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Dragosia-Book 1

Novel By: Rhensis

A war is closing in on the world, and only a select few can stop it. Life is changing in every moment, and unexplainable things are happening all over. But can four teenagers change the destiny of a world soaked in bloodshed, magic and war? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 24, 2011    Reads: 33    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Lauren Fletcher
Coundon, Coventry, West Midlands, England



The coronation was a fast and private affair, once Samsoon had agreed to become King. For the leaders of Vetsom were afraid of leaving the city without leadership for too long. Only a few guests were present, all of whom were parliament members, apart from Rhen, Amie and Avey. They filed into a grand hall hidden within the castle, and took their seats. Very few spoke, all acknowledging the importance of the day. The religious part of the ceremony had all ready been completed behind closed doors, and the dwarves, humans and single elf in the room all held their breath as the crown was slowly lowered.
Rhen felt the hairs on the back of her neck prickle. Something was behind her, something hostile. She turned discreetly, but saw nothing. Yet she could feel it, feel a presence that was not meant to be there.
Rhen stood up, and aimed a fireball against what looked like a simple, closed door, and the whole room stood up to face her target. The figure standing before her had not been touched by her attack, confusing and irritating her. Through her thoughts, she only just managed to get to the ground in time to avoid the knock back spell. Getting up from the floor, Rhen saw that no one else had been so fortunate.
"Kalasagg! She screamed, and a shield surrounded the company, allowing enough time for her to speak to the mage before her.
As the smoke cleared from the destruction of the door, the figure in the doorframe was strangely familiar to her.
"High...Sorcerer?" Rhen's confusion was apparent on her face. The sorcerer took one look atRhen, and vanished...
"Who?" Amie questioned Rhen.
"Look, I can't tell you his name, I'm not allowed, and all I know is that if he is against us, we are in trouble. If he is against us, then most of Canashara's magic is against us."
"What I don't understand is why the hell he was there? It wasn't like he did any major damage, apart from some bruises and a few minutes of being blacked out..." Avey commented.
"He could have done much more than that if what Rhen says is true..."
"Indeed he could have done, Amie. I mean, I'm not that scary, to be honest. Yet I detected a flicker of recognition within his eyes..."
"This is stupid. Why are we still here?" Rhen shot a fierce glance at Avey.
"Because Samsoon wants us here. Got a problem with that?" He shook his head.
"Am I interrupting anything?" a voice came, emerging in the doorframe. Samsoon stood, looking at Avey uncomfortably. Avey had a guilty look, but soon overcame it. The dwarf, still dressed in the ancient coronation robes, sat down next to Rhen, exhausted.
"Why is it that MY coronation is sabotaged? I don't need any more unrest. I don't need these dwarves left unable to trust me..."
"Samsoon, we need to leave as soon as possible," Amie's comment shocked all but the dwarf for whom it was aimed.
"I agree. I really will miss you guys, but the people can't sleep easy knowing that a group of unofficial mixed races is in the city..." Rhen nodded, but left the room without showing her face. Avey left Amie's room too, leaving only two members of the group together. That number reduced to one when Samsoon left to get to "Official Business".
Amie stood and stroked the arch of her bow. Something wasn't right. Why couldn't Rhen tell them who, or what, the being was?


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