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Take My Heart and Fly Away

Novel By: Penelope Garenther

She had eyes like a madman, but a smile that was as mischievous as a racoon's. Her hair danced like flames as she ran and leaped sumersaulting over dried leaves. I could not just admire her, I had to fall in love with her and that's what I did. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: Love is Definately NOT in the Air

"Eithne, oh my sweet, where can you be?" I could hear his voice singing out for me from outside my home and I counted my lucky stars for locking the door. It was Breckin coming back to confess his love for me and instead of answering the door I huddled in the dark corner of my little dwelling, hoping he wouldn't try crawling in through the window. I couldn't stand Breckin, really nice guy and all, but he could never be anything more than a friend. He was too clingy and it didn't help that he lived a few trees down. At least he was far enough away to give me some time to hide. "Oh Eithne, my fiery sprite come out, come out wherever you are!" I could feel my cheeks turn red with embarrassment and my hands grow warm as my temper rose.
I was stepping away from my hiding place to give him a lesson on the difference of sprites and faeries when I heard Aoife screaming: "Breckin, what are you doing here?!" I could hear him stuttering and through the window I could see his body shaking and taking small quick steps away from my angry friend. I heard a shout and he dived off the tree and the faint echoes of pebbles bouncing off the bark followed by the loud pounds thrown by Aoife on the door.
"Eithne, come out. He's gone." Opening the door to Aoife standing in a scolding position; her hands on her hips, her legs spread shoulder with apart, and with a scowl that didn't create any intimidation because of the smile that curled her lips up. "You really need to tell him you're not interested."
"I know, I know, but every time I talk to him he gives me this dumbfounded look. His eyes glaze over and drool drops from the corner of his mouth." Replicating the look, she tried to keep from laughing, but that soon failed and we were both leaning against the woodwork laughing.
Still chuckling, she grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the door and nearly off the planks of wood that held my home up. "It's nearly sunset, you need to go!" She yelled as she pushed me into midair. Laughing, I let myself freefall before shooting out my wings and gliding through the red tinged sky. Flying throughout the forest I lit the torches and the fires as I watched the young ones scurrying home, creatures finding a place to rest for the night or to come out and prowl, pixies came out in groups; their laughter killing the serenity of the forest. Before the sky changed from red to black, every torch and fire was lit as they warmed the chilly night.
The sun's last rays were already beginning to slip behind the horizon when I arrived at the Great Hall. "Eithne darling, come here and give an old faerie a great big hug to warm her shivering bones." Queen Aislinn embraced me and I let the warmth in my stomach grow throughout my body to warm her. "Thank you." She smiled wide with great white teeth, but it wasn't only her mouth that smiled but also her eyes that were clear like a puddle after a gentle rain. "Supper is ready, go and eat." Kissing my forehead she glided away to greet other faerie folk.
The torches were flickering and the fire was blazing, filling the room with warmth, but the energy that melted with it came from the faeries chatting away. Aromas of cinnamon, apple, toasting oats, and fresh flowers filtered through the room and into every nostril making smiles and stomachs growl with hunger. "My people, we have worked hard for our meal. Please sit, eat, and enjoy what you have harvested." A booming voice that could only belong to King Feargus sounded over the conversations. He was taller than the rest of us, not by a lot, but enough to notice. He is kind and caring, but his appearance speaks the opposite. A long jagged scar scratched its way down from his hairline to the curve of his lips making him look harsher than he actually was.
I found an empty bench in the middle of the massive table when I heard a timid voice that sounded like water flowing over rocks call out my name. "Hello Calder. Would you like to sit with me?" He nodded his silver hair vigorously and I chuckled. Aoife took the other seat beside me and we chatted as our dinner came out from the fire pit outside.
'Thank you''s echoed aseach faerie was given their supper. Our meal consisted of oats wrapped in long dark green leaves and our drink was the infamous apple-cider that had a habit of knocking faeries off their feet and splayed out on the ground. The din of the room became a cheerful roar as the night wore on and the effects of apple cider began to take effect.


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