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Jake Harvey: Mom and Dad's Rescue Mission

Novel By: PrinceEdward

Jake Harvey, a 12 year old Hamilton University student went through a weird journey of the so called dreams. He discovers that his dreams were visions. While he was searching for his true identity, he bugged his friend Matthew into revealing his true being which they call a stellar seer (star prophet) and became interested in searching for his mother. He then realizes, his mom is Astraea (Virgo) and his dad and including his mom were kidnapped by Asclepius (Ophiucus). He journeyed the whole America in search for his parents with Matthew (son of Ganymede(Aquarius)), Alex(Alexander) (son of Apollo and Cassandra) and Patrick(Patroclus) (a satyr). He rescued his parents and defeated the wrath of Asclepius and his daughters Pansy(Panacea) and Eugene(Hygeia). After the mission, he started attending school in Phoebus High. View table of contents...


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I'm Jake Harvey. A twelve year old sixth grade in Hamilton University in Los Angeles, California. I live with my dad though my mom isn't living with us. She has her own family according to my dad. I lived my life with my dad. He's the only person in the world that gives me strength to do whatever I want. He supports me in any stuff. That's why I love him so much.

I like football. Not the American football but soccer. I really like to kick things but I'm not like those gruesome knuckleheads in school who likes football, too. Well, in school, I'm so, so cool. Nah, just kidding. I'm totally the opposite. I'm a loser as any weirdo boy could be. They always tease me. Calling me a freak or a weirdo. I didn't mind them. I didn't mind anything of it.

I don't have many friends but I had some. Matthew was my best friend. He was this kid with brown hair, rounded glasses, silver braces and a spray of freckles on his cheeks. He was more like a nerd but I didn't mind it. He was more like the best guy I could see every time. Though, I could feel weird when I'm with him. Like we had this some sort of connection. A similarity perhaps. Well, back to the story.

One cold winter solstice, I was taking a nap and I had this very strange dream. Matthew and I were standing in front of our school facade and it was winter. Snow covered the streets except for the roads. We were discussing about something. I couldn't recall it but it seemed to be very important. While Matthew was talking about something, Pansy Kelly, the main school bully approached us and gave Matthew a great punch on the gut. "Ouch!" moaned Matthew.

"What did you do that for?" I asked.

"You want some, too? It's none of your business, weirdo." replied Pansy.

I really wanted to punch her face but I couldn't do that. After all, she's a girl and she's also bigger than me. She's an eighth grade and I'm sixth. I just stood up and checked for Matthew if he was okay.

"I'm fine." replied Matthew.

Then, we heard a big explosion coming from inside the campus. I was startled and woke up. It was morning but still dark. The clock pointed at 3:30. I yawned. I got up from my bed, I slippered my sleeping shoes and went to the dark kitchen. I couldn't see anything. I was fully blind and searched for the switch. Anyway, my bedroom is a room away in our living-room which is next to our kitchen. I found a switch and turned it on. The light shone bright, I barely couldn't open my eyes completely. It was captured by the dark. The living-room shone. I could see completely. I approached to the kitchen and fetched a glass of water. I got a drinking glass and opened the faucet. I went to the living room, sat on the couch and drank the glass of water. Somehow, I was still sleepy, I placed the drinking glass in the living-room table and got back to sleep in the comfy sofa. I dreamed again. Another freaking dream.

I was on our science laboratory. My classmates were on their jobs and I was unto my job, too. I noticed. Matthew wasn't there. I couldn't find him anywhere. Then, I saw Pansy running on the hallway outside our room in a window. Then, I grabbed a test tube holder and a test tube and proceeded on the task our professor was assigning us.

While I was transferring the liquid from the test tube to a flask, we all heard a big explosion coming from a near room. Then, dark thick smoke approached the hallway into our laboratory door. The class started to panic while our professor sat on his table, earphones plugged into his ears and was reading a newspaper or magazine.

My classmates approached the exit door while the other door was completely faded with black smoke. The smoke started to enter under the entrance door. I was about to get out of the laboratory when I noticed the professor wasn't paying attention. He was still reading on the paperwork. Then, I approached to him. I warned him about the fire. When he saw the thick smoke, he passed out immediately. I went to the exit door. It was locked. I was trapped. We were trapped. The professor was still unconscious. My heart pounded. I didn't know what to do. I approached to the entrance door and tried to open it. The door knob was hot. Very hot, it was like a red hot coal in a campfire. I stepped back. The door was trembling like something tries to get in. Then, all of a sudden, the door exploded and a huge pile of fire headed towards me. I woke up with fright. 'What the heck are these dreams?' I thought. It was already morning. Dad was on the kitchen preparing breakfast. I woke up sweating cold.

"Are you okay, son?" asked Dad who was wearing his kitchen apron and frying hotdogs.

"Nightmare." I replied.

I still couldn't forget my nightmare. It was like, so strange. I haven't dreamed like that before. Just now. I sat on the kitchen table and stared at my breakfast meal. I didn't feel like eating breakfast that time. I was still thinking on my nightmare.

"Is something bothering you Jake?" asked my dad.

I didn't answer and instead, I took a bite to my freshly fried hotdog. I drank my milk but I didn't finish it which I usually do. I went to the bathroom, took a bath and clothed myself for school. My face was pale. I was so gloomy that I couldn't greet my dad a great morning or a goodbye hug and kiss.

"I think you're sick. You can skip school today." said Dad while adjusting his necktie, getting ready for his work at the office.

"No Dad. It's fine. I'm fine." I lied. I grabbed my bag and went to Dad's car. He followed and then, we went off to Hamilton University.

I continued outside Dad's car and went into the campus street of Hamilton University. I walked slowly which was very unusual. I was weak like I haven't eaten for three days. I continued walking. I turned back but Dad wasn't there anymore. I glared back to the entrance of the campus and there I saw Matthew. He approached at me and he asked something about our chemistry activity.

"Oh!" I said. "You're late at chemistry?"

"You're late? We're late."

"Oh, right."

We talked about the last night's episode of Myth Busters. It was totally cool according to Matthew. He was like an avid fan of that program but I wasn't as much as him. I really am not into that sci-fi programs. All I like is straight football. Just that. My dad likes football. He's like a football player when he was on high school. I really wanted to be a football player, too like my dad. Unnoticeably, Pansy lunged Matthew and charged him at his gut. "Ouch!" cried Matthew.

"What did you do that fo.." I didn't finish. I had the sense, I know this moment like it happened once.

"You want some, too?" threatened Pansy.

"It's none of your business, weirdo." I added.

Pansy pursed her lips and gave me an uncomfortable brow gesture. She was like, noticing something very strange. Like she was about to -

"Weirdo!" she yelled. Then, she turned back and went to the campus entrance.

"Ookayy?" said Matthew. "You just…er…Pansy…"

"I know." I said. "And this is not…"

"BOOOM!" exploded somewhere in the campus.

I remembered. This is like my dream last night. Not that it was just a nightmare, it was all so real. How did I just did such thing? I really don't know.

"What's happening?" asked Matthew. "Tell me, this is not good.

"Erm…" Then I remembered my second dream. The chemistry class. Professor Figgins.

"I gotta go to chemistry class." I said.

"This is not the time for lame jokes." Matthew uttered.

Somehow, I really didn't mind the danger to what I was heading but it seemed to be the right thing to do. Not that Professor Figgins was one of my favorite teacher, I sensed that he was in serious trouble. I headed in the back door of the campus. Students raced towards the outside of the school campus. I really hoped there were no stampede happening.

Matthew wanted to go with me inside but I didn't let him. He was very nervous for me. I ran up the stairs and went into an empty hallway. The hallway was in a good state but as I see on the other through glass doors, the corridor was completely full of thick black smoke.

Then, I saw the exit door of the science laboratory. I ran unto it. I glanced through the glass door and saw Mr. Figgins laid his head and arms into his desk. He was unconscious already. I tried to sneak in. the door was lock. I was so worried. Professor Figgins has no time. I saw an armchair in the corridor. Who would put an armchair in a corridor, I mean, it's not even allowed. I didn't mind it. There was no time. I carried the armchair and slammed it to the door knob. The knob was completely destroyed. The door got open. I went inside and approached to Mr. Figgins. I had never imagine him to be very heavy. I carried him though he was so dense. When we were about to get out of the door, the other door exploded and fire came in.

My heart pounded hardly. I never thought of this to come into my life. I never dreamed to be a hero or a lifesaver. Something was striving me to do this. I never backed down. I still carried Professor Figgins until he gained consciousness.

The wild fire ate the laboratory room while we were already halfway unto the stairs. Black smoke was about to cover us. Professor Figgins manage to walk and at the same time, asking where his iPod is. There was no time for such things. What matter is our lives, not material stuff. We made it downstairs but it was completely full of smoke. I ducked myself and crawled towards the back door. Professor Figgins was still standing and coughing.

"Duck! Professor." I ordered.

"Uh! Uh! Right!"

The both of us made it outside the building. Fortunately, all of the students and faculty members got out safely. Professor Figgins would have been a roasted chemistry professor if it wasn't for me.

"Thank you very much, lad." said Professor Figgins while shaking my hands uncontrollably. "I owe you my life."

I passed him a welcoming grin and Matthew neared me with thankfulness wrote over his face.

"Thank God, you're alive." said Matthew.

I nodded. I remembered my dream. It was so very unusual. Very strange. Weird. I didn't know how I had it but it was very helpful for the fact that it could save lives.

"You know what?" I said like I was planning to tell Matthew what I was experiencing by then. "Nothing. Never mind"

All of the students in Hamilton University was evacuated from the campus including us, too. Fire trucks approached the campus and some police cars. We rode into our school bus and headed home.

I really didn't know Matthew's house. I never had been there but Matthew had been in our house ever since we met.

"Where do you live, by the way?" I asked unto Matthew while he was working on his old mobile phone.

"Oh!" said Matthew like he wasn't paying attention earlier. "Pardon?"

"Where's your house?" I asked.

"Erm…" said Matthew while staring at the outside of the moving bus. "There!" pointing at a fine white house with a great, clean lawn and walled with white wooden fence.

"Really?" I insured.

"I mean, that's your house." he said.

I was really confused. He was almost fooling me around. He wouldn't tell me where he lives nor what his residence looked like.

"Very well, then." I concluded.

Matthew had this some sort of uncertainness in him sometimes. He always likes to fool me on something and he moves on to another topic. I couldn't know how he can do such thing or why he always do that. We are really weirdoes. Yes, I admit that but he was more weirder than me.

"Jake Harvey!"called the driver.

"Can I stay with you for a while?" asked Matthew while I was carrying my half burnt bag.

"Yes. Why not?" I replied giving him a weird stare.

Then, both of us got out of the bus and proceeded to my house, my dad's house.


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