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The Misadventures of Dylan: The Circus Freak (adventure one)

Novel By: PsychoticThrillers

Once upon a time, there was a boy who was born with a deformity of bat-like wings on his back. His parents are Christian and extremely rich. They believed he was the vessel for the devil. In order to prevent embarrassment, they locked him away in the attic. One day, a circus came to town and the maid snuck him out to see it. That very night was his worst nightmare yet to come and the one that set him free from his evil parents. View table of contents...


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The Misadventures of

Dylan: The Circus Freak

Adventure One

Chapter One

A young man in his late teens sat on his window sill and looked out of the window. He wondered what it would be like to go outside. He knew he wasn't allowed. To make sure he never went outside, his parents switched the old window out for a window that couldn't be opened and was bullet proof so he couldn't break it. The metal door to his room was also locked from the outside so he could never leave without permission. To keep him out of site, he was hold up in the left part of the attic of their mansion. Instead of wood for the walls, roof and floor, there was cement.

He sighed heavily. He didn't understand why his parents didn't love him. He didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to go outside. Even if you believe your son has sinned at birth, shouldn't you look past that and love him? He knew he was not the devil's vessel, he only had a deformity. But his family wouldn't except him. They were just wings that happened to look like bat wings. He got off the window and started doing sit-ups. After a few minutes, he heard his bedroom door unlock and saw it open. He stopped doing sit-ups and looked at the Leonna the maid. She was carrying a plate with some food on it.

"Hello. I thought I'd bring up a cold turkey sandwich tonight. It's really hot up here. I brought some lemonade and a flower from the garden. I thought you might want something to have in your room. Since you only have a bed and a dresser." Leonna was nice and kind to him and believed what they were doing to him was wrong. However, she needed a job and wasn't brave enough to report them. She also feared he'd be alone and in a couple of years he would be kicked out of any orphanage.

"Thanks Leonna, but I'm not hungry right now. So um, anything happening?" He always asked that question. He was always curious to know what was going on in the world. Since he couldn't go find out himself.

"Well, a circus is coming into town today and playing tonight. Your parents rented out their front lawn to them."

"What's a circus?" He asked.

"Well, a circus is a bunch of performers. Lion tamers, Knife throwers, Jugglers, Fire shows, Tightrope walkers, Clowns, a lot of animals, and of course, the Ringmaster who brings it all together. There used to be a freak show, but most circus's don't have one anymore."

"Leonna, I only know about jugglers, animals, and clowns."

"Well, lion tamers do a show with lions to prove their skill at taming a lion. Basically their namesake. Knife throwers will mostly prove their skill by having someone against a wall and they throw knives around them. Fire shows usually consist of a man sticking a stick on fire down his throat. Tightrope walkers are people who walk on a single rope that is high on the air. The ring master is them announcer. He announces the show and is usually the boss of the circus. And a freak show is a bunch of people with deformities appearing on stage to wow the crowd with their uniqueness." He got excited with the freak show. Their were other people with deformities and they were going to be right outside the window. He might see them.

"Will I be able to see them? From my window?" He asked with hope. Leonna sighed deeply.

"A circus usually plays under a tent. You won't be able to see it from way up here." Leonna looked at him and saw him sulk. He never got to do anything. Never saw anything exciting. It almost broke her heart. Then she had an idea. She cold sneak him out of the house. Just for tonight. Just to see something exciting. "Wait, I have an idea."


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