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somewhere located on the planet Earth, in a city called Black Magic city, located on some street there stood St. Royan Academy. Where two outstanding kids go to learn black or light magic. Luka A black magic user "Witch" constantly chases after Jin as light magic user "Wizard" although he may seem not to like it but whats his real reason? and does he only practice light magic? watch as they draw closer to each other and the other students misadventures!!! View table of contents...


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In a certain land...somewhere in the world at least. A city called Black magic City resides in the U.S or Japan. Anyways, in this city every man, woman , and child would learn the basics of black magic.

That is this story revolves around the two interesting lives of Jin and Luka.

Firstly, Jin. He attends the Black magic cities most prestigious academy. St. Royan Academy. Jin's the type of person who does not like people. Or you might call him not being a people person. Jin likes to be by himself most of the time, and he's not much of a cheerful person. Being 15, he's a bit mature for his age. And he's quiet tall too.( 6"5).

In the Academy they divide the students by Ranking their magic abilities and academics. It also depends on the number of magical summons one can perform.

Jin was placed in class A the "light" class. You see the A light class consists of the best warlocks and witches or as Jin likes to call himself, a "Wizard".

His rank was 45 with 50 being the highest. And he considers himself as a masochist for some odd reason.

Then we have dear Luka. Luka is one year younger than Jin, (14) however due to her excellent grades in middle school she was able to skip a grade. She was placed in A Dark class. She likes to call her self a "Witch" or "Spellbinder". Her rank was 47 of 50. And she considers herself as a sadist.(but only towards Jin) for some odd reason.

A-Dark class is like the #1 class ranks in the Academy. A to F. the lowest being F- Green. Doesn't sound like a nice color to go with the letter now does it.

Well there is a past behind them, oh but lets not go into that too far. So thus their little love-comedy begins.


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