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Onya is a Christian living on a plantation in the lovely Caribbean island of St,Lucia, believing that the devil has gotten his hooks on the plantation she falls in love in English Earl Philip, who the devil wants for himself because of his God given destiny. Can Philip and Onya survived the evil of Satan, his demons, the manipulations of Philip's stepmother and slavery to be together. Can love conquer it all View table of contents...


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Chapter four

All Aimee wanted was to get Michael back, she did not want to seduce Philip, she did not want to hurt Onya , all she wanted was Michael but Satan would not let her until she corrupts and seduces Philip.

It had been two weeks since Philip arrived on the island and he was still no where of getting closer in finding out what has been happening on the island. Why Aimee disappeared when she was beaten up so badly and why Onya was afraid and talking about evil. He knew from what Onya, the priest and what the angel and the bolon had said that the devil wanted him and wanted to destroy all good that there was in the world .

Philp decided he needed to find Aimee, he wanted to know what happen and who hurt Aimee he felt a certain affinity with her since she was the first person he meet on the island, he also felt drawn to Onya but he really needed to find what in hell was going now. "In hell he thought" yeah in hell. Philip also wondered what the devil wanted from him, he was not that religious or spiritual . Philip decided to walk over to the sulphur springs as it was near there he saw Aimee, he needs to find out what happen to here. So Philip left the church house without anyone knowing and started to walk to the springs. Philip started to walk, trying to remember where he and Onya passed to get the springs, it was a long walk but a beautiful sceanry . The path he saw the an old man sitting on a rock ( that old man was Papa Bois , the old man from the forest) smoking a pipe. He remembered Onya describing Papa Bois to him , how he was covered in hair and his left foot which was a hoof was covered . This old man fitted the description, he remembered Onya told him, how to greet Papa Bois and greeted the old man of forest the way Onya told him to, if he had ever meet. So Philip greeted the old man "Bon jour, vieux Papa which is French and French Creole for Good day, old father.". Papa Bois smiled and replied "Bonjour my son, you are on the way to the springs? Papa Bois asked and Philip replied feeling he may get an answer from the old man said " Yes I am I think I got lost but Papa Bois, there is a lot of strange things happening on the island which have experience example the Ti bolon. Please tell what is really going on"

Ah de boy does not know what is going on, if I were you , I would leave this island and take that nice gal what's her name Onya with you, there is no trouble, lots of trouble for you. Danger is near, Come sit by me son.

Philip sat down, while Papa Bois was still taking, " the devil want your soul bouy, the devil wants you, leave this place.

I cannot leave, what about Aimee and Micheal, Onya would not want to leave the island,

Aimee is long gone said Papa Bois, she belongs to the devil


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