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Archer Lumen: Earth's Version of Hell

Novel By: Raiu

Archer Lumen was just your average kid. Hated doing anything productive, wished his school would burn to Hell. Then one day he had a dream. A dream that included getting pummeled by a tree-lady and decked by a hot girl. That's when his life gets turned upside down. Now he's found out that he is the Moon Guardian that is destined to follow the Moon Keeper's every order. Oh. And then there's the fact that he has a twin brother who is the Sun Guardian who might be destined for evil. And that there's the chance that his brother kidnapped their mother. Archer needs to find his brother. And he'll go through Hell to do it.
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The boy grinned his wicked grin as he used solarmancy to melt the doorknob. The brass melted easily and he poked the door. It creaked as it opened and he stepped in. A mirror greeted him and he frowned at his appearance. He concentrated on bending the light waves to give him a different disguise. His form flickered black and then back again. He closed his eyes and drew energy from the glowing crystal that hung from his neck. It pulsed and when he opened his golden eyes, he saw nothing but a shadow.

He nodded in satisfaction and traveled to the couch. Apparently his target was nothing but a couch potato. The boy smiled to himself. This would be easy. He rounded the the man's sleeping form. He was a fat man and he snored like a bear. The shadow reached out with the shrouded crystal.

The man's eyes opened.

The boy recoiled in shock as the man reached out a lumpy arm and grabbed at his shadow arm. the shade dodged the first reach but a second fattened arm grabbed his neck and pulled him close. "I knew it wasn't just a dream! They told it was delusions of grandeur! That I was just imagining it! But I knew the truth. I knew that I could control fire. I just don't know why it disappeared..." So he had a fire GuardSkill. That would increase the boy's own powers tenfold!

The man gasped as he rose from the couch. He carried the shadow over to his balony and proceeded to squeeze the life out of him. "You have powers, don't you? If I kill you, Maybe I will get my powers back!" The man breathed as he pushed the boy against the terrace.

The umbra grinned and hissed, "Or maybe I'll take your powers for myself!" A black fist hit the man's double chin and he felt the pressure lessen. The shadow threw another punch and watched the fat man fall into his apartment.

"Take them? My powers are already gone!" The man gasped as he tried to get to his feet.

The shade shook his head as he approached the fallen couch potato, "No. The knowledge of using you powers is gone. The Skills themselves are still there." he bent down and jabbed a finger into the man's large belly, "Locked in your veins is the energy of your fire GuardSkill. Locked in your mind," he poked the man's head, "is how to use that power." The man started to sob as the shrouded figure lifted the veiled crystal. "Now. You can't live without that energy-Keepers' ultimate joke is my guess. So, I'm gonna let you see the face of the person that is about to murder you.

He used his solar GuardSkill to bring the light waves to their original positions and grinned at the man's baffled expression. He held up the glowing crystal.

"Bye, Bye!" And in a flash of light, the ex-Candidate was killed.


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