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Isis (A tragedy)

Novel By: Revera Love

What would you do if you suddenly had unlimited power? If you caught an angel? Would you love and cherish her or bend her to your will?
Cole Carter was not your average 14 year old. Where most boys would be thinking about girls or cars his eyes are turned to the darker side of things. Cole wants the power to reshape the world and that's just what he gets when he snares a young angel wolf. Now he has the resources to make his dark dream a reality!
Isis is everything he wanted and more. But is she the wolf that will ignite his fantasy? Or send him down burning? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 23, 2012    Reads: 66    Comments: 10    Likes: 4   


Dust swirled in the in the one light of the hallway. Its glittering surfaces leading the two breathing mortals farther into the dark. All Victoria could see was the faint etchings of texture work on the wine colored walls. Behind her, the camera man, Tommy, was shooting a wide scene. It was just these two this night. The other members of Vicky's team had backed off. During recon of the house earlier that day they claimed to have seen a red eyed girl dressed in white. Victoria hadn't bothered to urge them further. Fear was a pollution when working with the undead. It opened your eyes but clogged your senses like wet hair down a drain. And she was no plumber, she was a medium, and Tommy was a non believer. The perfect team.

"Did you die here?" The thirty something called to the quiet room down the hall. All doors were left open for maxium camera view and the light of the moon washing through the sheer pink curtains gave the floor a wine taste. Nothing answered Vicky's question. Or at least, nothing she could hear. Vicky moved like the floor might buckle under her. One tentative step after the other. She felt this gave the ghosts a sense of comfort. Some ghost hunters would just barge through the house trying to entice the spirits by badgering them but Vicky saw them as normal people from another dimension, and normal people would say "Fuck off." to someone trying to bulldoze through their house and insult their character.

The hairs on the back of her neck started to stand on end as she neared the room. It was a little girls room now but before the fire that had taken the lives of the three residents in the house it had been a young mans room. "Now approaching Mimi's bedroom." Tommy spoke curtly into the speaker of the camera as Victoria's spider veined hands touched the door. Suddenly she felt her stomach roil and had to pause. "You alright Vic?" She knodded to Tommy's question and looked up into the camera. Through the night vision lense the world would see her normally soft brown eyes glowing a translucent green. She smiled and spoke gently and mysteriously to the camera.

"We're are about to go into Mimi's room. The residents say this is a hot spot for activity. They have flickering lights and hear ghostly wails from this room. Down this hallway behind us they often hear what sounds like claws on the wood floor. So we're going to set up a camera looking down this way just in case something tries to sneak up on us." She winked at the camera and then crouched to put the small hand held recorder on the ground facing away from the door.

"So this was that one boys room right? Before the fire?" Vicky knodded and stood dusting her pants before walking inside. "Yeah it was." She murmurred crossing the threshold. The room was heavy with dred, something very uncommon for such a cheery place. The bobble eyes of stuffed animals glared at the intruders from a sort of hamic placed in the corner. A tiny bed set up by the wall next to the toys and a tea set table shined off the red stained moonlight. Vicky jerked back with surprise and confusion like someone had pushed by her. "What the hell? Tom we're doing an EVP now. There is definatly some activity in here."

"One sec. I'm going to do a sweep with the magnetic field thing and see if you pick up anything weird around here. Since they have so many problems its probably some wrong charges frying their brain." Tommy set down the camera and walked around to each corner scanning the fields with his magic black box. "You won't find anything." Victoria grumbled, sitting on the floor to train the camera on Tommy. His olive skin glowed lime green through the camera as he swiped his box around like a magic wand. "Having any luck there Harry?" He glanced back at her and lowered the box. "Nope. There's nothing here on the reader. Everything seems normal." Tommy came back and took the camera from Victoria before training it on the table. It had already been decided that she would do an EVP session at the table since Mimi swears she saw it flip on its own.

Vic turned back to the camera and pulled out her Evp box. "I'm about to do an EVP session. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Hopefully we can get some good answers from the entity here." The red haired woman turned from the camera now and focused on the dark wash of the room. The red tinted light graced her face with a mysterious cotten sheen. "My name is Victoria Willow. I mean you no harm. Please sit and chat with me. I'm going to ask you some questions now and if you want to answer just speak into that box on the table. Okay?"

She flipped on the device and was greeted by muted static underlayered with something.


"Tom." She whispered so the box wouldn't hear. "I'm gettting feedback. You got the camera set?" Just as she turned her head to glance Tom's way the lights of the field device began to dance. Vicky breathed deep and held out her hands palms up in a non threatening gesture. With both eyes closed she could feel the room, and it was not empty. A strong pressence lurked next to the window, red eyes glaring out from the dark. "Cole?" Vicky's voice with the slightest tinge of fear. The red eyes opened completely and now were trained on her. "Cole is that you?"

Just then the box screamed. Not spoke or cackled but screamed. The wail dripped blood and freezing cold nights. It howled in pain and rage and suffering. Vicky opened her eyes as the lights flickered angrily overhead. The walls shook like an earthquake had stolen through the house making Tommy loose his footing and fall. "What the Fuck!" Tommy howled trying to scrabble over to Victoria but the woman was still in the chair and.... "The chair isn't moving. My God the chair isn't moving. Victoria!" The whole room stilled as if it had never moved. Victoria breathed even and deep from her seat on the childs chair and the box was speaking now.

An electronic female voice rising from the white noise to stamp the memory in Tommy's brain forever.




"Red Moon."

Tommy stared blankly at the box and then Victoria's unemotional face. Nerveously he ran a hand through his hair. Finally finding his voice he stepped closer. "Vic." She stood toppling the chair and table at once. The box stopped its static bark and spattered uselessly across the floor. Victoria's expression was unchanged but her eyes still looked like she was on the night vision lense. Their normal brown gaze was cold and dark and green. "Oh God."

"There is no God!" Vicky spat suddenly enraged in a voice that was not her own. Terrified Tommy hit the floor at her feet. Helpless if she were to attack but the woman stayed still. "God would not have allowed the injustice done to me." An animal growl echoed down the hallway behind Tommy's head but he dare not look. "Who are you?"

Victoria snarled, "I am Isis, Daughter of the Red Moon. Keeper of this vile place. Leave now and take this filthy human with you before I call upon my sisters."

Tommy needed no other encouragement. Bravely he grabbed the woman's arm and broke Isis's spell. Victoria fell limp as a rag doll in Tommy's arms. He dragged her from the house leaving the camera and equipment behind. That bitch could have the damn thing for all he cared. He just wanted to get out a live. The walls shook once more as he ran. Their groans and terrifying calls ripped through Tommy's skull until he found the front door and ran out screaming into the night.


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