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Prince Charming Academy: The First Year Secret

Novel By: PrinceEdward

Once there was a boy (which is me) who lived a miserable life in a farm with his Uncle Eli and his cousin Riley. On the day he turned fourteen, things began to change.

He realized, he was some sort of a magical prince being lost because of some incident when he was still young (a baby) and had to flee from the castle for safety.

After so many years of "safeness",he discovered a world of magic who he never even imagined. it turned out that he was the son of King Alexander. Former king of their town, Adamantia,who has been ruled by a wicked sorcerer who pretended to be Lord Loki, a former general musketeer.

As he was crowned prince in the "Magika Adamantia", (the magical world of Adamantia) he was said to be unfit in the royal life so he had to study in a school for princes in England which was known as Prince Charming Academy headed by the Royal Duke, Lord Edison.

Studying in the said school was a tough challenge but still, he had access to his magical abilities provided by the locket that was owned by his mother, Queen Kristina who seemed to be missing ever since.

As he finished studying the school for his first term, (the school actually has 4 terms until graduation and coronation starting from ages 14-18), he made a search for his mother who turned out to be pricess Arianna, a captive (said) princess of Lord Loki. He successfully retrieve his mother while Lord Loki was sent into a powerful dungeon which is impossible to escape from. He lived a better life by then and he's looking forward to attend his second term next year. View table of contents...


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It was then, my birthday, November 25 when all started. I was thirteen and turned fourteen years old. Living here in Adamantia, I worked as a farmer with my Uncle Eli and his son Riley. They're not actually my relatives because they always said, I was found on a town street wandering and crying after a car accident happened when I was only one year old.

By the way, my name is Vince. I don't actually have a real name nor family name but Uncle Eli registered me as Vincent Hamilton. Well, living in the farm was a complete disaster. I was more like a slaved compared to Riley who was treated as a prince. Riley, on the other hand, was a stupid spoiled brat. At least, I could call him that in here but there, I was calling him in terms of your majesty or your highness or whatever royalty you could call to kings and queens.

As a young teenager, I couldn't spend my time enjoying stuff, however, I got used to all the work. Planting corns, wheat, plowing and harvesting. That served as my hobby. I also like playing string instruments. I only have a banjo. I found it when a truck came by and it fell into the road. I like singing. Actually, the crops grow healthy whenever I sing. Well, just kidding. However, when I sing, Riley always got jealous that he always told me to stop.

I attended school with Riley. We weren't classmates but we were in the same school. He always embarrassed me in front of everybody including schoolteachers and even the school head. It kept going since I started attending school at the age of six. Now, that I am currently eighth grade, Riley is still on the loose of making my life miserable.

I reckon you don't know me much yet. Well, so was I. I don't know my true being. Who I really was or where did I come from. It made a mystery while I grew up.

So, I guess I told you a bit about me already. It's right for me to tell my story.

But before I start, I want you to answer this riddle.

Blood of Royalty,
Son of Family
Eldest or Youngest,
Wimpish or Bravest


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