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Betrothed Hunter

Novel By: RebekahPovey

This is something new I'm working on, I am already working on chapter 2 but I would love some feed back. I'm sorry for the extent of time i've been gone and i'll try to upload more often. I like to think the longer between uploads the more work i've put in so you lovely readers can have the effort you guys deserve. View table of contents...


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He waited for the moon to be at it highest before making his way through the black trees. His being was alive and a flame with sensations. Markos' paws beat down in an endless rhythm. Close by he heard a pack howling. With a thought he melted into a tall, rugged man. Markos had just turn 17, he had a dark stubble bordering his strong chin. His intense eyes were the colour of the pines around him. There were his clothes folded neatly on a large rock. He got changed and walked towards the congregation. As he stepped towards the pack, gathered around a large fire, he watched as one by one they themselves turned into people from a range of wolves. The last to change was the largest wolf. Pure black with golden eyes. He changed into Karakov, the alpha male, the strongest and the eldest of the pack.
"You're late, Markov," Karakov said, his face was filled with shadows cast by the fire. "What's your excuse this time?"
"Leave him be!" A woman stepped forward, the alpha female Selene. Gently she touched her mate's bared arm. Selene was a fierce wolf as well as a fierce woman but most would desribe her as a fierce mother. She was Markos' mother. Markos had her forest green eyes and her paitence, and he had his father's strength and will.
He was to be the next pack leader. Tonight was to find his mate, and he was dreading it. "I am deeply sorry, Mother and Father," He bowed low from the waist. "I will give you some time," He turned away and looked up at the moon.
Within his pack there was no shame in being nude. You are born nude, when you come back from the wolf, you are nude, when you are cremated to run with the ones before you are nude. Though there were time for clothes too.
"You may turn back, my son," Selene spoke after a while, she addressed the pack. "We are gathered here tonight, under the round orb of our goddess, to bear witness to a pontential mating between my son and one of your daughters. Starting from this full moon to the next, Markos, Son of Karakov, will have met 3 daughters of the pack and will choose the one that suits him. You will however still attend your schooling, work, and your other day to day activities. None will interfere in this. Let us meet the daughters,"
With eyes down, hands clasped loosely in front of them, three young women stepped forth. They were decorated in pale blue and white dresses, and pearls. The tallest spoke first.
"I am Melody," Melody spoke in a loud, powerful voice. She had mid-length, dark brown hair, tied in entricate braiding. Her skin was pale but Markos could see that was make-up for her exposed chest and cleavage were a slight tan. "I am 18 years of age, born under the sign of the Virgo."
The second stepped forth, much shorter than the first. Her waist length, platinum blonde hair was merely adorned by a pearl head-dress with a droplet crescent moon tapping gently on her forehead. She wore no make up, so Markos could see she was naturally pretty. "I am Marissa, I am 17 years old. I'm a Pisces and I love music." She spoke quieter than Melody, she started to glance around herself under her lashes, her cheeks burning red.
The third stayed where she was and caught Markos' eyes. She kept eye contact as she opened her mouth to speak. "I am Ciarra, if you want to know about me, then come speak to me." She wasn't as tall as Melody or as short as Marissa. She had a petite, fairy-like frame but she had so much strength. Her eyes were a reddish brown. Her pixie-cut hair the same except for the streak of dirty blonde at the fringe. She looked so delicate, Markos could tell though she was anything but.
There was silence as Markos and Ciarra continued to stare at each other, or more through each other. Markos was trying his hardest to figure her out, whilst she was trying to stare him down.
Selene coughed loudly. "That ends the introduction. Go back to your dwellings, we shall meet again in a moon."
Ciarra changed instantly into a red wolf and bounded away from the pack, swiftly followed by her parents. Melody's darker brown furred wolf, trotted away with her brown mother and silver-grey father. Marissa's family were all pure blonde wolfs and they walked slowly together, nearly glowing, into the trees.
"Son," Karakov's voice boomed in Markos' ear. "Do you like what you have seen before you?"
"I'm not sure yet, Father, I'm not sure."
The wind howled angrily through the great oak tree, rain splattered loudly against the window. However inside Katherine's little flat it was warm and homely. She sat at her desk,quite cosy in her dressing gown and slippers, tapping and clacking away at her laptop. She was working on her sequel to her first ever published novel. Every so often she would pause to take a sip from her glass of Merlot or to eat a chocolate from her Dairy Milk Tray. It was coming up to around ten o'clock before Katherine yawned loudly and stretched. She finished off her sentence before saving and closing the lid of her laptop. She paused, intently looking out of her window. She could have sworn someone was up in the tree watching her. 'The wine is getting to me,' Katherine thought as she shook her head. She yawned again and rubbed her eyes. 'Maybe I should go to bed.' Katherine drained her glass and closed her box of chocolates. She glanced back again before turning the lights out and left the room.
There was some one up in the oak tree watching Katherine's every move. The man was dressed all in black, his face hidden by his hood. A cruel grin stretched itself across his face as he watched the auburn beauty stretch, a deep cleavage and endlessly long legs made him quiver with dark delight. He hid quickly behind the trunk of the tree when the pair of deep brown eyes inquired to search him out. Luckily enough the woman had thought that the alcohol she had been consuming had made her hallucinate, he chuckled. He liked the taste of women who had a bit to drink, I mean, who doesn't have a drink with their meal?
He swung himself from branch to branch, landing as silently as a cat just outside of the flats main door. Of course, he was meant to keep to some law, but who gave a shit? He was hungry, so he was going to go and get what he wanted. The man put his fist through the glass window, felt the thrill of power, and watched the pane shatter. Putting his arm through the created hole, he let himself into the building.
Like the wind he was up on to Katherine's floor before another grin flashed across his face. He loved his power. He loved the hunt. What was women to him? Nothing. Worthless. Bags of flesh. However they did have their uses as sexual gratifiers.
Within moments he was inside of Katherine's flat, taking his sweet time to give the place a look over. It was cosy. Everything was warm, and there was books every where. The kitchen was neat and clean, there was a bright, blue, metallic kettle with blue striped mugs hanging on a mug tree by the sink. The corridor, passing the office room to the right, was a deep reddish brown, with a dark wooden floor. At the end of the corridor was a door to the living room one the left, and a set of stairs on the right. The man went straight for the stairs and found two doors, one was slightly ajar showing a sea themed bathroom. The other held his prey, his appetite ached longingly. Opening the door as silently as air he saw the woman in all her glory laid out over the bed. Her auburn hair fanned out like a halo. She snored lightly as she rolled out on to her back, exposing her long elegant neck.
"This is too easy," He chuckled. Sauntering over, he allowed his fangs to elongate. He took her in his arms, grinning as he said grace. "Thank you Lord for what I am about to eat-"


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