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A Glimse of Sparkle

By: Promise2001

Chapter 1, Layla Smith never beleived in fairytale junk like her younger sister Zoe Smith,For Layla was 12 and beyond standered exceeds in school.But Soon Layla got a surprize in her sisters doll house and this time it wasn\'t a Toad,Mouse,Or Grasshoper something magical.

Chapter 1:Interduction

Layla Smith lived a happy life in the small town with no name,Iawo was all she called itfor that was what it was,a part of Iowa.Layla spent 12 years in her small farm with her Father,Mother,TheirCoon houndLolly,But only five with her sister Zoe the youngest member.Zoe and her were usually fighting,argueing,or lieing to one another for that was there ways of loving each one.All of the family worked around the farm includeding the dog.That was the order of there ways,but soon that will ALL change.

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