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The Land in the Clouds: The Unlikely Prince

Novel By: Ranisi

Alex has been exiled from Cloud City. He plans to journey to Earth and bring back a blossoming fairy in hopes pf redemption. A harder task than he would have thought... View table of contents...


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Chapter One


He touched the ground lightly. He had no magical powers, but at least he had wings. He loved his wings. They were a solid shimmering black. And shaped sharply like large butterfly wings, slightly ragged at the edges. When he had been in Bumble-Bee Classes his teachers had always referred to his wings as wilted. He never thought of them that way. His wings matched his hair, and eyes, in color. The only problem was that his skin was pale. It wouldn't have been bad paired with blonde hair. But paired with his black hair? He looked sickly white.

The fog was lifting by the time he reached his temporary home. The cloud fairies always summoned fog when a fairy was descending, it made it harder for people to spot them. He increased the pressure on his legs and made his wings disappear. He would have to walk everywhere among the humans. Walking was so clumsy, but he was good at it. His wings had been weak when he was born, so he had had to walk on the clouds until he finally built his wings up enough to fly. Walking on clouds is harder than walking on the ground. They are absorbent and soft, which makes it hard to balance on them.

Alex changed into "human" clothes, and grabbed what he would need for school. He wasn't a star student by any means, but fairies aged differently, so he had taken the same human curriculum several times.

He only had to walk three blocks to reach the school. There were no humans outside, so he assumed that he was late. The school wasn't huge, and upon entrance, he saw that the interior design was outdated. The woman at the front desk quickly walked him to his first class.

"This is Alex Jones. He is moving here from Paris. His family moves around a lot, so be nice and welcome him," finishing her introduction, the woman scurried out of the room.

Alex looked around the classroom. He could feel the presence of magic. One of these kids was a fairy. There were twenty kids in this room. He would have to come into contact with all of them to determine who was a magical being. Easy enough.

"Alex, please take a seat. You may sit next to Helen. We are taking notes right now, you may borrow someone's notes after class to write what you have missed." The teacher was a tall woman, with gray hair and dull gray eyes. Alex knew from his list that her name was Ms. Grey. That would be easy to remember.

He took his seat next to the girl named Helen. They began taking notes. Alex had no interest in math. Instead he looked around his classroom for other signs of magic. He took no notes the entire class.

When the bell finally rang, he threw himself into the throng of students going out the door. Nobody he bumped into was who he was looking for. They were all completely human. He went through his next three classes and in all of them he felt the presence of another magical being. Fifth period he had Health. They were playing soccer today. He hated soccer. It was all about footwork, and he was clumsy on his feet. He lightened himself a little bit to make himself faster. Then he went over to the goal. He didn't want to be goalie, but he would help guard. Standing there he looked for familiar faces. He still felt magic. He had an idea. Running to get the ball, he nudged people all out of the way. He still hadn't felt any other fairies. He played the entire class, but never found the fairy. This was proving to be more difficult than he would have thought.

At lunch he sat down, and found himself surrounded by girls. None of them were fairies. He did recognize one of them as Helen. Helen sat right beside him. He could tell she was trying to flirt with him. He was used to that. It happened all of the time at dances. In Cloud City fairies do have dances, but they dance in the air, and recreate human dances more gracefully.

"Alex," Helen said after shooing her friends away, "would you want to come to the movies with my friends and me on Friday?"

No. He wanted nothing to do with this empty- headed, flirty human. That wasn't what he would say though. He would act just like he would at home. He would pay her enough attention to keep her interested, but not enough to make others stay away. He would make her love him, but he would stay aloof enough to keep her begging for more. It is cruel, but very effective. There wasn't a single fairy at court with more suitors than Alex.

"I wouldn't want to get in the way of your fun though. You have so many friends, it must be so difficult to keep them all close," there, he thought, that way I'm not refusing, but I'm not saying yes, and she obviously enjoys praise.

She pouted beautifully. "It really is hard, and you are the only one who understands it."

Trying to make me feel like she needs me. She's good, Alex thought, "You must be so strong. You make it look easy, but it's not, is it? I can't imagine the pressure they must put on you."

She sunk deeper into her pout, bringing water to her eyes. She is better than the girls at home who do this as a hobby, she could teach them how to get people to do their every bidding. Alex grinned on the inside, he loved this game. "I just need a friend," Helen said, "I need someone who I can trust. They only want to betray me. I don't know what I did wrong, but they hate me."

"It is hard to hate someone like you. You are so beautiful inside, and out. They must be envious of you." Alex reassured her. He could tell that she was vicious on the inside, but she was quite pretty on the outside.

She made a mistake. She broke character with his compliment. He was almost sad that the game was over. "You really think so?" she was too excited and satisfied. Only an idiot wouldn't see her smug smile. She thought that she had won.

"If they could see you like I do, they would burn in jealousy, but personally I live to see treasure, and you are the most precious jewel I have ever had the pleasure of observing." He sighed inwardly when she took his compliment to heart. It was so cheesy. How could she be so dumb?

"So about the movies?...." Helen brought it back up.

"I'll be there, but only for you." Well, he thought, she might be a beauty,but she is far too frivolous for this game.

He left the table. His next class was English. He went in and didn't feel anything there. So he cut class. He got a pass for the bathroom, then he walked around to look for his target. He felt something near the auditorium. Alex walked towards the feeling, but just when he was almost there the bell rang and a flood of students came into the hall. He felt the energy slip away. Discouraged, he walked to his next class. He went through the rest of the day without finding his target.

Alex stayed after school. This accomplished several goals. It helped him get to know the school better, helped win love from the teachers, and it gave him a chance to find any traces his target might have left. He went to check the auditorium, that might give him a better trail.

There was an old man there. He was taking stock of the props.

"Hello! My name is Alex. I am a new student here."

The man turned towards him, "Hi there Alex. I'm Mr. Yet. I'm the drama teacher. Can I help you?"

No. I'm just here to chat, Alex thought, stupid humans. "Actually yes you can. Do you know who was here during sixth period?"

"That would have been Alice. She practices during sixth period."

More girls? Really? "Thanks, have a nice day!"

Alex left before Mr. Yet answered. He had better things to do than being polite to humans.


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