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White Darkness

Novel By: RainBloodHeaven

Carol's life has changed drastically when she found out she was a Collector, a very rare gift in the world of Seyya. She now has to survive the attacks of other humans with gifts from Seyya. The secrets of her father are forced upon her which then leads her to choose a path that can harm her either way. View table of contents...


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White Darkness


Chapter 1: First blood

Three of them, shined like god's warriors only they weren't. They wore long white coats with golden pentagrams on the sides. Masks that covered their face had incredible beautiful patterns, I had a thing for masks. The middle one wore a fox-like mask that showed off mysteriousness. It had a black swirly vine coming from the left side of it, following down, a splendid wide smile that was outlined in black. The guy in the middle had the angel white buttons on his pure clean coat were undone. Under the long coat, it looked to me like a white formal outfit, most noticeable was the white silver-ish tie that was slightly undone and waved with the wind that passed every ten to twelve seconds. In his left gloved hand he held a pure stainless gun, it shined in my eyes like the morning sunlight. In his right hand he held a beautiful long Katana and as he walked the steel made a sound as if it was communicating.

As beautiful and angelic they looked, they're cause was not to show off their white fancy outfits or their beautiful but dangerous weapons. So they began, whatever you call it, I call it slaughter, heartless slaughter. I couldn't move, I was completely stunned as I looked at their white clothing which were starting to turn red at the bottom due to the blood bath they were causing. The one on the right, shot anyone she found close and she got them all in the head in one go (how skilled I thought). The one on the left had silver knifes which he casually threw at every person he looked at. And the middle was the worst. He was despicable. The middle one raised his gun and shot a random man in the legs which caused the poor man to fall to his knees. He then raised his Katana and swung... the man was now beheaded.

Oh great. That white silver-ish gun was now pointing straight at my forehead yet I still was unable to move. I felt a drop of sweat going down the back of my head, strangely enough I didn't scream. His mask was on but somehow I could feel that he was looking at me with a bored look on his face. He rapidly exhaled through his nose and the trigger was pulled. The bullet danced through the air and then struck right in my forehead. That instant, the bullet was gone.

The two that stood by his sides nervously stepped back in confusion, but he stood in the same place, not a single flinch. He brought his hand down and slowly turned his head to his partner on his right side. "Pris!" he called in a strict voice. "Analyse this one" he commanded.

"Yes, sir" she replied, she carefully grabbed her mask and slightly uncovered the left side of her face. She fiercely opened her eyes. The colour of her iris changed from dark blue to a bright flaming cyan. I felt uncomfortable with her looking at me. It felt like she was looking through me and seeing every darkest secret that I've ever owned.

"She's!" She shockingly looked at me "She's a collector!" as she said that, the man in the middle slowly turned his head fully to her giving her his all attention and I could tell by the way standing he was asking her "Are you sure?"

"When was I ever wrong?" she replied with great confidence. The man in the middle looked around and grabbed one of the scattering people. He then threw the man he just grabbed at me. The man unwillingly touched my arm as he flew at me. He is now, dead.

The bullet from before that disappeared as it touched my forehead, was now in this mans head.


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