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Legend of Cyrus

Novel By: Revera Love

Cyrus guides her way through life with these words in her ears. Sure she's small, the smallest pup in blood pack, but she has her strengths right? Her sister Camera believes so. What Cyrus doesn't know is she's part of a grand scheme to change the lives of wolves forever.
Exiled from her pack Camera and she will embark on the daily tests of life for the lone wolf. Cyrus prospers under her sisters guidance until Camera's untimely death. Now with no one but a male she barely knows she is thrust into her destiny. Blood, hatred and prejudice line her path but should she succeed her story will be told for generations to come. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 7, 2011    Reads: 315    Comments: 14    Likes: 4   

(Warning. This book is in the publishing process. Final chapters will not be posted.)


Deep in a forest more ancient than modern memory, War raged. Man and Wolf ripped each others throats as rivers of blood spilled between them. So fierce was their fighting that Wolf began to eat the carcasses of fallen man, breeding a lust for human flesh.

Soon wolves began ransacking villages and gorging on children. Man had no more defense than its weak sense of sight. All the better to watch the carnage unfold. In desperation they were forced to throw rocks and sticks at the creatures they considered demons. It wasn't long until these ancient tools were honed and predator became prey.

Man tore the legions of the wolf pack apart paying pound for pound for the blood of their own. Packs left without Alphas, Pups left without sire or dam:all starve.

It was in this age, away from the turmoil of the outside world two pups, still shining from placenta, took their first breaths. Their slick membranous pelts already showed their coats of brown and black. Deadly teeth ripped the casing and licked the pups clean. A gentle rumble of pleasure and pride echoed in the quiet chamber where theirmother, Camelle, and her pups rested. Her muzzle lingered on the head of the little brown bundle. "Turveren" she whispered into his fur. "And you" turning to her other son, "shall be Taro"

"Good strong names" An excited voice barked from the side. The mother turned tired eyes to the speaker. A wolf of soft cream fur stood among the darkness her golden eyes glowing. Beside her ghosted another, quieter wolf. Both were her offspring of previous litters. Now they served as her nurses and the only others beside her that would see these pups for at least a moon.

"Come see your new brothers" She sighed. Softly the two approached. The cream female paused to mesh her fur with the identical pelt of her mother then dropped to run her whiskers over the pups. The other held a pelt as blank as her expression while she gazed upon the future of her pack.

"They're absolutely beautiful, Mamma" The cream female gushed nudging her mothers cheek with affection. Camelle gazed on in drunken happiness. "I know their TRU..." The female never finished. Suddenly her body rippled like a thundering river. Howls of bitter rage and pain flew from her throat. A placenta wrapped bundle fell from her haunches with a thud. It did not struggle or whine. A pelt as white and gleaming as sunlight shone through her bloody casing. Camelle snarled at the wasted effort.

"A runt, and dead as well" She gripped the pup roughly in her bone crushing grip making it yelp. She nearly dropped it in surprise.
"Put her down" The wolf who had remained silent until now stood. A strange look crossed her gaze. Wary of her daughters actions she laid the pup upon the ground. Instantly the gray wolf began to lap the life into the weak being. It began to breath, cry, and defecate. The gray wolf gleamed with pride and met her mother's pondering eyes.

"This wolf will not die." She barked. Camelle growled. "That's not for you to say Camera. That's my pup and I will not raise a runt." Camera drew herself up to full height making her mother crane to meet her yellow eyes. "Then I will raise it. Just nurse her and I will take her when she's weaned." Camelle did not understand the new found dedication of her daughter but nodded agreement. She laid among her sons and now her daughter and drew her close to nurse.


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