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She was here

Novel By: puddleofink

Ribbon is a girl who lives with a group of vampires shes can phase and go invisable she has a huge adventure hardship and all that jazz NO I DID NOT STEAL THIS FROM poolofink BECAUSE THAT IS MY OTHER ACCOUNT I CANOT ACCESS FOR SOME REASON SO I CREATED THIS ONE AND AM TRANSFERING MY WORK TO THIS ACCOUNT View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 26, 2008    Reads: 322    Comments: 15    Likes: 4   

Firstly before i tell you of the boringly excitingly gory details of my unexpected adventure theres a few things i'd like to inform you of about me.

1. I live with a group of vampires.

2. I have no shadow.

3. I can phase through anything and go invisable wheneverI feel the need to.

4. I am a theif.

5. You mess with me you mess with my adopted family.(they bite)

The group found me when I was 11, I'd been living on the streets for two years. I just gained control of my abilities and in order to survive, I had also just sarted stealing. Jasmine was hunting an elderly woman for blood when she caught my fresh young scent, so she and her group of five Oscar, Perry, Isabell, Connor and Jude traveled further down the street looking for me and my young blood.

I'd just nicked some food supplies and money from a grocery store and was about to head off to the motel I was staying at when I heard,

"Come out come out wherever you are"

I look up to see a now busted door, alarm and security cameras. Four vampries inside srearching for me and one outside keeping watch. I laugh out loud pick up a apple from a display I start munching on it and walk towards them.

"Cant see her Jas"A Irish accent grunts from some where behind me, Jasmine sniffs the air,

"Shes close, very close"I walk right up to this Jas who seems to be there leader shes dressed in black and grey camo gear.

Still invisable and two steps infront of Jas I drop my apple core.

"Shit" Jas says startled.

I chuckle, she looks to all her group scattered around the store.

"Stand your ground shit shes a bloody mutant" The young guy out the front keeping watch gives Jas the finger.

So hes a mutant tooI think to myself.

"Show yourself " the Irish man says and Ido,

"Ah there you are" Jas says looking at me

"want one" I say from under my dark brown zip up hoodie offering her a apple.

"No thank you, but we'd love your blood"Jas replys,

I laugh shaking my head "sure if you can catch me you can help yourself"

She looks to the others and gives them a nod they start to close in on me. I let them get closer to me, I thentake my hood of and pull my hair away from my neck just to tempt them even more.

Jas steps forward fangs out at the ready to mutilate my jugular "This is too easy she must be hiding something" the Irish man says

"Yeah, I am"I say and walk right through Jasmine.

They all stare open jawed as I walk to my basket pick it up and start scanning my items at the counter.

"We're so thirsty Jas"says the young teen aged girl wearing a short green dress over skinny black jeans and army boots,

"Well we'll just have to hunt somewhere else"Jas huffs.

They all start to walk in the direction of the door, "Hold up, kid whats your name" the Irish man asks me,

"Connor what are you up to c'mon we gotta get going" says Jas all pissed off sounding.

"I think our little shop lifter here can help us out" he says looking at Jas.

"My names Ribbon"I lie,

"Ok Ribbon you no how people get sick and need blood to survive well although were vampires I guess you could call us sick and we need blood to survive we hate hunting others its not very nice and I notice your not very err, looked after looking and living like this is not nice you must get awful tired living the way you do, anyway we all live in a house that could easily let you sleep without moving around all the time"

I think for a bit.

Well he does make sense, and having my own bed for good well thats gotta be heavan.

"And all you want in return is me to steal you blood from the blood banks"I ask knowing thats what im going to have to do.

"mmmhhmm" He replys.

And that was the day I got my adopted family.

And that folks is the first chapter. thirsty for more? let me know and if your lucky i will put the second chaper down -yours truly, Renee


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