemaker06

Chapter 5,


Chapter 5


the penny drops



“That’s it!” I say with an astonished look on my face

“What about the part in your dream where we become hero’s after saving Sarah and restoring the earth to its former peaceful state?”


“The earth has never been peaceful. Nothing is at peace in the physical plane.” Jasmine corrects me.


“Sorry wrong choice of words.”

“o.k., try its former candy coated over a rotten apple state.”


“That’s spot on, I’m impressed.” Jasmine says, nodding approvingly and raising her eyebrows.

“Well, if it’s any consolation I believe with Divinity on our side our chances of coming out of this alive With our loved ones has just gone up to fifty percent. That’s from zero to fifty in the space of a Dream. Things are looking up I’d say.”


“Yeah, well that’s better odds than winning Lotto and I won a hundred dollars just last week. Things are looking up for sure”

I say with a hint of sarcasm.


“O.k. then, since we are on the topic of odds or in this case, an oddity. Let me explain my theory on Sarah’s present state of mind. I hope what I am going to tell you will answer all the questions you are conjuring up.” Jasmine says taking a pause and a deep breath.


I’m looking forward to this. Still skeptical of Jasmine’s weird and wonderful theories.


“Have you noticed a change in behavior lately in Sarah and other people in town?” Jasmine asks.


I place my hand over my mouth as I do when I am thinking. I guess Sarah has been a bit short tempered lately but I had put that down to woman’s hormones and the stresses of holding on to her real estate job in these hard economic times. But still, it’s unusual for Sarah.


“Now that you mention it, yes. Sarah has been quicker to fly off the handle lately. She seems agitated and more distracted than usual. I had put it down to work related stress.”

I say still in thinking mode.


I didn’t mention my thoughts about Sarah’s womanly hormones playing a part in her short temperedness. Jasmine may have jumped at the chance to put me in my place again. ..

“I guess you could even say that she’s away with the fairies sometimes” I conclude,


Remembering how often I have had to snap her out of a trance like state lately. I had also put that down to stress.

“Not Fairies, Vengeance. I believe he has been imposing his will upon young souls” Jasmine says pausing in deep thought.


I believe she is trying to break down her theory into layman’s terms for my understanding. She needs to because what I just heard is a far cry from what I was thinking. Where does Jasmine get these strange ideas from?


“Oh really, that sounds interesting” I say trying not to look to out of touch with the latest ethereal thinking.


“Yeah, I know. It sounds way out there. Just keep an open mind” Jasmine says either picking up on the hesitation in my voice or reading my mind.


“Ummmm, o.k. here we go. Souls have a beginning or a birth just like humans. We are all created from the divine spark and have a series of lives on earth. The outcome of each incarnation, oops sorry, individual life determines the lessons for your next life. All the while working our way back home to the source of the divine spark. Since Lucifer, oops sorry again, the devil.”


“I know who Lucifer is” I interrupt smiling.


“Good to know….Since Lucifer turned his back on god all souls must choose of their own free will their path back home. Some souls take longer than others and some don’t make it at all.” Jasmine says sighing deeply.


 I confirm that I understand by nodding as I search for questions to ask.


“So where do the souls go that don’t make it?” not really sure if I want to know the answer.


“They choose selfishness over selflessness and wind up in chaos where they feel at home.”


"You mean hell?" I question

"Hell to us, home to them" Jasmine says with a worried look on her face.


"Nice... so why is vengeance only attacking young souls?"


“Like I said, the journey home for each soul is like the journey of a human from birth to death. Accept for a soul there is no death. Once we are home we start on a new adventure beyond the physical plane, sorry, earth. Young souls like young children have just begun their journey of discovery. Like young humans they are generally trusting and open whereas older people are, as a rule wiser. They challenge anything that appears to be too good to be true. Children on the other hand are very accepting and

Easily fooled by appearances." Jasmine stops to take a breath as my head is spinning from information Over load.


I was brought up as an atheist and none of these spiritual ideas were ever thrown at me. “Live your life To the fullest”. “live each day as if it was your last” and “live it up” while you can, were the only motto's I Was taught. Basically when you die that’s it. End of story. Trying to cram in all these new ideas is

Making me tied and I want to switch off. I have to stay alert though because this information could Help me understand the big picture of what’s going on here and even though I may be an atheist I am Still open minded. Especially after current events. Just need some time to process all this. Staying focused I widen my eyes and take a deep breath of oxygen to keep the blood flowing.


"You o.k.?" Jasmine asks looking a little worried.


“Just tied…. carry on."


"o.k....vengeance has probably entered the dreams of young souls, sensing that they are naive and taking advantage of the situation by imposing his will upon them. He would probably appear to them as a friend or a loved one that has passed on. Maybe even an angel. When they embrace him with open arms he takes a grip of their souls, like he tried with me. The young soul going from master of his own destiny to slave of vengeance’s diabolical destiny planed for the human race.”


“So why doesn’t he try his luck on older souls as well. Just incase they succumb. That way he would double his number of followers?” I query.


“I’m guessing that he wanted to keep this whole thing under wraps so he could catch everyone by surprise. Recruiting only the faithful and taking control of the unsuspecting and naive. If the right people or in his case the wrong people were alerted to his assault on earth there may have been more resistance.”


“What do you mean by the faithful? Do you think he already had a cult following?” I ask


“Not all people will be fooled into following him. Some people have hearts as black as his and would accept him as their master willingly. Sharing in his delight for creating chaos and inflicting pain and anguish upon the innocent. Their commands would be accepted on a conscious level and carried out without question.” Jasmine finishes waiting for my reply.


All I can think about is Sarah. I know that she wouldn’t hurt a soul. So that means she is a slave to Vengeance. I’m worried that if she is forced to do horrific things for him that her heart may turn black like his after time. Losing her true self.


“What about Sarah? How would carrying out heinous tasks affect her?” I ask taking a nervous swallow.

“As he has complete control over her the only hope Sarah has of saving her soul would be to hide”

“What good would hiding do now that he’s already caught her!” I snap before letting Jasmine continue.


“ Hide her soul Steve….her soul”


“How is she going to do that.” I ask after calming down and feeling a bit stupid.


“Knowing that she isn’t in control of her own actions and by witnessing the torture vengeance is forcing her to do, Sarah may well resort to switching off, so to speak. Finding a happy place in her mind to hide. Away from the traumatic events unfolding before her eyes and by her own hand. Unfortunately he is steering the ship. Sarah and the others are just along for the ride”…………..

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