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The season tree

Novel By: puddleofink

I remember, I remember that day. That strange, stormy, horrible, twisted day...

From the time I was 8 I lived on the streets of Holby city a beggar a fighter a theif and alone... i was thirteen when the men came and rid the city of us street kids. I was the first of many to be captured and sold as a slave.

This is the story of Nerissa, a young girl with a terrible past who lives in a world unlike ours called Nim.

The four main islands were created in a tradgedy from a father who wanted peace between his four sons...this is also the story of how the season tree was created.....

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Creation of the seasons:

Once uopn a time, many hundreds of years ago the four main islands that we call 'the seasons" were one main island called Yhana. There was one king called Faron who ruled all of Yhana, king Faron was blessed with a beautiful wife named Saravana and four young sons named Phiden, Tiden, Ylen and Viiden.

The four princes grew up as the best of friends, forever play fighting. Time went by, king Faron grew older and his sons grew into men. Only one of his sons could be king and take there fathers place, the sons imediatley grew into enemys as soon as there father anounced this and raced there horses to the heart of the land to fight and determin the new king. King Faron however was not pleased and mounted his fastest horse and raced to his fighting sons.

"My sons," king Faron yells at his sons whos swords clashed together

"you must stop this at once!"

He dismounts his horse, and with failed attempts to splithis sonsup he thrusts his sword with all his might into the earth at his feet. The earth rumbles and moves and a brilliant white light peirces there eyes, the ground from where the sword struck is ripping and making the land split into four seperate islands.

The sons, now stranded on each new island stare at their father in horror as he falls sword in hand like a raindrop to the vast canyon that is bubbling with water from its centre and flowing down all four gorges to the ocean in the horison. The seasons stay permanently on each island never changing.The sons become kings of each season, they grow old have children and die. Where all the islands meet four oak trees on the cliffs at the centre grow in memory of there father and each son is buried at the foot of the oak trees.

That is the story of how the seasons were created.......

Present day:

I remember the day my mother was killed I was seven. Me and mother dwelled in the forrest in the outskirts of the city, we had no home and wandered the forrest scavenging for food and sleeping in trees. Us dwellers were hated and killed all the time.

We were making our way back from the berry patch that grows in the forrest nearest the city. It just started to rain, mother heard something and put her finger to her mouth I stopped in my tracks, four hooded men came from around the corner of the path and before we new it the hooded men had their swords at our throats.

"the woman" one of the three men grunts from under his hooded face.

"the child?" another hooded manquestions his sword pointing at my face.

"worthless, she will die without her mother, wont survive too skinny to do labour" the man holding my mother says.

"NO NO NO NO NO!" My mother yells and struggles to break free she starts crying and screaming I struggle to get out of my captors grip but the blade of the sword digs into my neck.

"RunNerissa run!" my mother screams as her captors sword slices her arm.

"Run and dont look back, never look back!" she yells her cheek gets sliced I close my eyes and try to get free but its no use im too small and weak, the sword digs into my thoat threatning to slice me at any moment.

"You tried to run, now you watch." My captor says tugging at my hair with his free hand.

"Open your eyes" mothers captor says I keep them closed I hear mother get her mouth gagged

"Open your eyes child or you'll get hurt" her captor says after gagging mother.

"No!"I hear mother try to yell

"Time to hurt" my captor says

My hand gets taken and a knife slices the underside of my middle finger down to my wrist I feel like im on fire and scream in terror, 'close my eyes mothers more hurt than me I dont want to see her hurt' I think to myself as the blade slices down to my elbow I hear the men drop there trousers,

"piss on her disgusting face, worthless dweller" the man hurting me says and spits on me in disgust the other men piss on mother and kick her over and over, the knife is now past my armpit and heading to my hip,

"Vermin child open your eyes and we will stop" my captor says

He digs the blade in more as it slides past my hip ripping my clothes and flesh I hear mother trying to say something, she starts choking on her blood. I feel dizzy and start to fall over the knife slides down my leg and calf and stops when it stabs the earth. My captor and the other two men spit on me and kick dirt on my face, I hear swords stabbing mother until she is quiet. I know she is dead.

The men drag her body away to where they came from my captor lets me go and I fall to the ground, the rain is now fiercely pounding the earth and flooding the area im too weak to do anything and pass out at the foot of a tree, the water is rising....


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