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Midnight in the Garden of Obscurity

Novel By: RazzleColaYing

Quara has disappeared and his best friend Lurieare has set out to find him... This is a short story I wrote for school. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 13, 2008    Reads: 78    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   


As Quara crept slowly through the fog, he turned around to see the last of the maze of hedges fade away. He thought back to when he first discovered the amazing garden, what seemed like so long ago, so far away, so lost in time…


Again and again I thought about Quara as I sat in my castle chambers. I sank onto a large purple pouffe and sighed. Quara had disappeared more than 13 months ago, in the month of Pulver (the ghost month), after briefly telling his mother not to worry about him. He didn't even tell me anything. At all. How horrible. And I thought I was his best friend! Oh, how I missed Quara. He was the only friend I had that didn't seem to like me only because I was a princess.

I leaned back and squished the sides of my bulgy dress. Disgusting. Pale pink silk. Lots of frills and lace. Fancy collar. I wouldn't wear it if I had the choice. Stupid parties. Darn mother; she always makes myself and Leannea (my sister) attend functions and act so-called "lady-like". Of course, being sugary and nice is nothing to good natured Leannea, but honestly, I could NOT care less.

"Lurieare! Oh goodness, could you be any messier? And yes, that was a rhetorical question, no smart answers!" screeched the shrill voice of Sch�nheit, one of the servants of the Royal Palace; where I reside. I may have left out a little detail… I, along with my mother and Leannea are princesses. No, I do not have a father for he perished when I was still very small; but before then he was the 4th in line for the throne; Prince Henrich VII. It always sounds rather grand that my father could've been the King of the Summit Empire. But of course, that's just a day dream. The current King is the only live one of my father's seven brothers. It scares me to think that, unless the King has a child that I will be the ruler of everything. Yet again, that's just politics, as the King's wife is expecting a baby. Darn. Missed the throne again!

"I'm coming Sch�nheit! Give me a minute!" I yelled back to her whilst searching my room for the other side of my frilly dress-matching-foot-killing pale pink silk shoe.

"Honestly, I don't know how long it takes for one to put on a pair of shoes and run down the stairs! Your mother is waiting for you, and so is the rest of the blimmin' Summit Empire! Leannea's already headed to the Grand Dining Hall, unlike SOME people who are still in the living quarters! Gee!"

I finally found the shoe, lying under a pile of hat boxes (presents from great-grand-aunts and second cousins four times removed). Racing down the 286 marble stairs leading to the Grand Dining Hall, I saw something I hadn't seen before. An ancient yellowed tapestry hanging on the wall in a corridor next to two suits of armour… Oh well! No time to stop to look at it now! Perhaps on the way back from dinner.

Dinner was not much, our guest being a man in a turban with much jewellery draped around his body. As everyone trooped sleepily to their bed chambers, I sneaked to the tapestry in the corridor. The old thing was so thin I could barely see whatever was there. On it was painted a beautiful garden, so intricate and detailed yet simple at the same time. There were mythical beasts like unicorns, dragons, sphinxes and fairies and others that I couldn't identify. Plants from all over the world and beyond were planted in the garden. In the distance, a giant, complicated maze was set; so difficult looking, it didn't seem anyone would want to venture through it. The night sky seemed so… indescribable! I reached out to touch it and-

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

I spun around to find an old and wise-looking man who was wearing the uniform purple robe of the Royal Wizardry Club. "There's a myth that you'll find what you truly desire when you go inside that garden at midnight, you know?" he said mysteriously, pointing to the maze as he spoke.

Many questions flew past my mouth and into the air; before I could ask them.

"Uh-Guh… Wuh-um…" I spluttered "W-What?"

"No, nothing; I just wanted to let you know, that if your strongest desire at the current moment is for a meat sandwich, I don't think you should touch that tapestry."

"Why? Why not?"

"There is a myth."

"Yeah-Yeah I know, you just told me. I didn't literally mean 'What?' I meant 'What?' as an expression."

"Sure, sure whatever. I just wanted to tell you there is unexplainable magic in that piece of cloth. No-one knows what it is," he wheezed.

"So you're telling me I shouldn't touch that because I'll go whizzing off to a pretty garden?"


"Then what ARE you trying to tell me?" I asked, getting rather annoyed. This old man was rather irritating. "Are you trying to tell me that the Royal Wizardry Club hasn't solved all the mysteries of the magical world? Then you're a fraud!"

"No. I just had to warn you not to touch that tapestry, as it is nearing midnight. See; it's 11 o'clock and you really should be in bed. Bad things will happen. Goodnight, your highness."

The old wizard turned on his heels and walked away. How irritating. That old man really didn't know children- you tell them something and don't complete your statement and they go all out to find out the rest of it. I'll be trying that tapestry later on in the foreseeable future. Just you wait and see. And I'll bring back Quara with me.

Three important things about this particular night:

-It was around midnight.

-I wasn't wearing an uncomfortable outfit.

-There wasn't anyone in the living quarters that was awake.

Three small but highly necessary facts to know.

At approximately 11:56PM nine nights after the one in which I discovered the interesting story in, I snuck down the 286 stairs, round two corners, opened three doors and travelled down five corridors, I reached the corridor in which the tapestry hung.

I checked my wristwatch. 11.59AM. I had exactly one minute before the tapestry was to 'become alive'. Was I being too spontaneous? Oh well.

I heard the clock tower strike midnight. Magic is a common thing in my country, and in Kralore (the capital city of Summit Empire and where the Royal Palace is housed), and I wasn't sure if this was considered as illegal magic. I shrugged, and reached out for the tapestry.


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